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  1. LuigiDesing

    Electric kart

    In a string of batteries the current is the same for all, and if one cell is out of charge but keep the internal resistance, let pass the current through the series. Usually as soon as reach this cell 0v even inverts its voltage to -Xv figures but only with load, subtracting this volts from the...
  2. LuigiDesing

    3 Sevcon Gen4 Size4 80V PMAC BLDC

    With many hours of work, they are updated with new firmware.
  3. LuigiDesing

    3 Sevcon Gen4 Size4 80V PMAC BLDC

    3 units available of Sevcon Gen4 Size4 80V 350A, suitable for PMAC and BLDC motors, UVW and/or AB encoders. These controllers has been tested OK and comes with factory dcf settings. Price unit: 500€ + shipping Price 3 units: 1400€ + shipping Will be shipping to EU.
  4. LuigiDesing

    Electric kart

    Racing with full power usable (improved cooling) will be more KWh drained I guess, so looks much better to charge in half hour with dual 3Kw charging ports, ;)
  5. LuigiDesing

    Electric kart

    Hi nuxland, How long does you take to charge the batteries? I´m following your progress and I haven´t seen this topic. Nice job! This is the portable charger station I made to charge my ekart.
  6. LuigiDesing

    Kart build

    Hi, how its running your Electric Go kart? share figures, I´m very interested in the progress
  7. LuigiDesing

    how to program a sevcon gen4

    Someone knows wich version of DVT/Drive wizard is up to date? can share PM? :wink:
  8. LuigiDesing

    mounting hall sensors to R/C brushless motors

    Hi everyone, Here is how I fixed the Hall sensor board, those screws attach properly w/o glue the board to the stator, getting easily adjust the sensors if needed.