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  1. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    I have a query in to the owner about moisture as I'm trying to get bike going for her, I'll post back what she says and I may just open it up anyway as we both suspect this
  2. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    I have an issue that I haven't found an answer reading here. 52v TSDZ2, system does not power on with power switch on VLCD5 display or remote handlebar switch, but if I unplug battery and reconnect it comes on without switch and runs fine, then after power off with switch it will not come back...
  3. Marin

    Fat Bike vs (Hardtail)-MTB

    I have a fat bike no front suspension that I love to ride but my full sus is so nice. I just had to find a frame to allow a decent battery. I 15 ah in it and both bike sre bbshd. I even have sus seat post on both for triple sus on the f/s, its riding on a cloud.
  4. Marin

    How to connect BBSHD to an external controller?

    Can someone tell me the form factor or model or whatever of the white connector shown here? I believe they are the hall wires. I was able to buy a used controller cheap to experiment with, but that connector was not included, just the 6 wires. Is it maybe the same as a 5S balancing connector...
  5. Marin

    Will the cold winter Shorten the life?

    I’d run the new one too, you’ll enjoy some extra power and you seem to know how you should take care of it well.
  6. Marin

    29" e-bike for commuting - rear hub motor or TSDZ2 ?

    I like the tsdz2 system and I have 3 going at the moment. If you like to pedal go with the torque sensing you will be happier with it. I don’t mind to work on them a bit and its not hard, greasing or replacing parts. Some attention to using a stronger chain and smooth shifting makes a nice ride...
  7. Marin

    Bigger tire in front?

    I have been running those tires for a while and really like them
  8. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    I’m running a 120mm kit on a 100mm fatbike, its really a nice machine.
  9. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    Yes and without issues
  10. Marin

    Lock-ring to fit tsdz2

    Have you tried the vendor where you bought it? If that doesn't work member eyebicycle may be able to help, or the bafang bbs ones fit also, lots of vendors for those
  11. Marin

    Removing covers from MP5? Bunch of resistance/no click.

    On a magic pie v you can remove and replace the controller without removing the covers, it comes off from the brake side
  12. Marin

    TSDZ2 vs Bafang BBSO2

    You got it pretty right, bafang is a scooter, tsdz2 is still a bike with help. I have both, now I prefer tsdz2 cause I need to pedal for exercise but lots of hills locally for old legs.
  13. Marin

    SOS! Anyone in toronto have extra nickel strip?

    I’m in bc but have some 25mmx1.5 strip pm if interested
  14. Marin

    Xtracycle cargo bike conversion questions

    you should read the post by mr scoot on the tsdz2 thread you may get excited about it again,
  15. Marin

    Xtracycle cargo bike conversion questions

    Everyone has there opinions on the different types of setup. I’ve had 2 front hubs and ditched them both pretty fast as being unsafe for where I ride. Maybe they are fine on pavemant only but any gravel and the front wheel spins out. I have a mix of road types in my area so no way am I spinning...
  16. Marin

    Xtracycle cargo bike conversion questions

    I guess I’m lucky enough to have a bbshd that has throttle in level 0, I pretty much just pedal and use thumb throttle as required. The pas is if you want to ghost peddle and cruise along under motor power. Doesn’t sound like how you ride. Kinda hard to keep thumb off throttle for me too much...
  17. Marin

    Xtracycle cargo bike conversion questions

    TSDZ2 is a good motor but you will need to be careful in your stiuation stessing the motor while starting with a load. One of the drive gears is plastic and acts a bit as a sacrificial part. It will strip before something else goes so you should have a spare. Swapping it out is not to hard. You...
  18. Marin

    Xtracycle cargo bike conversion questions

    You have chosen a pretty good setup for what you want to do but battery size is alwsys an issue. BBSHD will both carry weight and ride in hilly country as long as you use appropriate gears. You need to travel quite slow to be able to contribute much pedaling, like less than 20 mph. Chainring...
  19. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    It looks like the plastic cover over the big gear may not be seated properly, you would need to remove the chainring to seat it properly.
  20. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    That looks like a good idea I think I'll pester you for a sample, On the full suspension set up I have been using the bafang BB nut set up as I have a torque wrench and socket to fit them, no more dinky doo bendy wrench issues
  21. Marin

    Custom battery build for downhill bike (need work double checked)

    why is the battery shape so different in your 2 versions? It seems like its for the same bike. I have found that the custom shaped battery enclosure is the most complicated part of a build because it needs to fit and be secured well and you need to make the battery to fit inside of it. Even...
  22. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    My post on Apr 19 2018 has a few photos of the kit and and installing the adapter, you need a tap to thread your motor to accept the adapter, my kit came with tap, My adapter is a 120mm that I installed on a 100mm bottom bracket, extra spacers required for this. So far running well with the...
  23. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    I purchased a conversion kit from member antipaa, you could pm him and ask where he bought it. Pictures a month or two back in the thread.
  24. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    On the sensor see the arrow on the top in your photo, line up the magnet with that. The gap in the case lets moisture out, what it is covering is an empty chamber no wires or controller in there.
  25. Marin

    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    Yes I’d like to know what is involved to set up KT- LCD3