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    Rear Q100 on 130 mm dropout

    The ideal cadence to motor RPM balance is when you're able to be contributing power through pedaling at top speed. You'll know you're reaching that point because the motor will just be hitting its unloaded max RPM. Be ready to play with cog sizes and chainring sizes to achieve that goal. That...
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    Rear Q100 on 130 mm dropout

    The cog side of the freewheel Q100's shaft has a nut and 2 spacers. I had a freewheel version of the Q100 installed in my single speed bike that had 120mm dropout width. You can probably just remove the nut, and get the 5mm you need. Alternatively, you can try replacing one or both of the...
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    Could I run a grin phaserunner and still keep higo connections?

    You won't be able to use PAS with just a phaserunner. You'll need a cycleanalyst to use the PAS sensor. As for the higo connectors, if you wanted to keep them, you'd probably be looking at sniping off the stock connectors and soldering in the appropriate higos in their place.
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    Has interest in ebikes increased decreased or stayed the same at your location compared to 10 years ago?

    Here in the ATL, I see at least one other ebike every other day that I haven't seen before. There are a few that I've come to recognize as fellow commuters which I don't count as 'new'. I think it helps that we have a really great ebike builder here in town (Edison), but I've also seen some more...
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    Snapped axle on Crystalyte TC100 hub motor, almost died

    Ohhhh OK. I get it now. Sorry for being slow on that and adding noise to the thread.
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    Snapped axle on Crystalyte TC100 hub motor, almost died

    I agree with this part of Chalo's follow-up. I think that point where the flats and the rest of the axle met up was the weak point. Again, just my humble opinion. EDIT AGAIN: I guess what I'm trying to say is that based on where the break happened, even with 2 or 4 torque arms, the break would...
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    Snapped axle on Crystalyte TC100 hub motor, almost died

    I am no chemist, but in my research into electroplating and oxidation, I've come to understand that oxidation only happens at the surface, where oxygen can come into contact with the metal. Since there's rust penetrating in to where the faces of the axle were machined from the main part of the...
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    Finished project: Super Light Carbon Ebike

    You fit 13s2p in that little bottle with a Rosenberger connector?! Are you using a BMS with it? I currently have my 13s2p in a seat bag, which is fine, but if I could build a stealthy little bottle like you did (with a BMS) I'd be ordering parts right this second.
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    My Sun Trip Bike, Back to Back Tandem Trike with Rowing Generator, Pedals, +Solar

    A HUGE congratulations to you and AnSo, Justin! I'm sure the light in your hearts out shone those (very impressive) fireworks you put together. I'm so happy for you both and wish you the very best of times on your journey together. Thank you for making this little forum on the internet such a...
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    Sensorless at standstill, development updates and status

    Wait. You code directly in assembly? (insert bowing emoji here) That's pretty amazing.
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    Does Elon Lurk these forums ?

    Welp. Cats out of the bag now. I. Am. Elon. :lol:
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    Xiongda YTW-06 mini hub motor

    Battery Amps. I think max phase amps are set to 35, but I'm not 100% sure of that. It may be in one of my screenshots of phaserunner settings in my build thread.
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    Xiongda YTW-06 mini hub motor

    I've been running my YTW-06 at a max of 54.6V, 20A for about 90 days without issue. I need to point out (again) that I don't run the motor at that level all the time though. I use a Phaserunner which is a FOC, so the amps delivered are based on throttle. Most of the time I run at 30% throttle...
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    Test driving the Jaguar I-PACE

    From what I've seen of online videos, one of the "EV Smile" moments people have is when they feel the torque from a standstill but with no (or minimal) noise from the vehicle. They use the phrase "like on a magic carpet". I don't think EVs should make noise for the benefit of the driver. On the...
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    Controller design and technology-why not both sinewave and squarewave?

    OK, dumb question: How does a FOC (field oriented controller) compare to what's been described above?
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    Add your EV etiquette tips for the newbs

    I really LOVE that ChargePoint is here asking us for feedback. That alone is enough for me to be a ChargePoint customer when I eventually get an electric car. I am fortunate enough to work at a company that has several EV owners (more bikers and a few ebikers) and in an environment that has a...
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    nominal vs. peak - is it just marketing fluff?

    To clarify, I personally completely understand the real numbers and how to compute pack power/capacity, versus peak or nominal or minimal motor power. I was just commenting on what I've observed in the commercial arena. I'm not even gong to go near the range numbers they quote... :wink:
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    nominal vs. peak - is it just marketing fluff?

    So I've noticed a pattern amongst commercial ebikes where the motor power listed is often something like "nominal power" or "rated power" expressed in watts, and the battery capacity is often expressed in "max capacity" in watt-hours. I've also seen a few cases where "experts" on ebikes have...
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    Help with ebike presentation

    I have to say that teklektik's post is the best advice for this particular crowd. The company I work for lets employees give "night school" classes where they can talk to fellow employees about something that they love. I've been approached twice about giving a class on ebikes *. I think I'm...
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    Help with ebike presentation

    I always like to respond: Technically riding a bicycle is "cheating" because a bicycle gives you a mechanical advantage over a person getting along just on their own two feet. Ebikes are just the next step enabling more people to enjoy those same mechanical advantages for various reasons.
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    Help with ebike presentation

    Since this is a presentation to your local cycling association, they probably already know the virtues of cycling vs driving. Perhaps you can differentiate cycling for sport/exercise vs cycling for utility and commuting, and how an ebike makes that easier and available to a wider range of...
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    Carbon Fiber e bike with Bafang M 600 mid installed with throttle

    Would you mind sharing the link to the frame listing?
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    Any Lawyers Here?

    The first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club. Signed: ...
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    A very interesting light ebike

    With the sole exception of the very low EU-friendly power levels (and the price), I think this bike has every wish-list feature I could imagine pinion BB gearbox Gates carbon belt drive disk brakes internal battery minimal, stealthy looks very nice phone and...
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    Powerful middrive in a carbon frame (abandoned)

    This is looking very interesting! I'll be following along.