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    Electric Hang Glider

    very nice! embed for u. Xgj9ZroeoVU
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    check out their first test ride, R00MVa6_ukc another flight, no music.
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    AT-One electric inline skates (quick update Dec 2020)

    ^you only need to put "kw0315SISdA" between the tags. kw0315SISdA
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    Off road rollerblade with rubber track

    nice!! 8) closeup pics plz.
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    BRUSHLESS CASTERBOARD: Twin alien 6.4 kw and single 3.2 kw

    you give me too much credit, saw it on gizmag, they do a good job in covering personal transport devices. I think ripstik probably got the electric casterboard idea from this thread. :wink:
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    Custom 2 wheeled electric caster board

    yes, similar linkage style steering. here's another angle
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    Custom 2 wheeled electric caster board

    Wow!! reminds me of this board, if you can, put up a video of you riding it and a closeup of that front linkage steering.
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    from the link, weighs 180 lbs
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    OneWheel: self-balancing e-skate

    miberi 0CBxIP4VntM mlmM8t3P6Sc
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    Electric dirt scooter

    geebee hTUDMGKI0WA
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    ArcaBoard only $15k... BhXya08eq6g
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    offroad scooter

    look in this dirt scooter thread, (u can google translate the site) black mountain tbx my favorite mt scooter video, o1-RnHY6XSI
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    E-GO by Yuneec Internationl

    interesting suspension trucks...
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    Sk8-Booster Xy5trx5Nioo
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    BRUSHLESS CASTERBOARD: Twin alien 6.4 kw and single 3.2 kw

    razor ripstik rear wheel fixed.
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    Electric Freebord (LEIF)
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    OneWheel: self-balancing e-skate

    the clone is called Trotter, Lookwise, Trotter is borrowing pretty heavily from OneWheel. OneWheel is not that original, There were many DIY versions before he brought his to market, his board is unique in that it uses a hub motor, while the DIY ones before him use chain drive...
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    OneWheel: self-balancing e-skate

    Chinese onewheel clone seized at CES, zMsc-as6eYY
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    Electric Scooters! OH YAH!

    Interesting, a variation on the Fuzion/Quadcarver scooters using skate trucks. I used to have the quadcarver, the inventer was local, he gave me one. But I didn't really like it. Later on, he worked on the 3 wheel electric Zuummer...
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    What's more compact then folding bike? - SoloWheel

    repost from another thread gotway 8 nB98uRNoRN4 small solowheel
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    mystery China hub motor "lofty ambition"

    that's funny, he dumped the "Backfire" boards.
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    Has anyone tried Mountainboard trucks with Longboard deck?

    its no longer on atom's website, probably from lack of sales, you cant really kick these longboards, you kicking foot will hit the wheels they are mounted to a deck with kicks like a mtboard. air tire and urethane versions...