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  1. lostrack

    Tom's BEAST

    Yes! Bike is sold. I gave the frame and bike to my cousin who enjoys DH, and sold the electrics. It was a project I was glad to do :)
  2. lostrack

    What's my bike worth

    I'm considering selling/splitting my eBike -what do you reckon it's worth? Giant DH Comp, Fox 40s, Astro 3220 with Matt's DaVinci drive, HV160, Cycle Analyst, .75KWH barely used Turnigy Lipo - are the basics. I probably spent over £4K on parts, experiments, and the lot, but I know it's not...
  3. lostrack

    NEW FR-DH E-Bike project >3Kw

    Cool build! If you're going offload, make some keeper plates for your back chainring. Lateral chain movement from general riding can whip the chain off the ring. Very reliable after that. Check my build for a pic, although I'm sure you know what I'm describing
  4. lostrack

    Tom's BEAST

    I miss riding this thing. Here's a video I took a few months ago. The power was dialled down to 100 amps and ran cooler, went for longer, and was generally more fun (wheelies not flips). JxFhQ45t0LU *video replaced with sound*
  5. lostrack

    dual cyclone build + problems

    Subscribed. Matt has been raving about your fabrication skills. I can see why! He has my giant dh comp / 3220 setup so when that gets up and running I hope you will be a RC convert! Is it possible to weld to the giant frame to customise it? Could put a motor cover on it
  6. lostrack

    Tom's BEAST

    So Endless Sphere...long time! The bike was sitting, with dead cell batteries for several months, and a forum member Matt 'idontwanttopedal' has kindly offered to take a look at it, while helping his build, get it up and running and have some fun on it when it's all fixed. As he's much faster...
  7. lostrack

    Drewjet's road-racer Ebike build thread-w/ Video

    Dude, that is sick!!! How far can you go like that? Does your motor get hot? I hope you're wearing protection....
  8. lostrack

    im doing a BB drive ebike...

    You may want to try a bmx chain. Slightly thicker, and fits the same cogs (spacing is the same). I got a KMC (IIRC) chain which took peaks of 7-9,000 watts without snapping. Very strong
  9. lostrack

    2nd Lipo fail - help me buy (not build) a better pack?

    Why would you want to remove your batteries all the time? It's like designing a removable fuel tank. Just put the fuel in, use it, fill it up, use it... that's it. You then benefit from having a more sturdy protection because it's designed to stay put.... or something! (obviously fuel is more...
  10. lostrack

    2nd Lipo fail - help me buy (not build) a better pack?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Minimal interaction with the batteries is my preferred method of use. Simply because it's a two man job to get the battery box on and off. They were methods LVC boards which are famed for their low current consumption, so unless there is something wrong with...
  11. lostrack

    Post pics of your DH COMP here!

    Heres an old pic.
  12. lostrack

    First build non-hub - quick prototype 750w X1e

    You keep that thing locked up outside? Is it waterproof? What would happen if a kid tries to play with it, is it dangerous?
  13. lostrack

    2nd Lipo fail - help me buy (not build) a better pack?

    I've spent so many months on this now, I just don't have the time to put into it again. I've completely rebuilt the pack several times before and I've got the "I need to do it all myself" thing out of my system. I'm specifically looking for someone else who is more skilled/eager/available to...
  14. lostrack

    Tom's BEAST

    Came back to the bike and 3 cells, paralleled 3 times (ie 3 whole packs) now have dead readings. I'm not going to try and rescue them, as I don't think I could ever trust them again. In the bin they go. Anyway, I'm interested in buying a pre-made pack. Two output cables, and two Hyperion...
  15. lostrack

    2nd Lipo fail - help me buy (not build) a better pack?

    Hi all, I have a 12S3P Turnigy LiPo setup. After leaving it for a month, both times I've come back and 3 cells (in 3 separate packs) have been pulled down to zero. That's £300 of batteries that are now dead. This is having left them completely unplugged, the only thing connecting them is a...
  16. lostrack

    Tom's BEAST

    Hey man, I'm running about 100 amps (4.5kw) in that video. It heats up the motor less (you can ride for longer) and doesn't rip you off the bike as easily. Just as easy to wheelie, this way you change your weight distribution to help it, rather than just pulling the throttle. Top speed is...
  17. lostrack

    Electric downhill/freeride bike

    Looks great mate. You must be very pleased so far!
  18. lostrack

    Hybrid Dirt / Mountain bike

    In my experience, putting more than 5KW down using bike tyres is a challenge, they just spin and spin in the dirt. MX tyres are huge and have a larger surface area with knobblies.
  19. lostrack

    Less building, more riding

    Hi, Got a bit fed up with how much obsessing over little details I've been sucked into, so have withdrawn a bit from the forum to just get out and ride, you know... Thought anyone with similar ailments may like to post videos of just having fun on these eBikes we've created. Summer's just...
  20. lostrack

    Tom's BEAST

    Not changing much really, just riding it. Chest mount vid helps to show how much you have to hang on to this thing! twedZbpXRWI
  21. lostrack

    4 inch diameter Astro motors coming soon..........

    In defense of Astro, in at least my occasion, my motor was fine. I checked specifically to see if there were problems Gluing temperature sensor with high temperature silicon sealant.
  22. lostrack

    Cycle Analyst V3 preview and first beta release

    Here's the throttle map idea. More than a curve, it's got an adaptively set mid-point, based on the energy needed to sustain the same speed. Outside this zone, it's current throttle. Thoughts?
  23. lostrack

    Cycle Analyst V3 preview and first beta release

    Great writeup teklektik. Lots of new options - looks great Justin! Not sure if this will fall on deaf ears - yet another feature suggestion - but in terms of the throttle I have an idea It would be really useful to have a calibrated 'sweet spot' which is around 25% throttle position, which is...
  24. lostrack

    Giant DH Team, Cromotor, 18fet Lyen, 111v Lipo

    Dude, just get your current shock serviced. These were world cup winning frames & shocks. Chances are it just needs some TLC, and proper setting up. My manitou 6 way swinger worked great with a new 450lb shock, and the right settings. If you want a firmer ride, add air. You can change high and...