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  1. fesanand

    How many cycles from Hobby King lipo?

    Recovering an old thread to share my experience: This week, and after 2 years since purchase, started to show a drastic sag when used below 3.80v per cell. Now HOC (4.20v per cell) won't reach max speed(40mph). And below 3.80v per cell won't reach 18mph I made 400 to 450 cycles, using...
  2. fesanand

    Question about electromagnetic fields and health

    Thanks for the replies. I don't do MRI transfers, and I'm far from MRI scan. But good to know. Thanks Bob K to share your experience. EM field discarded as hazard, I'm thinking to go for silent cob led though, regarding the converter noise in the helmet could be quite annoying.
  3. fesanand

    Question about electromagnetic fields and health

    Just wondering why manufacturers would put a thin plate all around the circuits of the AC to DC laptop power supplies. And if there's any relation with electromagnetic fields.
  4. fesanand

    Question about electromagnetic fields and health

    Maybe I'm too influenced about what I see in my job working in Neuro ICU, probably you don't know anyone with a brain tumour, but I see that everyweek. True that doctors will never tell you that a electromagnetic field caused your tumour, because they still don't know what causes them. Is just...
  5. fesanand

    Question about electromagnetic fields and health

    I'm planning to build a helmet with e.l. light panel, including a tiny battery and the DC to 120v AC 1.2khz converter, this last one is also tiny and is going to be located in the lower helmet edge so close to my neck and relatively close to my skull. I'm wondering if that kind of converters...
  6. fesanand

    How do I compare / calculate range between 2 packs?

    You have to calculate your consumption in wh/mile, which is 36v*0.6A= 21.6wh/m Your pack is 561wh divided by 21.6wh/m results in 26miles your're right. Now, if you ride in the same conditions (avg speed and acceleration) with your friends battery, your consumption should be barely the same...
  7. fesanand

    Warning: EBike battery in flames!

    Just curious, how long was burning with that intensity shown in the first picture?
  8. fesanand

    ABS on E-Bike? (Anti-Block-System for braking)

    That's the point. Emergency straight braking in a dry condition can be trained and I sometimes do at the cost of tyre wear. It's like a game "let's see if I can brake to full stop before a virtual point" But emergency breaking in curve or any breaking in wet conditions... I don't see anyone...
  9. fesanand

    ABS on E-Bike? (Anti-Block-System for braking)

    There's an obvious advantage having the ABS on wet conditions. LGAuvLP-vxA A pity they didn't try braking in the middle of curve on dry conditions. .
  10. fesanand

    Im not going to bother with a BMS

    I've been riding lipos for one year and I have NEVER balanced them. The day I "over dicharged" below 3.5v per cell, after a non balance charging, the cells were completely aligned between 4.18v and 4.20v. That is using HK Imax B6, on the other hand if I use HK GT A-6-10 200W the voltages are...
  11. fesanand

    Strong and cheap battery box and mounting

    Really nice one. You could post to the homemade battery thread which is becoming a boxpedia due to gathering multiple different ideas and solutions. :wink:
  12. fesanand

    What does your bike weigh and what is your overall setup?

    I guess that weight is without battery :?: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 28kg (61lbs) including battery, the "small" saddle bag with 222Wh (3x 5s 4000mah 1.8kg) for a short commute. Average 20wh/km...
  13. fesanand

    Whats the most stealthiest yet powerful motor

    Not long ago I picked up interest on this motor, but asking conhis customer service they told me that NON-load speed is 27kmh (17mph) for 36v version and 30kmh (19mph) for 48v version, which I find paranormally slow... anyone has got experience with them?
  14. fesanand

    Axle won't sit deep into drop outs

    In my case I've used 3 frames so far (2 specialized and 1 btwin) and in all cases I had to grind down the dropouts with a file, specially the bottom part of the drop out to make a flatter bottom part 'U'.
  15. fesanand

    Lipos are dying on me!

    What about the wind? I do the same ride everyday (go and return) and on windy conditions consumption climbs about 20%. Is estrange how wind affects always negatively, considering you have both headwind and afterwards tailwind helping in the return. :?: On really windy days, 30% extra consumption.
  16. fesanand

    Acid lead to Li-Ion

    Again I can't find if the controller was inside the detachable battery module or is mounted in the bike frame. Controllers are quite cheap, but adapting a controller to this bike could be difficult if you don't have basic electrical skills. Is the first thing to find out, some pictures of the...
  17. fesanand

    Implications of stepping down the motor size (?)

    My current motor is a big gearless 243mm diameter hub motor. (580rpm 64km/h @ 60v @ 26inch ) I'd like to get something gearLESS, stealthier and lighter without losing performance. I wouldn't care to lose some top speed as I never run. Considering that I change the wires for a larger gauge...
  18. fesanand

    Acid lead to Li-Ion

    Hi, I can't find the Watt used to run that vacuum, but those batteries should be powerful enough to move in terms of amps. You can always give a try. But even if you strip those two Karcher batteries and compose a 36v one, you're still on 3.3ah(if new), LVC could cut off power before you...
  19. fesanand

    Buzzer low or medium pitch (?)

    Despite works incredibly well I can't use the typical moped horn(6-7cm diameter) for a new stealthy build (road bike). I don't want those pre-made electric bicycle horns, IMO they sound ridiculous with its high pitch sound :oops: I need something really small, 4cm (1.6")diameter or less. Does...
  20. fesanand

    Fully waterproof an E bike

    My case is a bit peculiar, my two last bikes could resist a hard rain for 30 minutes or so, as long as I park it under cover (let's say the typical covered street bike parking) to drain the excess of water, is fine in a daily commute. The problem is the fine wet mist (horizontal if windy)...
  21. fesanand

    Talks Started on ISO World Standard for E-Bikes

    Sometimes I feel so ashamed to live in the Europe so influenced by tax hunger, lobbies & company benefits. :oops: And so many around me still feel that Europe is the grandmother looking after the little puppies :shock: :shock: :shock:
  22. fesanand

    Hall Hidden Brake Sensor used as Throttle (?)

    I have in mind an stealthy new bike. I was wondering if anyone knows this sensor and if I can use it as a throttle. The idea is to use road bike "drop bar shift lever cable" attached to this sensor and connect it to the throttle connector. So that way, moving the shift lever sideways, instead of...
  23. fesanand

    Your Creation's Before & After Pics

    Decathlon (or B´twin) 500s Upgraded with: Front Shimano hydraulic brakes, 60T chainring, air shock , double crown forks, saddle, variable angle stem and DMR MOTO 26x2.40 tyres. Generic rear DD hub motor, approx 45A modded controller, 15s1p 4000Mah lipo battery inside saddle bag. Battery is...
  24. fesanand

    Just did 35mph for 30 miles... I love my batteries :)

    ....and he did with this pack: (?)