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  1. steveo

    KT motor controllers -- Flexible OpenSource firmware for BMSBattery S/Kunteng KT motor controllers (0.25kW up to 5kW)

    Update 2 Turns out with my particular application dual winding motor requiring two controllers to run, will programming or testing one controller i need to disconnect the second controller. The back emf i believe its called while testing on stand was causing the controller thats not powered up...
  2. steveo

    KT motor controllers -- Flexible OpenSource firmware for BMSBattery S/Kunteng KT motor controllers (0.25kW up to 5kW)

    I discovered I wired pins to the st link v2 incorrectly. Not sure how I managed to do it, I confused which side the pins where on. Luckly everything still works. I managed to get one controller working correctly on one set of phase wires and halls with low power settings. Working on getting the...
  3. steveo

    KT motor controllers -- Flexible OpenSource firmware for BMSBattery S/Kunteng KT motor controllers (0.25kW up to 5kW)

    Hi All, I am working on getting my two KT controllers working with the "Hubmonster" motor. The motor has dual phase windings & dual sets of hall sensors. Two controllers to run it properly. I can get the motor to spin in the right direction at low rpm smoothly however once it gets to a certain...
  4. steveo

    DC to Dc converter 130-90v input ~ 12-14v output

    I typically like using a ac to DC laptop adaptor as a per say an alternator on a ebike build, however this is for a ev conversion, and I'm on a time crunch to find one asap. Is there any wall wart or laptop power supplies that anyone can recommend? And I can order on Amazon prime for next day...
  5. steveo

    Parrallel battery modules safe way of doing...

    Thank you for the help, this is exactly what I had in mind for setup. I will do my best to update everyone on progress. -Steveo
  6. steveo

    Parrallel battery modules safe way of doing...

    I don't think you understand the question, or know who your replying to. But the way I put it, if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all.
  7. steveo

    Parrallel battery modules safe way of doing...

    Hi Everyone, I have a small project I hope to complete over the next little while. It is retro fitting a smart car battery into a model A ford. In order to run at a safe voltage that the ev converted ford needs, I must parrallel the 3 x 31s modules found in the 2013 smart car battery. What...
  8. steveo

    Homemade Battery Packs

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if there is a cell matching software available online. I would like to use it to build a high discharge battery for one of my projects using the VTC4 cells. Thanks in Advance -Steveo
  9. steveo

    hub with 6 phase wires

    hubmonster Sent: Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:08 pm From: minde28383 To: steveo Hello Steveo, I got hubmonster but in 12inch rim. Only recently found out why it needs two controllers. It's two 3 phase motors inside; two sets of halls. My thread about it: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=91082 Last two controllers...
  10. steveo

    Whats this fastner called? to 220 ... to 247

    Hey Everyone, I've been losing my mind trying to find these clips to replace some that broke inside a solar controller when removing its pcb for repair. Has anyone seen these or know what they are called? Thanks Steveo
  11. steveo

    (Was) Honda Civic Hybrid goes 100,000 miles with no problems

    love seeing the progress and your experience with the civic hybrid you have. I came so close to buying one.. but i decided not to because it had 300k's and the cvt was making a loud noise when accelerating from a stop. I sold my highly modified honda insight in feb 2016. I've been enjoying my...
  12. steveo

    Post your DRAG RACE ebike run !!

    Thanks for your info John in cr and Doc. I too like a nice high quality video and i've just never made the investment in a top quality camera. Probably the latest gopro would make night and day difference for me. But till then my note 3 or sj1000 chinesiem camera will need to do. I just wanted...
  13. steveo

    Post your DRAG RACE ebike run !!

    Do you guys have any suggestions on a tool or app to use to record drag times/acceleration etc? This is long overdue, i'd like to post some date if i can :mrgreen: -Steveo
  14. steveo

    Building battery from MAKITA Konion PACK

    Thanks for the suggestions! I think i will be going with some 18650 sleeves or shrink wrap over the cells.. then using hot glue to hold everything. I doubt heat will be a issue with a 18p or 20p group of cells.. they will only ever see 20amp peak on a 20p group.. I don't want to use pl...
  15. steveo

    Building battery from MAKITA Konion PACK

    Hey Everyone, I have thought about using 18650 holders to build my battery, however i would prefer to per say "glue" the cells together to build my 2 battery modules due to space limitation. I'm thinking 16 to 20p and each module at 10s. The parallel groups will be in horizontal orientation...
  16. steveo

    18650 battery holders/for assembly

    Hey everyone, Can anyone recommend where to buy them? i just want to make sure they are good quality and strong enough to do the job properly. thank you! -Steveo
  17. steveo

    Sabvoton SVMC072150 controller review, variable regen *PICS*

    I would like to look of the option of hacking the sabvoton for more current/power if possible! I'm very curious how it can be done. anyone willing to possibly donate one for experimentation/hacking possibilities? -Steveo
  18. steveo

    QS motor magnet max temp before demag ?

    How do you think this will compare vs the x5403? 50mm stator.. nice copper fill from what i've seen.. and it come up the 17.71kv version... and around 29lbs! i wonder what the efficiency rating of a x5403 was?.. this seems to be around 90%.. .. i know my hub-monster according to johnincr is up...
  19. steveo

    Nyx frame, 273mm*40m V3 hub, and 650A

    very good info there Doc, well said sir!
  20. steveo

    ULtra Compact 1800W charger + Eltek programming

    How did you vary the voltage? was it sole through programming? thanks
  21. steveo

    Nyx frame, 273mm*40m V3 hub, and 650A

    I don't know the exact technical reason, but motor surpasses 100 degress +/- i start to feel my WOT launches slow down a bit... still fast.. but slower :roll: motor cools down, power is back up for the first couple WOT.. then repeats etc..