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    Wheel building help [first time building]

    Appreciate the suggestions! So i`m re-thinking my build. Found these wheelsets that are in my price range. I tried searching for 32h spokes version but can´t seem to find anything in the 3-500€ price range for a set. Anything specific I should look out for...
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    Wheel building help [first time building]

    Ouh okay a bit grumpy today huh? :LOL: Qulbix themself sell pedal option with their 140 model wich is even bigger then the 76. Anyway lets say pedals is up to 25kmh and whenever I want to go faster I have the throttle option. Call it a motorcycle if it makes you feel any better. Thanks for...
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    Wheel building help [first time building]

    I bought an abandoned e bike project and now I need some advice how I should go on building this bike. Worth mentioning is that my bike knowledge is very limited, but I have access to a nice work shop where I can manufacture whatever I need basically I want to build a mid-drive e bike with both...
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    E-S LMX 64 Bike Owners

    Hello! I need some info on the lmx 64 motor. I bought one second hand and all I know it´s a lmx 64 motor 1200w 60v engraved. Lmx webpage doesn´t say much. How many poles? Max motor amp / phase amps? etc. Thanks