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    Custom Pedal Assist Controller... Update from last year!

    That's such exemplary work, the firmware too, thanks for sharing. :bigthumb:
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    Dual batteries in parallel (different capacities)

    OP didn't mention a BMS for the smaller pack, that would leave it vulnerable to damage. To recap, there's no easy way to control the current sharing whether connected directly in parallel or using diodes, or with BMSs if they simply cut off at excessive current. So both batteries have to...
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    What kind of safety measures do you take when building battery at home?

    You've not absorbed #3. I've listed one below and there are others. OP: I get a bit confused when everything is diagonal Me, I enjoy watching cycling, but even in a senior race I'd put myself and others at risk. We all have limitations, I can see it can be risky and that I don't have the...
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    What kind of safety measures do you take when building battery at home?

    No, it's when a builder begins who hasn't learnt enough. You're trying hard but you're repeating your questions several times and you're not absorbing answers. We enjoy pushing boundaries and we all wish for you to succeed but unfortunately someone has to say this very clearly :( Battery...
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    High performance & durability Cannondale Semi Recumbent

    Some 'bents I cannot ride but... have you actually tried a Streetmachine with USS? It's stable to around 50mph and my wobble speed is well under 2mph, it's good in sidewinds, on cobbles, gravel and fist-sized stony tracks. What evils await me? The Greenmachine is another, it's pitched as a...
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    EVE C40 40135 cells?

    On a basic comparison these EVE C40 look very good value. Compared to 2kWh of tabbed Molicel P42A they'd take up roughly 50% more space and an extra 2.5kg, at only half the price. With low discharge rate and high capacity they look ideal for a VM, unless you paid over 100 Euro / kg saved for a...
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    SWB Optima Orca Recumbent

    Hey lowrider13, how's it been going, got any updates?
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    What kind of safety measures do you take when building battery at home?

    Bear in mind that the chemical energy in a cell is very roughly ten times the capacity and doesn't need air to burn. While you're assembling the groups a 14s6p pack will have about 750Wh x 10 to burn off in a few minutes, that's a 75kW untamable blaze if you're unlucky. Now count the posts...
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    Single stage RC left hand drive

    Hi alpaca123 Nice calcs :) My junk pile tells me it's wise to finish version N of the them before cutting metal. My build's quite different as I wanted a 'bicycle' weight at European speeds and my bike was 30+ lbs before electrics. Anyway, main roads here are up to 12% so it worked better to...
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    SWB Optima Orca Recumbent

    Looks cool with the 20" and good to know it works well. Stability might creep up on you, I began at 4.5mph and am below 2mph now, again on 20/26". Definitely ride some more before splashing on a TS BB. They can be more effort to commute with than a throttle, and with a CA3 and brake sensor...
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    SWB Optima Orca Recumbent

    Hi how's your ride turning out - is the bike well suited and does it have any foibles? What are your controls, throttle etc, and are they ideal? Cheers.
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    HONDA FIT GP5 Batteries.

    That's the way to build a good bike, but for now you can just ask whether car_weight x car_range x 1/3 (= pack used) x 1/2 (= capacity remaining) >> bike_laden_weight x 50Km So, very probably a big Yes.
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    Shengyi SX1 motor stops after 5 seconds when riding but the motor runs ok when I hold the wheel off the ground

    > Faults [0]; instantaneous phase over current. > Also now when I hold the bike up the front wheel makes a rubbing sound off and on. I'd take a close look for motor cable damage as a short could cause excessive phase current. Any cable movement could make a short intermittent so I'd check axle...
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    Need advice on improving this lacing arrangement

    I laced my Shengyi much the same way as yours but using spoke head washers and I don't get clicking. With a mix of steel spokes and alu hub I'd be reluctant to just live with the noise if it doesn't settle soon. Cool bike BTW.
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    Electrifying an HP StreetMachine

    If you don't mind needing the motor on those short steeper climbs 7 gears may be enough, so with a rear wheel IGH motor fitting a triple chainring could be optional. For a lighter build I'm looking at either mid-drive or the rear XD two speed hub motor which has low drag, weighs 7 lbs and...