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    Electric Tractor

    You've got me thinking about a battery electric tractor! I have a very old Farmall Cub. I can visualize an electric motor driving into the manual transmission. The gasser machine can plow a fenched 30 x 30 foot garden with 8hp at the drawbar. And I have a full set of cultivators for it. If...
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    Regen BMS?

    At most, all I need to go is 10 miles one way and 10 back, with some short spurts at 60+ mph. Variable regen is on my list for the right brake lever. As I have said, my experience is with a 500w hub motor that draws up to 1500w. That, and a 125cc gasser motorbike, which I seek to emulate in...
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    2 Chainrings on TSDZ2B - is an adapter necessary?

    Two chain rings worked on my TSDZ2b, though it drove a Nuvinci (Enviolo) CV hub. I was of the opinion that the drive losses in the CVT hub, plus it's weight, was too much for a 36v TSDZ. So I installed an eight speed cluster on the rear wheel. Two chain rings weren't working on it, and in fact...
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    Regen BMS?

    I should up my watts. The bicycle has a 500w motor that draws up to 1500w. So that planned 6kw hub motor might draw 10-12kw, and 6kw+ on regen. That would only be for short bursts up and down. And thanks amberwolf for your help. If I can build a capable motorbike for under $3000 on my existing...
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    Regen BMS?

    The plan is a QS 268 6kw hub motor with 3-4kw regen on bursts. I'm just upping the ratio from my bike, which max's at 1.5kw input with 7-800w of regen. My rides are lots of short ups and downs. The devil is in the batteries, I guess. Getting something to fit and do the job is quite the problem...
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    New Tongsheng noises

    It has been recommended to add grease to the large final drive spur gear. Easy to do once the pedal crank is off. When I checked mine it had almost no greases at all.
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    Regen BMS?

    The plan is a 6k hub motor. I would be happy with 3 or 4k regen. With a Grom, battery space is limited.
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    Regen BMS?

    At the moment 24 Calb prismatic 3.2v 72ah cells.
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    Regen BMS?

    Lately, I've been researching building an electric Grom and I've come across this BMS specifically labeled with "Regen". It's +two times the price of a comparable (for what I know) BMS. I can't find anything more specific about it than what is on the website. As I want to have robust regen for...
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    Folding mid drive conversion options?

    You might consider a Huffy Oslo. Last I saw sub $300. Of course, you'll need to fix it. 37#'s.
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    The SB Cruiser : Amberwolf's 2WD Heavy Cargo Trike & Dog Carrier

    Bed frames were (once) made out of recycled railroad rails and generally not good for welding. As said & IIRC, upon welding it's subject to hydrogen embrittlement. The hydrogen atoms in the weld area migrate to form high pressure gas pockets, which will result in tiny fractures in the weld. So...
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    Soldering high current 21700 battery pack from Samsung 30t cells. Is soldering batteries ok in your opinion?

    I do have an American Beauty 3138, and saw that youtube vid on soldering and that looks like a really good solder method for not cooking the cells. I was looking at Kweld to spot weld. Not that I am building batteries at the moment, but I foresee the need to make me a pack that fits me builds...
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    Sondors x new bike the Metacycle

    I really do want a Metacycle, and I might get a chance when and or if the product is liquidated: Exposed: Thousands of SONDORS Metacycle bikes abandoned in China, bills go unpaid
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    My 1st ebike build - a folding 20" Dahon

    It would be interesting to ride your bike. A small folder sure can be a handy bike to have. I might be concerned by that heavy front wheel. My (fixed) sub $300 Huffy Oslo has all the motor/battery weight at the rear wheel. Even with that, it is easy to get the back of the bike to swing around on...
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    Loose axle after freewheel removal?

    His windings look a bit cooked too, do they not? Regardless, a new motor would be in order.
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    How can these board specs be correct and have a top speed 130km/h??

    I must be an old man, but 80mph on a board, scooter, or bike seems to be a bit to fast for survival.
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    Qs 3000w hub best build

    I wish, in the demonstration video, that they would speak slower. Then I might be able to know what they're talking about:).
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    Grom electrification

    I put motors on (almost) all my bicycles that I am going to motorfy, so now I'm going to do the same with my motorcycles. I plan to start with my Grom, which at 120 mpg makes no economic sense to do, though being a 2014 the engine is getting a bit long in the tooth. My plan is to use a 5000w...
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    Attempting Honda Grom Electric Conversion

    You know, I'm not finding much about converting a Grom. The searches lead to eGrom clones. I guess it's just not cost effective to convert a perfectly good fuel sipper. Though my 2014 Grom's history is a lot of short rides, and the thing never really gets hot enough long enough so it gets a lot...
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    What would be a good candidate for a road ebike conversion. I have a 1988 Honda Hawk that's just sitting there, A single swing arm basket frame, all aluminium. Not that I need to go there, but just asking.
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    Attempting Honda Grom Electric Conversion

    Oh, I have a 2014 Grom, and if you have found a hub wheel motor that fits in the dropouts of the Grom, and matches to the brake rotor of the wheel. Well, I want to know what you found.
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    Torque arm on a suspension fork?

    And I thought you were talking about underwear! You're lucky to have toes! Most people new to ebikes have no experience at coming off a bike at speed.
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    TSDZ2B tongsheng VLCD5 remove/limit hidden menu

    Oh my. A 250w 36 Tsdz2? No speeding tickets on that bike.
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    Torque arm on a suspension fork?

    Ah, riding stoned isn't all that bad, but riding drunk is deadly. Riding on LSD, though, can be quite interesting--if you manage to not get yourself crushed.
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    Mountain bike for commuting build

    The 36v 250w hub motor and 10Ah battery sounds like the specs for my Huffy Oslo. That bike was below $400, shipping and tax included, though I did find the need to replace the controller (Huffy's choice of a lame, weak controller is why the Oslos were liquidated.) You're not going fast or far...