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    ITC3 - Balance-controlled skateboard project

    Very interesting project ! Hand held power control is (for me) the last obstacle to remove before Eskate development. I am looking forward for the ergonomic results (how it feels under the feet vs balance)... Good luck!
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    Powered Mobility walker

    Thanks (I thought that it was a smaller diameter wheel). Does it conveniently follow the pace of the walker?
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    Powered Mobility walker

    Nice rig! Your hubmotor seems nice (is it a geared motor? what is the wheel diameter?)
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    Is grass a drag?

    40" wheelbase is similar to my flexscoots so it should be ok. However, it depends upon the height of your seat, ie fully seated position or semi-seated position, as the second takes less space and is also more stable.
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    Is grass a drag?

    except if the grass is very deep, you should be fine with 10"wheels (large part of the drag of grass comes from the softness of the grass roots where smaller wheels (like 8" mtb wheels) "punctures" and causes drag )... If you plan to ride it in seated position, that mean that your weight will...
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    Safety issue

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    Powered Mobility walker

    I am looking forward for the picture of your will be easier to advice about battery or motor design Sorry to pollute your threads... I just wanted to apologize in case of misunderstanding... and understand the reasons of my ban from the forum
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    Powered Mobility walker

    Yes, I agree that existing mobility scooters are more of a problem than a solution. However, I don't know how strongly you expressed your feelings but it caused all my posts since 4 years to be erased from forum... quite tough for a too short post
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    Powered Mobility walker

    I want to apologize to you as my last post (now erased) about our senior/disabled scooter has been considered as spam... my post probably lacked about details and explanations as it was a bit late here in Europe when I posted it .... but we are truly working on innovative scooter for...
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    hoverboard wheels for scooter

    Happy to see how to turn the hoverboard frenzy into something usefull. There are already plenty used hoverboards on sales for cheap price that can be used for a 2wd power kit...
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    Custom 2 wheeled electric caster board

    Thnaks for sharing all this great work ! I hope you got a good mark.
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    Custom 2 wheeled electric caster board

    nice video of the steering system! What's the minimum turning radius?
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    Jack Electric Scooter on Kickstarter.

    Thanks for the feed-back . A typical example of Web agency/graphic designer products/project.
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    hubmotor pros/cons

    I try to follow the technical discussion with interest.... and I still have a question : will hubmotors (direct drive) be more adapted to larger diameter motors and wheels (like mountainboard wheels) than for skate wheels
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    Best Way to Enclose Electronic Components?

    Do you take special care (foam,...) to protect battery and/or electronic from vibrations/shocks (which are stronger on our hard wheels/non suspended boards)? If yes, no problem regarding heating (foams a re good thermal isolators") ?
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    Steam board (hub motor)

    only $7 collected in 4 days for what seems to be a clean/cheap (too cheap?) product... If it's not a scam, I have to admit that I have sometimes difficulties to understand the crowdfunding rationales...
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    Shark wheels

    using non-slick wheels definitely makes sense for wet conditions or to clear small gravel. Shape and depth of the thread is another question regarding wear and traction in both directions. Contrary to a skater's legend, reducing the contact patch doesn't necessary reduce the grip.
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    WalkCar - non-leaning platform with 4 wheels

    Beside all high tech consideration, I am a bit dubious about the real life efficiency of such small wheels....
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    UCarver - tilting 3 wheel scooter

    3 wheelers (should) rule...
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    8" Hub motors that fit on MB (MBS) truck axle?

    Do you think that the diameter of the hubmotor can be increased enough to use a motor with higher/normal KV (better ratio between wheel and motor diameter.... in line with skate hubmotor)?
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    Superfast Skate (Groundsurf)

    Just few words about my experience with the Groundsurf myth as very few actually witnessed it: I met the groundsurf crew in a surfrider fundation expo near Biarritz around 2007 and saw the 3 wheels proto in their booth (no test ride, only the usual video with Laird). The purpose was to...
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    List of available commercial mini E-Scooters/E-Skateboards

    Agree with Windtrader about the Boxx . May I add a 3rd direction explosion about the simple ability to steer... and after visiting their website, I confess an absolute confusion. This unidentified object deserves a separate post!
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    ElectricMood scooter

    to Sk8norcal : touché... however, I wish I could get the size of hubmotor I need... and we do not target the urban segment but the "suburban" segment (scooter a bit larger and safer)
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    ElectricMood scooter

    Agree 100% for the ideal size However, as their technology is about replacing copper wiring of the stator by printed circuits (see below), maybe there is a limiting factor regarding diameter ... (otherwise, I don't understand why they chose such a large diameter when they want to demonstrate the...
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    ElectricMood scooter

    I agree with you, smaller wheels would have been better for an urban use... I don't know if this choice is dictated by a reason specific to axial flux design... Keep in mind that it is an hubmotor company (specific axial flux techno supposed to be light and cheap) who packaged their product into...