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    Trek x caliber 8, Bafang ultra/M620

    Before this I had built a couple of 250W eBikes, but I allways wanted to build something with a litle more "umph" but still with a factory look to the bike. Though of using the BBSHD, but I didn't really like how it hangs underneath the frame, so I decided to get the Bafang Ultra/M620 instead...
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    Well I do read every post, so at least you got one follower :) Does the controller come with this guard for connections? Seems like it will get destroyed pretty fast from stone/gravel?
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    68Kw/140Nm DCFC capable street motorcycle prototype

    Looks like a cool project! If you tend to use aluminum bars as connection betwwen cells you can't use a spotwelder, you have to a use ultrasonic welding machine and bond-wire. I also think it would be better to col/heat the modules on either positive or negativ terminal, that's usually the part...
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    Have you got the motor running with the Sevcon controller yet? I'm really anxious to see this thing running :D Great job so far!
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    It's nice to get some use out of that big printer :) I just loved the color of the middle section, black with sparkles of gold lol.
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    It's 500A peak in battery current, 36kW (72*500), and 360A continious (24.5kW). I've worked a bit with one supplier here in Sweden who sell these to the Cake bikes, and they are very happy with them. I have no idea what the relation between phase amps and battery amps are, all I know is that...
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    Have you checked out Silixcon inverters? 36kW in peak with the size of a 1l milk carton =)
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    I can probably help you with a 3D printed model. Vart i Sverige befinner du dig?
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    Suzuki GSX-R e899 K2

    Hi Andre (nice name btw) What's your current spec on motor and controller?
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    Cell configuration help 14S10P

    Nominal around 15-20A with peaks of up to 50A.
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    Cell configuration help 14S10P

    Any sugestions? :)
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    Cell configuration help 14S10P

    Hi! I'm not quiet sure how to arrange the cells to get the best parallell/serial connection on a pack I'm building. Which one of theese two configurations would work best? (never mind all the white/black lines :P
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    Common pack design mistakes, how to avoid?

    I had an ide of building a pack like this, any comments? The 8P should be more like 20P. I was think about using Brass as the bus bar, as it seems impossible to spot weld nickel to copper..
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    QS 3000w midmotor

    Has anyone tried this motor with the Silixcon SL controller? I wonder how much you could get out of it with this controller..