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    End of the World. Beginning of a new one. The Life of Amberwolf.

    Sincerest condolences for your tragic loss. Such a terrible thing to happen. Please PM me your paypal details if we can help in any way. My wife just burst into tears when I told her - Her favorite pic was of dog in carrier. Our thoughts are with you.
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    ADVICE - Puncture proof/Slick fast tyres ?

    Grab that LIPO - Fair price (I got me 1 x 6 pack of the above at US$ 4 above your quoted rate) DAMN Cost me US$ 52.00 a brick (6s1p x 6) late last year and got slayed at the import / tax duties. Could have bought a full 350cc GAS guzzler scooter for the price of the LIPO, no FROCKING motor or...
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    Cannondale Hool-E-gan......

    Drool !! - :shock: (O.T. - Matt, any further developments on DaVinci, V4 for BB drive setup?)
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    What did you cook today??

    Ok - So it's cooked and more than half is in my tummy -Thanks Bamboo, that Cumin trick is magic! (That combined with the cinnamon and pimento is fantastic). I went a little shy on the Cocoa powder, (just grated 4 blocks of 80% dark chocolate and a heaped teaspoon of Nescafe Dark Instant roast)...
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    What did you cook today??

    Hi Al, you got a moment to supply the recipe? That really looks great. Some carrots, rosemary in their as well - Hell yeah, just looks divine. "Pork cut" used ? Busy trying this one - Smells fabulous in the Slow Cooker. (Management [aka. WIFE {washing, ironing, food, etc}) is away on...
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    Mushymelon's Strong build

    Man! that's well done. I see you have a bunch of those neat BC168 unit's (A.K.A. Hyena's super awesome isolated high current balance charger - thanks Jay 8) . What PSU's are you running? - Cheers
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    Olympic Mechanical Doper Kills Girlfriend

    WTF? - I need to get out of this place - Just F'n CRAZY - Rape and Murder capital of the world - Now our sport "stars" also lose the plot. Hey but don't worry - Welcome to Sunny South Africa, where you have a great chance of getting murdered, raped or killed on the road. BTW - don't forget...
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    Water cooling controller and BMS

    Hi agniusm Very neat - - Got any numbers on the CFM/flowrate? - I did a couple of water block coolers on a bunch of AMD kit a while back - some of our gamer's went full out with processor, north-south bridge and GPU integrated coolers. Did some serious overclocking and some way out mods, one...
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    Bike #2: How many Headways can a Greyborg hold. Video added!

    Hi Patrick Congrats on the BORG! - Yeah that certainly qualifies you for the FASTEST E-BIKE in Africa. I'm still puttering around on my dismal 250w (36v 10Ah 2c) - :oops: How's the Kona doing? Drop us a line if you have a mo - Would love to see the BORG Beast with my own eyes. Safe riding...
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    Lipo configuration is this adequate

    Nice deal on the package. I took this one a couple of weeks back - Still waiting on delivery, (Gonna cry on the delivery/TAX charge). But you gotta go LIPO!
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    Lipo configuration is this adequate

    Hi mushymelon Damn. As per your diagram - (You say 24s,3p) Maybe that's what messes with my head in coupling these LIPO packs. Why do I see your diagram as -18s4p? (I assume as per the diagram - [3 x 6 Cell Pack (Paralell) = (22.2v) 15 Ah] x 4 Series = 88.8 v Nom, 15 Ah Yeah - send me back...
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    E.S. Quotable Quotes ! Mikal - "i know i have a beer around here somewhere,excuse me."
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    custom cromoly DH FS Frame

    Hi sigimem Would you mind sharing your CAD drawings? (DWG,DXF, SKP ?) I really like the frame setup. (John in Cr's comment - Remember your bike will be somewhere between a bicycle and motorcycle, so build it stronger than a bike with as wide at the pivot as possible. In the interest of going...
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    Help on Hooking up new controller

    Fantastic, (Keep on FROCKING!), That's great news ! Use the KISS principle. PLUG and PLAY! My apologies, I just took a quick assumption that you received a kit with mismatched wiring/components. I F**ed up my basic E-BIKE setup in a small ICE altercation. I then decided to buy a few SOLID set...
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    Help on Hooking up new controller

    Hi xlzeo Definitely reference the post above. Download and print the spreadsheet/PDF. NOW we take things slow and SYSTEMATICALLY (No shortcuts, no distractions, no RUSH, etc). This is how I got myself up and running again (very quickly after having to replace my controller after a "little...
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    E.S. Quotable Quotes !

    EMF - There has never been a murder in Canada. - They were all "hunting accidents". LOL
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    E-Bike does Laundry ?!?

    Everyday man, everyday, I am very fortunate to be married to an amazing Lady, together now for 18 years (Married 12). Still get a cup'a tea in bed every morning and "one in each eye" from the un-shouldered, boulder holders - :). The craziest thing of all - The WIFE got me started in the...
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    E-Bike does Laundry ?!?

    WTF? -It's been pissing with rain and I've had to "ICE" it to work the last two days - :( This is what I get home to - :shock: :?: :D You serious? And the Bra's too? Aw - Not the battery as well. Hey - Where's my CA gone! Ah that's a relief. Geez - Just no respect I...
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    Cyclone Motor Mid-Drive Guide for IDIOTS Needed!

    Oops - This is the start of an idea - Not all reduction to be on one side as the pic suggests.
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    Cyclone Motor Mid-Drive Guide for IDIOTS Needed!

    Hi Folks - (I'm sure this is going to open me up for another ID10T hiding - :? ). Anyway here goes. The infamous 1500w Cyclone 7t (No Gearbox BLDC motor) - Keeping the post short - Will discuss build details in another thread. I am looking for the dimensions of this unit please - ie. As the...
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    GNG, 1000W 48V BB-drive, $400

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    E.S. Quotable Quotes !

    And the newbies at their feet - Nod in Obeisance - NUMMMM - NUMMMMM - NUUMMMM!!!
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    A little bit of testing - and advice needed

    Hi Patrick Cheers mate! Your VID made my day. - You just smoked that TAXI! LOL! (No offence to other readers, but these TAXIS (And we have a an illegal term for them) are just death on wheels on our roads - STEER CLEAR - They are just a law unto themselves). That's a neat setup you got there...
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    A little bit of testing - and advice needed

    Just got back in. (All Ok) Whew! - A little bit chilly out there at this latitude, 26 degrees south for this time of year and add a certain chill factor - Brrrr - Cup of coffee with a shot of Dr. KlipDrift seems to help. Dogman, John in CR, appreciate the assistance - I was very upset about...
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    A little bit of testing - and advice needed

    Hi Dogman -OMGosh - :shock: Time does fleet by when MADNESS (work) is in control - :P Just a quick word of thanks and update. Had a bit of a setback when this unfortunate incedent happened - (This is an email I sent to the supplier of my newbee introduction to this E-Bike addiction). Hi...