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    Fb-4000a 9” motor for sale

    Advance motors fb-4000a dc motor out of a vw jetta conversion, i have tested it on 12v and it spins well. I have the speed sensor but i dont know where it goes. I bought a complete ev conversion parts car and never got around to installing it I will add a photo of the speed sensor, what you...
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    2011 Zero XU - Battery replacement options?

    Any update on what you decided to go with? Considering buying a zero xu with a bad pack and trying to see what guys are getting by with Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lightly used BBS02 kit with SW102, Electrify programmed(<300mi, 1/month old)

    I have the same motor and lcd display, how did you get yours to display mph and miles instead of kilometers?