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    Cromotor + Raptor for a dirtbike?

    welcome to the forum. your right on the money except your range- your gonna be too heavy. go for 30km range at 50kmh or 15 at 80kmh:) :mrgreen: somewhere around 1500wh? i enjoy my 120v 10ah pack . only has 10-12km range can you lift your zero over your head? i can lift mine- sometimes...
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    Lacing 13G spokes into 8G/9G/10G spoke hole

    Drill baby Drill!! you will be happy with the results. use a scribe to mark the center point from both other holes and you will have an x. hit it with a center punch and your good to go. countersink if your picky, im not . :mrgreen:
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    Charge batteries only to 80% = 4x more cycles?

    took my 24s hk lipo hardpacks to 125v last night for a short time. my bike wouldnt run and i had to use a worklight to discharge below 119 so i could burn it off in the cromotor. i can personally attest --- there is alot of capacity between 4.2 and 4.5 volts!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:
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    Cape Town to use electric bicycles to fight crime

    wouldndt stand a chance against my 120v 300 amp beast . but for you crimers on foot look out!!! hey guys whats the weakness on this bike, no em sheilding on throttle semiconductor input device , unless its a pot throttle....shit mabye grey B can give us the bluetooth poilce bike repeling...
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    Motor could not run smoothly in any of the 36 combos. Help!

    replace all three hall sensors with honeywell ss41. one is parially damaged --it reads fine with meter . or you have water in your controller, wires touching each other inside--- or a phase wire shorted to ground somehow, likely a bad insulation on windings--- try testing with a highpot...
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    Conclusive proof gearboxes are awesome.

    you cant waste amps . its not a unit of energy. at 500 amps u would be going ten times as fast up the hill (lukes kickass bike ) the 50 amp nancy bike with gearbox is creemping up like a winch lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Hubmonster 94% efficient 7kw NO LONGER FOR SALE

    John! How are are you man ! Still plugging away at the frame design , great news! I hear your buddy all the time on the radio, Gerry pizzaman . He is quite a sucess out here!! We get his pizza all the time! Re some stuff that people are doing here. I wouldnt put the motor on any bicycle...
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    Need Patent for start production

    Luke , high five buddy!!!! Snapper!! . you have derailed this thread-- into the clouds of possibilitys that exist when we take this reality engine and really use our minds. Thanks for the good vibes, i hope to visit cali again someday and really talk superconductors with someone with some...
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    Safety of 72v vs 48v vs 36v

    i have touched up to 90vdc without any sensation at all to my hands . i think the speeds you achive will be more dangerous by comparison to directly touching lmao over 100 you start to feel it disclaimer: i am not an electrician now as for shorting high voltages i dont reccommend it ...
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    Even buying tires has to be an adventure now, eh?

    i prefer shinko s241 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . I really have no idea what you are ranting about here :| :mrgreen:
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    Inside EPLUS motor after 14,100 kms

    well you were not too hard on it , i can tell :wink: most of my brand new motors dint look that clean :mrgreen:
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    A simple heatsink for a mxus 3000

    Hi , interesting ! why not get a bigger motor and forget about heat problems,,,,50mm stator hubmotor 17" moped wheel is the minimum i would reccomend to the high performance crowd i like what is done with the heat sinks carved into the backiron.. these would help to cool the magnets (least...
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    Golden motor 48v HPM3000B problem

    1. measure the phase resistance and resistance to ground. disconnect phase waires from controller first. are the phase wire shorted to ground? . the phase wires have been damaged by heat or corrosion, or mechanical stress and are in electrical contact with the stator iron, this causes...
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    Rain proofing your ebike - whos riding in the rain ?

    I ride a very high powered bike similar to madrhino and in a similar manner . I ride all winter here in winnipeg and ypedals suggestion of hosing down the bike is very good. the salt will find its way into your wiring and especially the throttle wires. bundle the signal wire (green) and the...
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    Overvolting Razor E300

    motor will heat up also faster so watch out. i burned one and then i modded one with holes in the case, worked a little better. at some point of higher voltage the mosfet will fry. this will be bad because in a brushed controller the failure mode is full throttle. my razor scooter at...
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    NYX Cromotor Max-E Build

    i guess it depends on if you like wheelies or stoppies better.....i like the levers....ive hd mine auzzie style (left hand rear brake) since i had enough power to pull "monos" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: rt now im working on sustained 60kmh wheelies .... awesome...
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    Brake pads change frequency?

    I am familiar with the hayes nine and the avid juciy brake pads( includes the bb7). the trick there is to get the factory avid sintered metallic pads they have a gold or copper backing plate that says avid. . hayes also has a hayes gold sintered metallic factory pad that fits the nine and hfx...
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    New 9C motor M3007 Cruising!!!

    a good way to check for motion is to lift the back wheel and put your hand on the axle /bolt. spin it p with the throttle and allow regen to kick in when its spun up. you will fee lthe movement of the assembly if its present. and it will be moving during regen with those puny torque arms...
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    Magic Pie 4 vs Crystalite HS3540

    what nep said . axles on clyte and almost everything else sux i would be willing to try an mp after 5 hs/ht motors all blown up btw i have two bn axles for sale now ht35.....
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    Low cost Down Hill Triple Crown Fork

    RST =low end but apparently used on the (low end?)stealth bikes.....zoom, now thats walmart low end -stay away from that !!!! if you want a good fork stay away from rock cocks(roxshokz), and manipoo(manitoo) :mrgreen: i would listen to mad-rhino on this..... you want a good...
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    Indoor bike rack anyone?

    Drill baby , drill!!
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    Breaking batteries in...hit 'em hard or go easy?

    John let me take this chance to lament on the poor qaulity of the a-spec or nanotech hk packs. i had 6 of the 6s nanos and after a season of use four are now useless. the foam in between the cell tabs collects water and corrodes the tabs to uselessness in no time esp if u keep the whole...
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    Fire proof lipo box

    well it would possibly explode like a bomb ... think 18650 should have one end exposed so pressure can escape in case of exothermic decomposition....and that chanber shouldhave a big baloon that can expand and catch the hot toxic gas...dont belive me? ask anyone who has witnesed a...
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    Lipo tries to bite.

    i am sceptical that the cell is actually zero volts, he did not test off the tabs. and if it is i would be interested to know how it responds to charge :mrgreen:
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    Do you care about pedaling?

    i took my chain off months ago.....i call it the air coupled doesnt have the problems of a conventinal chain eg. falling off every time u pedal when u see a cop, getting jammed in the tire, and making you look like a fool......arousing the wrong type of when i...