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  1. AussieJester


    Gday AW Thankyou for taking the time to type out all that information i shall catch up with three ole boy Thursday and let him know.. Will let you know if it helped him out matey Regards KiM
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    Gday people i'm hoping someone Miles? Fetcher? Anyone can help work a question i have been asked so...I was up my local Mens Shed and one of the old boys is building a permant magnet altinator from scratch to use on a 'micro hydro' setup and had a question he was unable to find an answer for :-...
  3. AussieJester

    Lightweight ME4201 Offroad Build

    Thats one hell of a build mate hugely impressive! Definitely grab a MX seat perhaps something from 50cc size bike Honda cr50 for example. KiM
  4. AussieJester

    Moderators deleting forum content?

    Well suits me for now Chris if i ever get serious about electric ill be back here for sure... KiM
  5. AussieJester

    Moderators deleting forum content?

    Been staying in touch via Endless Sphere Facebook page... Going well no new ebikes...have a car now... I do have a new electric 'toy' its a Segway wheelchair...good for offroad at farm and down the beach.... KiM
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    Moderators deleting forum content?

    Morph was hysterical.... there was a time i thought it was actually Luke (Liveforphysics) He just vanished ... Reid was a little weird then there was the one and only "Safe" I true ::cough:^ pioneer of ebikes... hehe KiM
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    What kind of bike goes over this type of terrain?

    Drifting my Quad is heaps fun, i spends a heap of time in a gravel pit jumping and and getting sideways, gets the heart going ...then come night, on go the spotlights two rifles and a shot gun.. can pile a dozen or more rabbits on the back even kangaroos fit on rear rack, don't think i could do...
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    What kind of bike goes over this type of terrain?

    My partner s father has 3500acres i visit every other weekend to go shooting iHave purchased a ATV to use there as a shooting platform if iHad the $$ i would electrify it suffices to say, it's unboggable on all terrain...and has mega room for batteries ... Forget two wheels 4 are very handy on a...
  9. AussieJester

    Electrikhana 2014! March 8th, RAC Driving Centre

    Aussiejesters bike is covered in dust with dead batteries and a blown motor rusting away in the corner of my garage... Really need to break it down and part it out... Will definitely swing by for a look as im 3 mins away from RAC test track
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    Dog-Walking E-Bike

    Like too see someone attempt to walk either of my AMSTAFFs using a bike when there's other dogs around lol.. Best of luck... Kim
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    Basman style cruiser with Mac and A123 20ah "FINISHED"

    Looks great Matt, it's that using my bender or your new one? KiM
  12. AussieJester

    What other forums or projects keep you busy?

    I enjoy heading to my partner's fathers 3500acre farm as often as i can (every other weekend weather dependant) There i like to hoon about on my 250cc quad bike chasing rabbits and roos to shoot for eating. just in case we have any 'greenies' about ALL meat is used nothing wasted... We only...
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    Motorbike Motor

    Electric v gas search for toolman2 video... Following your motor build with interest best of luck KiM
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    What's the best cordless Lawn Mower?

    We have the ryobi 36v cordless mower, works brilliantly.. KiM
  15. AussieJester

    Formula E championship starts today!

    Regarding the lack of noise, there was talk about this after the Australian F1 race, the promotors/organizers in OZ were pissed at the lack of noise with this year's cars, as they have gone to turbo charged engines they make allot less noise than previous years, they argued they signed up for...
  16. AussieJester

    lithium fire on Fiji. Airline plane

    Am/have Rodney, got my second rifle yesterday as a matter of fact Howa.243.. I have also bought a 250cc quad bike I been out in the Bush on with two of my close motox riding buddies, that's more fun than any e-bike I have had however, I do intend in the future to resume with electrics in some...
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    Finally, Hanging with the big boys cromo/kelly/30s

    Kelly is the controller, they're great use them myself would never go back to infineon.. KiM
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    lithium fire on Fiji. Airline plane

    Thought this might be of interest, posted on Perth Now'' "Meanwhile, in another ATSB report released today, smoke billowing from the cargo hold of a Fiji Airways plane prior to takeoff prompted a Mayday call at Melbourne Airport on April 26. Aerodrome rescue and firefighting service and...
  19. AussieJester

    18 year old Perth man fighting for life...

    @Rodney. Was definitely not petrol engine mate, they showed the crushed bike, was "girls" style low bar frame, I also saw the 200watt sized rear frock motor in the news footage. @Luke. Maybe so, I feel a he'll of allot safer in my Ute now than on the roads on a ebike, in fact I'm selling all...
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    18 year old Perth man fighting for life...

    Just watching the local nightly news, breaking news 18 year old knocked off his motorised bike by a truck, in RPH fighting for his life, the footage showed what appeared to be a foldable style electric frock motor bike... Hopefully this doesn't initiate a crack down for local ebikers KiM
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    New toy - Sachs MadAss 125cc

    Hyena bought a badass recently I believe he plans to frock it up and load it with lithium...? KiM
  22. AussieJester

    Descendence bikes open-source electric bike frame

    Only one question..your making this for purely off road? Why are you intending using a hub motor? KiM
  23. AussieJester

    28,000 watt Motoped with 3kwh of nano-tech

    Beautiful work as always Matt... Would like to see it with smaller diameter wheels though, just didn't look quite right with Large OD wheels imho... 're: Travis Pastrana... He would demolish this in a few jumps no doubt about it...not before back flipping it though.. perhaps jumping out of a...
  24. AussieJester

    electric quad bike

    Strongly advise you buy more Lipo, imho another 4 minimum should be wired in... Great work none the less, looking to do adult size quad myself! KiM
  25. AussieJester

    From infineon to kelly - comparison?

    Kelly controllers Shit all over infineons imho. The throttle control with a Kelly is something you can only dream about with the infineons... KiM