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    Conversion of a Bultaco Sherpa

    Sorry to hear about your leg. You have had to deal with a bunch of issues and many people would have walked away from this project. Since everything takes so long to be delivered, I would order both new controller and motor and whatever else could possibly be wrong with the bike. You tried...
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    ASI BAC 8000 cut off after big jumps with high wheelspeed

    MX riders use the rear wheel as a gyroscope to either lift or drop the front end while airborne. I have read about this exact problem with the ASI BAC controllers, it is a known issue. I'm not sure if anyone figured out how to get around it.
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    KTM 200 exc goes electric

    Good job on finishing. Do you keep track of time distance, and battery consumption? Would be interesting to see that stuff, too.
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    Alta motorcycle throttle

    Early bikes had domino with an inline digitizer. Later ones had the digitization done in the inverter. digital is CAN messages...
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    how about schrader valves at the lowest drain point and one on top. Then you can drain the case and purge the case with nitrogen, argon or helium after any wet riding :thumb:
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    Nucular Electronics owner's thread (setup infos, FW updates, links etc.)

    My point was not to brag or suggest this as the best setup. The power source is one I had on hand to run another device and it happened to work ok the 20s surron. The parameters I set were ok for me as I thought they didn't push the power source to the max and 4 hours to charge was gentle on...
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    Nucular Electronics owner's thread (setup infos, FW updates, links etc.) I've been using this for about 6 months and it has worked great. The only reason I was fiddling with the converter parameters is that I updated the firmware and the parameters in my saved configs wouldn't come across
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    Nucular Electronics owner's thread (setup infos, FW updates, links etc.)

    I was in converter mode with a 12v power supply. I wanted to change the amperage setting so I toggled the enable parameter to "off" while the power supply was operating. I hear an immediate pop, smell of burnt electronics and the green LED on the power supply turns yellow. It now only puts...
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    Nucular Electronics owner's thread (setup infos, FW updates, links etc.)

    I'm trying to update my firmware but cannot get the display to update. I keep getting stranded at the logo screen after i hit the green button when the display prompts me to "update?" upon getting stranded, i have to unplug the battery and when i check the version of display FW i see its still...
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    The power wires exit the top of the case. Purportedly through "new waterproof" gland nuts. Maybe packaging space under the surr ron battery cover forced the designer to modify these nuts. The nut bodies are whittled down and attached to the top cover using the gland nut. This is instead of...
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    I see a couple of issues. 1. The innards are not designed to survive any water infiltration. The bottom enclosure is water tight. The cells are wrapped in paper. Once wet, the contents have no chance of drying out. 2. The enclosure isn't waterproof. It's assembled with butt joints and...
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    20 cells or the 2 p group of cells located at the bottom of the battery sit at zero volts. The battery was wet enough to allow discharge of the cells at the bottom. Sort of a gentle short circuit, yikes!
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    Here's the two layers of shrink-wrap surrounding the battery Beneath that is a layer of gorilla tape wrapped around the polycarbonate sidewalls
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    I dived into measuring voltages coming out of the balance wires starting withe the unburned connector. I got 4 volts on the first one and the readings were slowly decreasing as I went along, down to 3.6 volts. As the notes show, I got a couple of exactly 0 volts. This made me wonder if it is...
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    These aren't technically related to the water damage but further digging reveals that the 3 wires were spliced incorrectly. Balance wire to p group one was spliced to balance wire p group 5.
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    Waterlogged lite speed lite bee battery

    A friend gave me a damaged battery to fiddle with so I took some pics to show the internals. The history is that the bike was left outside in the elements during a rain storm which resulted in a non responsive condition. The battery was inverted in hopes of draining the water out. The top was...
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    SURRON LB: RESEARCH & DEVELOPEMENT This one is 450mm tall and is 20s10p molicells, looks like the cells are held by snap-together honeycomb I have bigbirds waterlogged litespeed opened up. It was obviously not waterproof/rainproof! I would say avoid any water...
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    Nucular electronics - complete kit for ev!

    My light bee runs great with a 24F and 16S battery. If I go to use a 21S battery, what, beside the voltage settings, should I change in the settings? Do I need to back down regen parameters? What other factors do I need to worry about? I'll likely keep the kW output at the same level, mainly...
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    5 Speed Manual DR650 Conversion with QS138 and BAC8000 (It Rips!)

    I like this alot! I guess the dr650 lends itself to this approach because of its long stroke creating enough room for the motor inside the case. Do you happen to have a measurement of distance between the centers of the motor shaft and the countershaft? I'd like to do a similar project while...
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    Nucular Electronics owner's thread (setup infos, FW updates, links etc.)

    I know the 24f does a lot of things I dont understand. Is there any way to use front wheel speed data to influence rear wheel acceleration or speed? Using the available rear wheel acceleration rate parameter hasnt produced the results i want for wheelspin control.