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  1. oldpiper

    Doc, you still looking for good 8-gauge wire?

    I haven't been around for a while (that's what a job'll do to you), but the last time I was, Doctorbass was looking for some 8-gauge silicone-covered wire (the good flexible stuff). Well, I don't know if he's still here (couldn't find his footprints in a quick perusal of the forums), but if he...
  2. oldpiper

    What will The Future look like?

    Artificial Intelligence? That's the last thing we (or any other civilization) need. There's an article in JIR (Journal of Irreproducible Results, unfortunately no longer published) that addressed this concept, although rather obliquely. To paraphrase and shorten, it went something like this...
  3. oldpiper cree bike light max voltage ?

    Well, the important spec on the LED (Cree XM-L T6) is that it will take 3A maximum There are a few really cheap ( < $5 ) adjustable voltage output DC-DC converters on which...
  4. oldpiper

    CO2 400ppm

    dnmun, did you actually read what I wrote? " unless [word enlarged to be noticed here] we want to revert to an unindustrialized lifestyle (I need my air conditioning!), we need to be maximizing efficiency in the way we harness and use energy, not just maximizing short-term profit, or find a way...
  5. oldpiper

    CO2 400ppm

    Yes, there is controversy, even among scientists about whether (1) we are undergoing global warming (GW) or not, and (2) if so, we are a contributor to it. Fine, let those who want to argue, argue. But there seems to be general agreement that GW probably will screw up our environment...
  6. oldpiper

    Two 100 hour tests confirm heat production of e-cat

    Sorry, Dauntless, I read "Doomsday" and my mind slips quickly to one day Apocalypses (Apocalypsi?), Bruce Willis, What's-his-name Goldberg, Mel Gibson, the physicists at CERN creating the earth-swallowing black hole, and possibly the most devastating disaster of all, Teletubbies. The only thing...
  7. oldpiper

    Viable 10,000 cycle, 1000C supercapacitor? 18yr girl has it

    Well, maybe it's in press somewhere, do you know it's not? Cameron
  8. oldpiper

    Two 100 hour tests confirm heat production of e-cat

    I originally put this in Dauntless' thread he refers to in the Alternate Energy forum, but am moving it up here because I think it will get read by more of us: Re: Fire Ice, Your CleanBurningDoomsayAbundantEnergyoftheFuture (concerning methane hydrate on the seafloor) Methane hydrate (methane...
  9. oldpiper

    New thermoelectric cooler invention hits the market.

    Thanks, Leslie, I might be able to use this (although not in my electric bike), much better than a plain old Peltier, as you say. Only wish I could get it bigger, like a cm^2 or two. Cameron
  10. oldpiper

    Two 100 hour tests confirm heat production of e-cat

    ' Oh, ye of little faith,it HAS to be True! After all, they won't let just anybody write a blog on the Internet, of all places! Cameron
  11. oldpiper

    Electric bike extra speed (battery)

    Just make sure you don't do both "for good measure" - connect the pos terminal of the new battery to the neg terminal of the existing chain and the neg of the new battery to the pos of the existing chain, or else that bike is going to go vertical (while the batteries go vertical, horizontal, and...
  12. oldpiper

    Anyone else accidently/stupidly shorting their connectors?

    bowlofsalad, if you want the flexible stranded wire, hit the hobby shops which sell RC stuff, they should have at least red and black in 14, 12, and 10 gauge. It's the same stuff you can get from at least one online supplier (I got a couple of meters red and black on eBay at auction for about...
  13. oldpiper

    DIY cheap fly/mosquito trap

    Actually the best bait should be a sweaty rag and a little CO2 generator. There is something in human sweat that attracts mosquitoes by itself, but no one has yet found out what (sweat is really a pretty complicated liquid) - no, it's not salt. A couple of years ago, the Rockefeller Foundation...
  14. oldpiper

    Fertilizer Explosion

    The biggest possible problem I see there (but this is all speculation, I have not seen a map of the plant) was that apparently a source of nitrate (may not even be ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate is also used as a fertilizer) was close to the anhydrous ammonia storage tank(s) (IIRC, the...
  15. oldpiper

    Your Job/Occupation/Career?

    I am an analytical chemist by training (Ph.D., 1980, U.Ga.) and trade. After working with "energetic materials" in a USAF lab, I taught at the college level for 26 years. Got burned out with that (the students seemed to come in less prepared every single year - I really would get depressed when...
  16. oldpiper

    A123 vs. Turnigy (LiPo) vs. Zippy (LiFePo4) vs. you name it

    hillyterrain, I did not want to imply that SPC only sells locally, they are out there on the internet. My experience is just that they have quality batteries at good prices. BTW, I have no financial interest in this firm, I'm just a satisfied customer. Cameron
  17. oldpiper

    Paralleling different capacity cells

    The original poster was specifically talking about a pack which had cells which were "worn out, some more than others." In this case, you aren't talking about a good situation, just adding a good 5Ah battery in parallel with a good 2Ah battery to get 7Ah, but cells which supposedly started out...
  18. oldpiper

    Paralleling different capacity cells

    It may work occasionally in a real pinch, but it is not a good idea if it can be avoided. Unfortunately, the strong cells don't effectively pull up the weak ones, but the weak ones quickly pull down the strong ones (that's why on alkaline flashlight batteries there is a warning not to mix them...
  19. oldpiper

    A123 vs. Turnigy (LiPo) vs. Zippy (LiFePo4) vs. you name it

    hillyterrain, I don't know where you are, but I moved to Pittsburgh a year ago and it's pretty hilly here. If you want to go the RC-Lipo route (like Turnigy and Zippy), there's a good supplier up the road towards Erie, PA, Spec Point Concepts ( He (Tom) has good product and...
  20. oldpiper

    No 100% electric bikes?

    AND (sometimes most importantly) to fool the Lycras into thinking that you are *really in shape* as you pass them by, going uphill, pedaling almost effortlessly. Cameron
  21. oldpiper

    Dow-Kokam (NMC) vs. A123 (LiFePo4) comparative analysis...

    Haven't been following this thread closely, but I'll put in my 2c about brass. For high current applications like we're talking about (higher than normal house wiring), I would stay away. Most brass has about 3X the resistance of copper, due to the zinc in it, which means you'll get more...
  22. oldpiper

    We need to make a million ebikes here in the USA !!!!

    Sorry for quoting myself, but I just read in yesterday's issue of Talanta, a major chemistry journal, that some significant progress has been made on the first problem: purifying rare-earth metals, with "ionic liquids." The link sends you to the TOC of the current issue, the article is available...
  23. oldpiper

    We need to make a million ebikes here in the USA !!!!

    OK, I will go on record saying that when I win the lottery, I will use that to do whatever I can to help the cause of producing AFFORDABLE, QUALITY e-transportation vehicles in the USA. Until then, I still have to work full-time at my day job. Notice, I didn't say that I'd start an ebike...
  24. oldpiper

    Newby advice

    One thing you need to remember is that the power-to-speed relationship goes approximately as the cube of speed ( P = X*(speed)^3 ) because you aren't just pushing yourself along, you're also battling wind resistance, so it'll take you 8 times as much power to go 30 mph as it will to go 15 mph...
  25. oldpiper

    The E-Vox, A new ebike desing with belt for people 50+

    Looks pretty good, but the press release doesn't really say it's just for "50+" (if it were, I would take major offense), but also for Yuppies, in other words, a commuter bike. That works for me (except for snow and/or black ice). It's got "lithium" batteries, I'd guess LiFePO4 for use by the...