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    In depth Eco Reco S3 Review

    In all fairness, we're successful in part because our founders are Taiwanese and Chinese, and they are able to effectively navigate and control the supply chain, as well as interface with the team in China. It's an enormous advantage that cannot be overstated. That said, because we're a US...
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    Can I still push an e-skateboard?

    The electric skateboards that exist are typically pretty push-able from what I've seen, but I'd wait for someone who has more experience to attest to that rather than taking my word for it. I'm just in the industry... can't ride a board to save my life. Standing scooters are another story, for...
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    In depth Eco Reco S3 Review

    I love the review (biased as I am) - thank you for posting it. Always nice when my Google Alerts send me something to brighten my day. Edit: I wanted to mention because you were talking about brake sensitivity, that we have a bunch of videos on our Youtube channel related to various...