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  1. jdege

    Electric liveaboard catamaran project

    I have a 37' ketch with only an eight foot beam. It had originally had two 5hp gas engines driving two props, but someone had replaced them with a single 27hp diesel. Given that the diesel needed replacement I decided to mount a pair of 9.9hp electric outboards. They were only four feet apart...
  2. jdege

    Bayliner Conversion

    I had long thought about putting electric propulsion on my sailboat. It was designed to have two 5hp gas engines each driving a separate prop. A prior owner replaced them with a single 27hp diesel driving a single offset prop. The diesel is in bad shape, and with just one prop it doesn't steer...
  3. jdege

    PROPELLERKING.COM - The Store For Propeller Lovers

    This is the electric watercraft forum... I was looking at the props on the website. Nothing about connectivity. Are efoil propshafts standardized?