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    Sunstone high performance Spot welding machine

    Hello I have a Sunstone high performance spot welder machine CD400DP power supply with WH2125M welding head. 5500 USD (Only about 50H of use). Come with welding adjustment setup and support for efficient weld everytime. Can weld: -Nickel up to 0.02'' thick -Clad copper up to 0.010'' thick...
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    75-7 motor

    Hello, I have one setup if it's usefull : 75-7R Motor (IPM, 2016) and Sevcon size 6 controller
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    75-7 Motor and Sevcon size 6 controller

    Hello I have a pratically new Zero 75-7R IPM motor with Sevcon size 6 controller (5 hours of use). I also have the cabling with domino throttle, Anderson plug and kill switch. Original Zero SR motor and controller with OEM programming. Air cooled (BLDC/PMAC) 48-120V 38 Lb 54 HP Peak (1 min) 40...