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  1. StudEbiker

    30 for 30 - Slaying the Badger - Lemond/Hinault

    The Birth of Big Air (Matt Hoffman) would probably be of interest to some here too.
  2. StudEbiker

    Blew my controller. Please advise......

    Thanks, that's a good tip. I replaced this controller with a new one, but I still have it around so I might check it out using this method sometime. Funny you should revive this old thread this week DD, I used your wheel building tutorial posted on this week to build a wheel...
  3. StudEbiker

    FL "motorized" cyclist killed in turtle collision

    Story doesn't say if it was gas or electric, but I hope it wasn't a member here.
  4. StudEbiker

    Recumbent BikeE for Comfort and Efficiency

    I had one of those types of packs for awile and thought about using on the Bike E. If I had used it, I would have put it i. front of the seat on top of the rail. It was very tempting, but I eventually went in a different direction because at the time I think those packs were only available in...
  5. StudEbiker

    Studebiker is getting low & dirty.

    No, I've never ridden a MBB bike before, but there was a time I had never ridden a recumbent before. If I build it and don't like it/can't ride it I'm not out much and I've learned a few things about building bikes so I'm not too worried about it. That's a good point about the way the seat...
  6. StudEbiker

    My recumbent cargo bike

    Wow, I bet that thing rides like a Cadillac! So when/where does the cargo portion come into play?
  7. StudEbiker

    Studebiker is getting low & dirty.

    Fresh off the completion of my latest E-Bike-E conversion, I have decided to venture into the home builders (the dirty part) world and build a dual 20" front wheel drive low racer (the low part). I have been interested in these low racers ever since I saw a Raptobike. The Raptobike is...
  8. StudEbiker

    Single day distance record for e-bike??

    SO spring is coming after a long wet winter, I've got a new bike I just love to ride, and I've also got a birthday coming up. I'm thinking that sometime near my birthday, I would like to take the whole day to ride my bike. I am curious what the most miles any one has ridden by e-bike in a...
  9. StudEbiker

    Studebiker's Next (last?) Bike E.........

    It's a radically different ride than the CT models. That Cane Creek really soaks up the bumps way more than I expected it too.
  10. StudEbiker

    Studebiker's Next (last?) Bike E.........

    Was able to get a better picture today. I am totally loving this bike.
  11. StudEbiker

    KMX Full Sus. FWD Prototype........ E-Trike Dream machine!

    Either that or out a big hubbie in the back for some AWD action!
  12. StudEbiker

    KMX Full Sus. FWD Prototype........ E-Trike Dream machine!

    Maybe they will build this, but even if they don't, I love that they are thinking about it!
  13. StudEbiker

    Bobber style scratch build

    Mad skillz bro. Wish I had them so I could build my dream purpose built electric recumbent. Respect! 8)
  14. StudEbiker

    An aftermarket product damaged my bike, who pays?

    Damn! There's a couple of lines to read between!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  15. StudEbiker

    An aftermarket product damaged my bike, who pays?

    I don't understand why you won't post details now. If it's a bad product, then it serves the e-bike community here to let people know. You could be saving someone else from making the same mistake.
  16. StudEbiker

    An aftermarket product damaged my bike, who pays?

    Yes, more info is needed. Bottom line is, a vendor that sells a crap product is unlikely to pay for the damages that product caused. This is why it is important to know as much as you can about bikes and e-bikes. That way when you have a sketchy product you can tell it's bad BEFORE you put it...
  17. StudEbiker

    Studebiker's Next (last?) Bike E.........

    The weight of the battery and it's position really is only a problem when the bike is parked. The kickstand isn't long enough so it's pretty tippy when parked. This is a 12 fet controller and definitely won't fit in the frame.
  18. StudEbiker

    Studebiker's Next (last?) Bike E.........

    Well, it's not a very good picture, but I have had this one finished for about a week now. The bike is an absolute pleasure to ride.
  19. StudEbiker

    More volts less amps ? Im slightly confused.

    8T in 20" wheel. I guess for a baseline assume a 75f deg. ambient temp. I have two grades that I regularly climb that are steep, but neither are particularly long. I have just moved into the 2kw power range and want to stay as safe as I can.
  20. StudEbiker

    More volts less amps ? Im slightly confused.

    Sorry to poach your thread, but for you guys with more experience, what is a reasonable length of time a MAC can sustain 2k watts?
  21. StudEbiker

    Bicycle Lights (Not just Fast Tech)

    Please post a review if you pick one up. I've been curious about them. Chanes are, the lumens are exagerated, so it may be okay for the road.
  22. StudEbiker

    Cheap shopping trailer

    I can find these old double kid trailers around here cheap pretty regularly. Old skis seem to be pretty easy to find too. I have this trailer finished now, but I just haveen't taken any pics of it completed, but it turned out great.
  23. StudEbiker

    Cowardlyducks - E-BikeE builds

    Glad you and the bike didn't suffer much damage. Sounds like an invigorating experience for sure!
  24. StudEbiker

    Studebiker's Next (last?) Bike E.........

    Not hijacking at all. It's good to share this info. The front suspension on the RX model is a little hard to see, but it is there. It used a device called an Englund air cartridge that was used in early suspension forks. Whereas forks would use two of them, the Bike E only uses one, placed...
  25. StudEbiker

    Studebiker's Next (last?) Bike E.........

    That's a great Bike E. The steering really gets nice and natural after awhil e. The key seems to be to "lighten up". Lighten your grip, lighten the corrections, just kind of rest your hands on the bars, don't grip them too tightly. After a few thousand miles on these bikes now, I absolutely...