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  1. izeman

    Strange behaviour of BMS cell voltages

    Thanks. Will double check. Ordered a new BMS anyway, as the one I use is rated for 40A only, and I pull 50A for a longer period, and it has 0.6A balance capability. Will be able to tell in a few hours i some connection is loose.
  2. izeman

    Strange behaviour of BMS cell voltages

    Didn't think of that. But sure. Could be, still the balance wires measure voltage at the terminals and see absolutely no voltage drop if current goes through the power wires. I attached a picture of the setup.
  3. izeman

    Strange behaviour of BMS cell voltages

    I got one of those xiexiang Bluetooth BMS connected to a 16s solar battery (connected to a photovoltaic system) And for one cell it's cell voltage monitor shows super strange values. Under load the voltage goes down massively, and while charging it goes up. Would be totally fine, but measuring...
  4. izeman

    Street-Legal BBSHD (in '250w' australia)

    There is absolutely NO need to reply just to subscribe to a thread.
  5. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    Somehow true. Sure, fully charged cells loose voltage quicker. But I have 6 cells to compare. 5 broken ones, and 1 known good one. And that one holds voltage very well, whereas the bad ones have lost A LOT of voltage already. So the result is easier to see as discharges happens quicker.
  6. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    I will do with the know bad cells I already removed from the pack the last time. They show different grades of self discharge. Some are down by almost 0.15V after 3 days. They now have been discharged to 2.8V. Will monitor for some more days, then do a discharge to 2.5V and see if this makes any...
  7. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    Yes maybe just install an active balancer. Discharge is pretty low, so no big deal at the moment. But high enough that the small balancer can not handle it. But another questions that seems unanswered, or I didn't ask it that clear: Would you just replace the broken cells in the pack? Or would...
  8. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    I had less than 50 cycles for sure. The pack was built in Feb 2018 though, and showed first signs of self discharge exactly 2 years after built.
  9. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    Thanks for the long reply. I was expecting some answer like yours. So self discharge is not healable, and may/will sooner or later happen to all the cells as they are all from the same batch. Keeping the pack fully charged all the time is a "work around" at best, but no real solution. If you...
  10. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    And still after reading all(?) threads about the self discharging 30Q cells, I'm pretty unsure how "desulfating" of the cells is done?! Discharge until they stay at 2.50V and then charge to 4.20V and see if something changed? I will now charge some of the removed self-dischargers to 4.20V and...
  11. izeman

    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    @eMark: As I'm also suffering from a 2016' 30Q (136) pack (15s10p = 2 packs 15s5p) self discharging battery, which I'm trying to "repair", I'd like to ask some questions: Tbh your last post has too much info for me to follow ;) I examined my pack, looking for p-packs that suffered higher...
  12. izeman

    (Beginner) Long-term battery quality: EM3EV, Grin, EBike.CA, Luna

    I copy that EM3EV is a great source to buy batteries from. No experience with the others mentioned. BUT, and this is a big BUT: The battery can always be only as good as the cells used. Even though/when the seller uses GENUINE BRAND cells, the cells themselves can be "better or worse". Why do I...
  13. izeman

    Kelly KLS-S: Troubleshooting

    Of course this is a lie. If THEY can program it, I can do it as well. But how to receive the firmware and instructions?
  14. izeman

    Any way to WELD to Aluminium tabs of LiPo cells?

    Thanks amberwolf. I've already read those two threads. I know chances are like zero, but i was hoping that in the mean time (since I last tried some years ago) someone invented some crazy new stuff ;) It's a shame. My 150 cell 15s10p build made of 30Q cells SUCKS badly after 4 years. It hasn't...
  15. izeman

    Any way to WELD to Aluminium tabs of LiPo cells?

    Is there a way to properly weld nickel tabs to the aluminium tabs of these LiPos cells? I tried soldering them with different special alumnium flux, but it never lasted very long. Is a spot welder capable of this? Afaik the nickel tabs are welded with ultrasonic welder, which obviously I don't have.
  16. izeman

    Hub motor Full throttle Issue Cogging/Torque

    If your battery can only deliver 100A for two controllers, that leaves 50A per controller. That is what you set your maximum battery current for each controller. Phase current can be set higher. This needs a little calculation, because afaik you set your battery & phase current as percentage of...
  17. izeman

    Lebowski's motor controller IC, schematic & setup, new v2.A1

    My PC crashed while flashing the firmware. Now I can't access the controller anymore. Lebowski told me that the firmware code was released. And I remember I saw this somewhere. I bought a PICKIT3 for programming the MCU. Is there any documentation where to find the files and how to flash it...
  18. izeman

    Kelly KLS-S: Troubleshooting

    I just re-read the 2015 thread about the kelly kls controller where about 50% of the posts where made by me :) Time flies by ... And reading that I remembered about email conversation with Fany at that time, claiming that there was NO firmware update feature. Firmware is only flashed by Kelly...
  19. izeman

    Kelly KLS-S: Troubleshooting

    Does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade KLS firmware? Mine seems pretty outdated as it's 01040001 and I see 01100011 here in the pictures of 2020. I don't have all those options that you guys are talking about when trying to sort out the very same issues I have.
  20. izeman

    Eaton APR48-3G 1.8kW Light Compact Charger PSU Unfortunately I speak no Russian, and Google Translate is not the best with technical terms it seems. So at least for me, it's a bit confusing and unclear.
  21. izeman

    Eaton APR48-3G 1.8kW Light Compact Charger PSU

    Has anyone done the current mod from Russian forum by now? I need current adjustable on the fly with a potentiometer and want to make sure that I install it correctly :)
  22. izeman

    Neumotor 8057/75 middrive project, belt drive, adding halls, 10kW+

    He would have turned 33 on July-21st. So he was 32 when passed away :(
  23. izeman

    madin88 has left us ... forever :(

    For those to whom it may concern: Many members here for sure know user madin88, a long time member of the forum, and a friend of mine, that I encountered here on the forum. We become, let's say buddies, as friends it maybe too close, but we had a chat now and then, and I met him in person...
  24. izeman

    Can these chargers be modded?

    Bought this from Aliexpress under the impression that it would be some Kingpan style charger. It MAY be, but it looks completely different in the inside. For sure some resistors are responsible for current and voltage adjustment, and I may find out which one to change. I need CURRENT adjusted...
  25. izeman

    Battery build N.E.S.E. 14s 8p Best cell

    LG HG2 - 3Ah 20A