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    Refuel 2015 at Laguna Seca on June 26th.

    I've been interested in this event since the first Refuel Event in 2009 when Stevil Knevil prepped his Etek powered Pocketbike and passed inspection. I've watched (YouTube) cool DIY projects like Steve's get out to ride the famous Laguna Seca track and always dreamed some day I'd get a chance...
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    EV Motorcycle Time Trial and Track Day at Laguna Seca

    I've always wanted to go check out these Annual Refuel Events at Laguna Seca but I don't know if it would be any fun just being a spectator. Does anyone know if the spectators are allowed out in the pit areas so we can actually see the vehicles up close? My bro and are thinking about driving...
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    My Lifepo4 dies quickly

    After reading thru the pg.1 of this thread the first thing I thought was "bypass the BMS and see if it can make it a few blocks then remeasure the cells" I know I'll probably get some Thumbs Downs from other ES members for mentioning this but I honestly haven't used a board type of BMS on my...
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    New Build - Micargi Bronco 3.0 Chopper Stretch Beach Cruiser

    Hey I heard you got the Cruiser wired up and running last night. :mrgreen:
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    Hill Climb Event in San Francisco May 14th...

    Havent really been keeping up with boards lately and just recently found out about this Hillclimb event, MAN DOES THIS BRING BACK MEMORIES :D Reminds me of way back when electric scooters were just catching on and my bro and I would participate in the events. Here's a link to a 2004...
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    TORQUEEDO Lithium Manganese battery pack sources

    This battery seemed very interesting until i dug up a price on one of these. Torqeedo Power 26-77 = 3,327.00 euros !!! Doesnt that come out to around $7k? ouch
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    72V 300A brushless controller

    Last I spoke with Todd from EMS was at this years Annual Palo Alto EV event. He mentioned that theyve already tested the Brushless Etek at 60v with a brushless controller made out of China. Said it was very impressive at 60v, no word on 72v yet but that was a few months ago.
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    Newbie - Just Finished building a SideKick

    Some of you old VisforVoltage forum members should remember this PVC gokart. Somebody posted details and pics of this kart way back in the day, I'm surprised Fechter didnt remember (actually totally slipped my mind too until this thread came along). The post on Vis4V included larger photos...
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    Update on 48 volt LiPO4 pack from Zane at Aten Energy (Foxx)

    So what line did you tell the service center to convince them to let you have them for free. Just curious cause I'd like to build an extended pack and might give this approach a go.
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    Do you know the T-rex?

    I first saw one of these months ago in a video posted from a big bike week rally and been thinking of the EV possibilities ever since. The T-Rex in its Big Bike gas version sells for $60-80k so scratch that project. Scale it down to about 1/2 the size and make it a 1-seater, power it with an...
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    Unidentified Velomobile? Electric and moving very fast

    OK back onto the Velomobile. After watching that video of the Velomobile cruising at 45-50mph I dug deeper into cyberspace and read a good amount about the Go-One Velomobiles. Anybody willing to start a new EV project using one these as a donor, heck it's only $8k to start...
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    EV Rally/Event in Palo Alto August 25th!

    Man shows how much I've been around lately, I just found Knoxie's posts on his Latest Rev Puma testing in the "Review and Testing" threads. Great work Knoxie, just by me actually owning a beefed up older revision and reading your early tests at 37v on the new Pumas it wont be long before...
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    EV Rally/Event in Palo Alto August 25th!

    Hey Knoxie, yes the Puma is still doing its thing at 52v. Its been very reliable and for those of you that have expressed concerns about the internal gears might be noisier than the direct drive hub motors, I actually think its a little quieter than my bro's X5. Joystix has sold his 48v Nimh...
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    LiFePO4 and LiMn Pack Photos

    couple of questions, how much? what are their max and continuous Amp discharge rating? how long was the wait for the packs to come in? - Thanks
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    Will this work (A123 packs)?

    I'd personally go for a 50A fuse when using a Crystalyte 35A controller just because I regularly see my DrainBrain showing 40A being drawn from the emoli pack. Both mine and my bro's (Joystix) 35A Crystalyte controller's max out at 40A. I can climb a fairly steep hill at full throttle and the...
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    EV Rally/Event in Palo Alto August 25th!

    Nice to see someone posted their pics, thanks Fechter. I know my bro Joystix took a bunch of pics and video footage at the event hopefully he posts them soon. I was surprised about the attendance drop compared to last year. This was our 3rd year and after the HUGE turnout last year we thought...
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    Help My Scooter is Loosing Its Mojo

    I believe Fechter is using 6 year old Hawker batteries, big difference. Ive used very old Hawker batteries (probably just as old as Fech's) and totally abused them. Let them sit for around a year in a hot garage then found out there was going to be a race in town so started prepping my...
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    EV Rally/Event in Palo Alto August 25th!

    so who from the sphere will be making it out to this event? My brother Joystix, Jondoh and myself plan on attending. Ric and I are considering to make it an all electric trek via lightrail and ebikes. Just checking for a show of hands.
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    Maytag's GT gets a BMC

    gw, sorry for taking so long to answer your question (been on vacation) . Yes I am running the Puma on a wide 26" Doublewall rim with 12ga spokes.
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    Info on my LiMn (Milwaukee V28) pack

    As most of you know I custom built my ebike pack using LiMn cells from Milwaukee powertool V28 packs, happy to say I'm still very impressed by the packs performance. I've just returned from vacation and my ebike hasnt been ridden for nearly a month. Before hanging up the bike I took some pack...
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    Maytag's GT gets a BMC

    I've been too lazy to do anything about the 5-speed cassette and shifter. I basically only use 2 sometimes 3 of the gears (tallest ones). Only when I experienced a controller failure was when I needed to use the rest of the gears. One time when I was climbing up a steep hill in the granny gear...
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    EV Tech had a Lipo incident

    Found out from the TF board that EV Tech (where I purchased my Puma) had a Lipo fire incident and sounds like they lost some TF and Ebike inventory because of it. I'm just passing on the info that I read so it may not be 100% true but it does sound like a typical Lipo fire while on the charger...
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    I'm sure most of you have seen my GT Puma build but I'll post the specs of the custom Emoli pack I built for it since Fechter's asking. Chemistry LiMn Voltage 52v nominal Capacity 9Ah Cost $ 633.00 Ebay (6-Milwaukee V28s + 2-V28 Chargers) Weight About 11lbs Size...
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    EMoli vs. A123 Fepo4

    Havent really paid attention to the Vsag, let me take my rig down from its hangers :lol: and go on a quick spin. I know the pack is about 2/3 full, I'll be back in a few minutes. UPDATE: 54.1v resting (about 2/3 charged) 51.7v @ ~20A