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  1. eBikeSteve

    E-bike battery rebuilder - highly recommended

    The person who rebuilt my battery is Richard Head, a member. He did a great job.
  2. eBikeSteve

    E-bike battery rebuilder - highly recommended

    My bottle battery - 24v 11mah stopped charging and needed to be repaired. Some months ago I posted this need on the e-bike forum and a member, Richard Head, replied (Headrc), offering his services to repair or rebuild the battery. After initial emails to discuss, size and price the effort, I...
  3. eBikeSteve

    Need replacement for 24v 11ah bottle battery

    Hi. I have a European e-bike made by Klaxon, the Hartmann model, which is a 29er. The bike shipped with a Sunstar SO3+ motor with a 24v 11ah battery manufactured by Greenway Battery in China. The motor and the battery are no longer manufactured, and Sunstar ceased production of its e-bike motors...