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  1. travaglione

    Shamrock, 25 foot sailboat electric conversion with an ebike hub motor

    Like the idea that this conversion show the world the power of ebike technology. Oil based transportation is on the way out. Unbelievable weight saving. Will airplanes be next. Ebikes are fun.
  2. travaglione

    Looking to build a bike

    I have been ride my e-bike for about a year now. I love using it. It gets me on my bike more often. I like not buying as much gas. I like the exercise i get . I like the hub motor because as i age and with deep snow and ice in the winter i would like to build a tadpole trike and just...
  3. travaglione

    TDCM bottom bracket pedal sensor installation

    Attached is the video.
  4. travaglione

    TDCM bottom bracket pedal sensor installation

    I’m struggling with understanding the installation of the TDCM bottom bracket petal sensor installation. I studied the instructions and videos from both Grin Teck and TCDM motor and endless sphere. To me, it seems like the crucial point is the alignment and orientation of the bottom bracket in...
  5. travaglione

    Adding pictures?

    i want this bike to work learning how to add pictures went to upload attachments