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    Woman sets up thief who took her bicycle and gets it back in spectacular fashion
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    Post the ebike law in your area. Here is Florida

    Many places the local police do not know or care unless you stick out
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    Nucular 24F - three for sale, order being processed not yet confirmed

    Thermo Nucular controller 24F NUC24F Before shipping USD $600 Will sell for $200 over and above fully loaded costs, including shipping, US Customs tariff/excise if any, etc etc 6F and 12F not available, nor BMS On-board computer NUCDISP — $ 110 Sur-Ron connectors NUCSURW — $ 50 Choose your...
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    Post the ebike law in your area. Here is Florida

    If you are safe and responsible / respectful even considerate, then the laws as written are irrelevant in most jurisdictions, up to whether or not the local plod actually enforce anything. If you are a dangerous eBike terrorist, I hope they throw the book at you, confiscate the bike, get you...
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    Bms in series

    No, to work in series means all the current must go through each unit. The BMS must be specifically designed to be wired in series. Stop focusing on cheap and small, hard enough to get safety and reliability Cheap BMS easily fail even when used as designed, if you do use that "load current...
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    Just found an insane deal on brandnew 2s10p Samsung packs

    If anyone learns which specific model cells please post
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    ixxat USB-to-CAN

    Please keep us posted on how you go. The hardware IMO is worth what a real expert could charge for a half hour
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    Wago connectors

    Current rating is 30+ amps. Better vibration handling than most older styles. Not that splash resistant though
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    Question about 12v li-ion 3s battery for RV.

    You need DC-DC conversion trying to do 12V. Adds to both cost and complexity, reduces reliability increases fire risk. Best to go to 7S 24V is common. But really LFP is the way to go. Would you heat your mobile living space with kerosene just because you had a lot sitting around?
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    Car Starter Battery with AMP20M1HD-A

    A small cheap lead battery hardwired to the alternator side will act as a buffer for the load dump. No need to test its SoH, just replace it every few years
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    Car Starter Battery with AMP20M1HD-A

    The more specific a question is, and the more accurately and precisely it is worded, the better the answers can be. Example scenarios with actual numbers can help. Optimizing for longevity the V&A numbers are standard for all LFP. A123 makes an excellent product, definitely will resist abuse...
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    (Solved) Need help identifying motor power by visual comparison

    Your post begs the question "Is Watts a useful specification / data point for a motor's capabilities? " The answer is of course a bit involved, but mostly falls toward negative. For a given use case and terrain conditions, the speed and torque actually delivered at each RPM point WITHOUT...
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    Car Starter Battery with AMP20M1HD-A

    For good longevity a 0.4C charge rate. In hot temps up to 1C should be OK. In cooler ambients go slower or cell lifespan will be shortened. Without strong current limiting in the circuit, sources designed for lead batteries can be burnt out pretty quickly. Relying on thin conductors to limit...
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    LiFePo4 battery prices ?

    Wow wish they would set up stateside. If you get a crap shipment here you are supposed to ship back to China, which costs so much more than the replacement products would be worth...
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    are 18650 safe overchrged from 4,2V to 5,0V?

    So many cumulative wasted minutes we'll never get back. Yes I know the Ignore function is the solution, will do that, but kept hoping some useful scraps would come along.
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    LiFePo4 battery prices ?

    The China to Oz distribution pipeline is IMO much better developed and less "friction" than China to USA High volumes also bring the shipping / local inventorying costs way down. And Aussie torts liability is a much more manageable risk factor. In the past your tariffs were punitively high, I...
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    Sevcon Controller - Where to begin.

    If you ever find an expert willing to help remotely, from anywhere in the world, even if they are charging what you think are outrageous rates please post a new thread with their contact info.
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    FLIPSKY new 20s 100A tiny controller (vesc based)

    USB cable pinout tester
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    Coulomb counting Ah Wattmeter

    Note the TK15 while widely recommended is not the answer to the OP question a different product entirely, no relation to the unit that methods mentioned
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    65mm BMS With Active Balancing?

    interesting! If the pack is between 4S & 13S can the latter be used? or the 24S unit for say 16S ?
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    Coulomb counting Ah Wattmeter

    Perfect, thanks much
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    PD / PPS charging, USB testing device as programmable charge regulator
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    Coulomb counting Ah Wattmeter

    Looking for purchase links for this, reco by @methods : a non-Amazon source would be great, don't mind if slow, may want to buy in bulk a two-way version even better Also a link to the crap one he mentions so as to know not to bother testing it, would be...
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    65mm BMS With Active Balancing?

    Just speaking for myself, I've been pretty fanatically green since the first Earth Day but on grid power the mAh involved are barely rounding errors.
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    are 18650 safe overchrged from 4,2V to 5,0V?

    Many regular posters here are best set on ignore, not just to avoid misinformation but just to avoid wasting your time engaging with them. Doubly true when they start arguing with each other.