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    Yose power throttle issue

    How do i access the settings? Thanks!
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    Yose power throttle issue

    Has anybody had a problem when fitting a throttle to a yose power kit? I have identified positive, ground and signal (red black white) but when operating the throttle all it does is send the temperature readout on the display round in circles! Tried various combinations of wiring and various...
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    Any bms repairers in the uk?

    I have a Raleigh stow e way battery with a faulty bms, does anybody in the uk repair these? I run an ebike battery repair shop but this one is beyond me sadly! Its causing cells to go out of balance whilst sat overnight, nothing wrong with cells its a rebuilt battery with new cells and the...
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    Raleigh stow e way bms issues

    Sadly I don't have a spare the same or I'd just swap it, the bike won't power up with a bench supply so it must want to see something else from the battery, probably can bus im guessing. All cells were exactly the same when built, nothing wrong there. The bms shut down charging and currently...
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    Raleigh stow e way bms issues

    No the battery charged for around 30 mins, turned on the bike for about 5 mins. Never rode it just turned on to test. The battery came to me with cells out of balance so I replaced them with cells all at 3.45v, it charged to around 3.75v but now the first S is 3.64, 2nd S is 3.83, 3rd and 4th...
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    Raleigh stow e way bms issues

    Has anyone repaired the bms in a Raleigh stow e way battery? Its not a typical diy style buy off ebay type. Battery had out of balance cells, rebuilt with new LG cells as per original, battery worked for few seconds then shut off, cells started to go out of balance and after 2 days the first 4...
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    Ant bms apps headache!

    I have an ant bms 20s 80a and struggling with the Bluetooth connectivity, I have tried 2 different phones and 3 different apps on each, including vbms. Bms is powered on and will allow charging/balancing, phones both recognise the Bluetooth and the bms appears in the device lists on each app...
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    Votol em150/2 newbie help!

    Hey all, I'm new and this is my first post! I have a votol em150/2 controller, qs138 v3 motor, dkd screen kit i bought off eBay and after hours of head scratching because the looms supplied didn't match up and the seller wouldn't help, I got it all wired up correctly! The motor won't turn...