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    1986 Daelim Trac "Hawk" moped conversion

    Nice work! I like your 3D-printed box and the aquarium aesthetic. I hope it lives a long life!
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    Cycle life tests of High Energy density cylindrical cells

    I did quite a bit of reading about this in the past, and cannot quickly find the most helpful sources. Some of those threads were here on ES, so it might be worth a search. Previously, I'd read that the top 10% and 10% are about equally as damaging. Thus, I keep my batteries between 90% and 10%...
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    72v 5000w calibike hub motor and or 72v calibike battery sell or trade

    Not everyone fills out their location information in their profile, but @LaneFace918 did, and his location is available with every post. (Sand Springs, OK).
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    A123 ANR26650M1B Spot Welding

    Moving these welds on top of the cell terminal is an easy way to prevent burn-throughs. Indeed, it is easy to burn through when you are trying to affix nickel to nickel with nothing behind it. If your battery is going to power a low-current operation, power sharing/flow considerations that...
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    1986 Daelim Trac "Hawk" moped conversion

    Love the sawmill look — it’s all coming along nicely!
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    Help identifying throttle on this lsw820 controller

    Yahoo! Glad you got that up and working. That was excellent information, @TommyCat, thanks for sharing!
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    Tabless design cylindrical cells tests

    I'm just absolutely floored that you can rip 100A out of a 21700-size cell in the first place. It's additionally surprising to me that the cells held up as well as they did (even for a single cycle!) in your 12.5C tests. Time and again, Pajda, you find new and creative ways to put your tools...
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    Help identifying throttle on this lsw820 controller

    Most throttles operate on +5V. This won’t get you all the way there, but you could power on the controller and then probe red plus black with your multi meter and see if you can rule out any plugs.
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    Controller wiring

    At this point, I can only grope around in the dark with my recommendations. It was cool that you opened up the old throttle to look at the layout, but it doesn’t seem to have added much clarity to this troubleshooting — at least for me, anyway. It’s easiest to replace like with like - a four...
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    Can you just convert a 48v battery to a 52v battery by adding one more cell pack ?

    I think, nubi, that you need to pump the pause button for a moment and pick up the reading glasses. Once you learn more about parallel and series connections // battery building in general, you will answer your own question about where the new cells can go. I am not trying to withhold or be...
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    jonescg's NEW electric racebike BUILD thread!

    Some of us are still trying to figure out how to mount our Schwalbe Marathons with the tread pointed forward, and JonesCG is out here doing the most. Well done — I’m consistently impressed with your work and am grateful that you bring us along!
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    Can you just convert a 48v battery to a 52v battery by adding one more cell pack ?

    To answer very simply: Yes. Yes, you can add 6 more cells of very similar capability to increase the voltage of your battery. You can add these cells to either the positive or the negative end of the battery, and nudge the discharge leads down a row (onto your new cells). For example, the +14...
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    2kw e-bike build

    Others are giving good advice about electronics and mechanical parts. I just want to reflect back that your current build does 66kph/41mph on a new battery, and that you'd like to go faster. It's certainly possible to get everything truckin' down the road more quickly -- but if it were me on...
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    A123 ANR26650M1B Spot Welding

    Yes, the thick tabs can be difficult to remove. Similarly, tool packs often have what seem to be .2 or .3mm tabs, and it's hard to remove from cells. If you've been pulling holes in cells when tearing out the old tabs, I'd stop trying to tear the old tabs off. Welding nickel strips on top of...
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    1986 Daelim Trac "Hawk" moped conversion

    Word! Of course, I didn't expect that you have this beefy testing station set up at your home. I now understand and respect why reusing 18650 makes sense for you! Really nice job with running some of your tools directly on DC power. Question about your large backs of second-life 18650 for...
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    Suspension seat

    One previously discussed option for pedals that convert to pegs: Video of Pedals that switch to foot pegs But I guess that if you're hunting for a $5 brand-new saddle, you're also not in the market for some $360 cranks. I'm a cheapie about lots of things and I love prowling the used parts...
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    1986 Daelim Trac "Hawk" moped conversion

    Great work so far! Following along. On the battery front, I personally wouldn't be reclaiming 18650 cells to build up a new pack. Two years ago, I built an ebike for my partner and wanted to get her going with a decent enough bike and save (her) a few bucks where I could. So I stripped down...
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    Custom Sport Scooter Project

    A well-traveled EV is the coolest kind of EV in my book. Congrats on making it through 6 years / 27,000 miles!
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    Samsung 40T3 vs Samsung 30T vs Molicel P42A Comparison

    Thanks for sharing the results of your tests! Assuming all these cells were new, or near new, I think your results mostly echo Pajda's. In his cycle testing, the new P42A outperformed the new 40T3, but the two cells were more closely matched as they aged, and the 40T3 delivered more mAh by the...
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    What kind of batteries and mount/connectors are these?

    It seems to me that the names “silverfish”, dolphin, shark, whale, hailong, etc are just whimsically created by manufacturers. They don’t, in my understanding, actually imply a particular size, capacity, or connector. And they all relate to a boxy, modular battery that slides into a receiving...
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    My new eBike shop: Structuring, building, and pricing. Reflections and criticisms please.

    Best of luck to you, always. If you wind up taking on that power pak, please document the rebuild! From what I read, those can be tricky and your experiences will be an asset to others.
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    Bike keeps shutting off on my commute home, Help? Full Specs Here.

    Sounds like you are well on your way to the first step in troubleshooting your own problem. Your controller was getting HOT, and the replacement may or may not solve your problem. Hopefully it does! Keep an eye on battery and motor temps as you push more current through your system. They’re...
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    A million + miles in an EV..

    Kelly blue book offers that the 2014 Model S got between 210-265 miles per charge, rather than 350+. Hard to say whether his subsequent batteries had more kWh packed inside, but the math on the original range estimates lead us toward 1300+ full battery cycles, or 1700 battery cycles at 80% DoD...
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    E-Brake operating backwards

    Sounds like your Sabvoton is utilizing electronic braking rather than regen braking, but something is scrambled. Regen saps power from the wheel and uses the battery as a load or repository for that energy, slowing the wheel parasitically. The bike slows and the battery is charged a bit...
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    sw900 monitor not showing battery charge

    That’s the fastest problem solving I’ve seen all week. Congrats to Michael T and E-HP!