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    Better deal than electric bike? looks like these arnt street legal in my state :( time to build my bike up i suppose.
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    New freeride project - LMX P1

    whats are those blocks that are under the controller?
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    Better deal than electric bike?

    Run lipo, super cheap.
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    Better deal than electric bike?

    PMED! So these things are legally the same as a 49cc gas scooter correct? im trying to find this online for my state, TN.
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    Better deal than electric bike?

    yep exactly. Buy it for 499 or so and throw your own battery on it...
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    Better deal than electric bike?

    anybody find a cheaper one yet? Seems like you can find the 1000w(really 800w) version for 499, while that overpriced site on page 1 sells it for 999.99. Should be able to find this scoot for 1k>
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    LI-ion NiCoMn Battery from BMSBattery

    anybody else get one of these? updates?
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    Noob - 48v 1000watt Rear Conversion

    great conversion. Now just to get a DH Bike and make it look like a mini moto x bike. What did the top speed do when you went from 12 to 15s? Can you maintain 34mph for long periods?(WOT)
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    Using 20s2p setup

    yeah my hyperion has the temperature warning setting also. So LIPO wont do anything unless DISCHARGE/CHARGING? Anybody always leave them in the lipo bags?
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    Using 20s2p setup

    ah, my fireplace is a ventless fireplace(natural gas) with a chainmail pull cover. If 4 10s lipos went off, doubt it would vent it from destroying house with black smoke. So would you run the small fridge? Like at the warmest temp? If closed would it protect the garage if lipos went off?
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    Using 20s2p setup

    Hello, Going to buy 4 10s 5000mah zippy compacts for 20s2p. I have a hyperion 1420i for charging, as one 10s20ah pack. How long will this take? I am going to keep the batteries stored, in a waterproof box OUTSIDE. About 20 feet away from the house. Is this too much security? I have 2 babys so...
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    Better deal than electric bike?

    watched the vid...and i want one.. Wouldnt it be cheaper just to build my own...for 1600 I feel like I could build 2-3 of em.seems the 2000w(35mph bike) only runs a 48v 12 lifepo. Imagine running 60v and welding a pedal shaft for some faux or real pedals..faster, cheaper, lighter, and more...
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    Better deal than electric bike?

    can anybody see if these are legal in TN? You could HONESTLY weld up a pedal shaft going to rear wheel on the non sprocket side and have a BICYCLE.
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    ht motor and effiencey

    anybody here use the compact zippys? I wanna use the 9s..2 for 18s.. Going to buy 4 for 72v 11.6 ah...this will give me good range(20 miles if consverative, probly 18 WOT).. If I get hungry later I will throw another 2 9s packs for 27s, But i highly doubt it! Maybe another 2 for range to give...
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    First Build - Crystalite 5404 LiPo High Speed Commuter

    what battery box are you using? Also how are you mounting it? Thanks, it will help me dearly.
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    Crystalyte NEW HIGH POWER hub motor...TheCrown

    Soo crown motor vs hs40... Goo
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    ht motor and effiencey

    yeah thats true. I did order a pack 3 weeks week later nothing so I cancelled the order. I already have a hyperion 1420i. I might just build up a vintage 2 stroke moped....for 6-700 I can build up a 40mph bike that will do my commute.
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    Re: 9c 2806 100V@35A = fast...47mph

    love this bike, I guess almost 2 years later its still going strong though.
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    ht motor and effiencey

    if i dont go lipo whats my other options for high voltage....pretty much nothing I believe, unless I spend 1k+ on 20ah pouches.
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    GNG, 1000W 48V BB-drive, $400

    So now that everyone has dissected this volts or amps more important for getting more top end out of this kit. If I want a reliable 35mph commuter, is this kit still out of the picture? Anybody race a direct drive or geared hub?
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    ht motor and effiencey

    Ok, Looks like the 9s 5800mah zippy compacts are the best value for the buck right now. 400 shipped for 4 of em, which comes to 72v 11.6ah(still very shy of 100v)... any idea for battery? I can get 6 of the lifepo4 from hobby king which is about 70v 8.4ah, thats 490 shipped....but how to bulk...
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    ht motor and effiencey

    wow, so the HT motor really rocks at high voltage. If i was going to cruise at a solid 35 mph on flats, what sort of voltage/amps should i run? Any advice on those lifepo4 batts?
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    ht motor and effiencey

    Hello, I want to get a HT3525, AND run 72-100v through it. I always have some crazy hills so it would work out great. I have a 12 mile there and 12 mile back from work commute, will however charge at work. According to the simulator, I can actually get 13 miles out of a 8AH pack. With a top...
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    Specialized Big Hit FSR

    nice! What kind of metal was used to build the box? How did you TIG it to the existing frame? Would MIG work? Thought it was hard to weld to aluminum? I guess the only downside to this setup is that your frame could crack where the box is and not know it? On the plus side the box adds maybe...
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    Hobby or Money Saver?

    not sure really, I have a lifted f-350 diesel I HAVE to drive, gets 16 MPG,20 on highway. Thats with 37" tires, programmer ect. Hard to beat a maintenance free diesel, but everytime I fill up the HUGE TANK with pricey diesel..i cry.