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    Hub Motor Dynamic Efficiency

    What you really want is a watt-meter that records how much energy your motor controller is using. This way you can log the energy usage do simple math to convert it to watts-hours per mile or kilometer and try different techniques to maximize range. That way you can eliminate the guesswork and...
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    Burning rubber smell on front hub

    Good you caught it. I had a pad that got twisted somehow and caused a blow out while going fast down a hill carrying a bunch of groceries. It worked out ok, but there was no fixing that flat. Sucked having to wait for a ride with a bunch of groceries on the side of the road. Ruined a nice tire.
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    2022? Lightweight Front or Rear Hub Motor for Road Bike to eBike Conversion

    Unless you want a lot of power there isn't anything wrong with a front hub motor. There isn't any real benefit going for a rear motor until you get up past 750-1kw or so. Over 350 watts output you'll probably want a torque arm if one isn't built into the motor. Just to prevent possible damage...
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    E-bike mid-drive motors hardly outperforms hub motors

    LMX is one. Started off in endless-sphere forums, I believe. There is a second one that has a left hand belt drive that I saw in a video, but I can't find it right now. Well yes. That is what I said in my previous post. Slowly crawling up hill isn't a problem with e-MTB. If you have to...
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    Cyclist spits at me and makes a buzzing noise !

    Anybody who loads their bike onto the back of the SUV to go to their favorite "riding spot" is more of a cheater then any ebike rider. Anybody who loads their bike onto the back of a pick up so they and their buddies can ride to the top of a mountain bike trail is much more of a cheater then...
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    Honeycomb solid rubber tyres

    I expect that one of the reasons they like those tires because it's expected to last the lifetime of the bicycle. Were as normal tires need to be replaced periodically. They can just shove the bicycle out into the public and those tires will just last until the bicycle disintegrates. No need...
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    E-bike mid-drive motors hardly outperforms hub motors

    It doesn't matter so much which one produces more heat. The problem is that the heat has no where to go with a geared hub motor. You don't need to have multi-speed transmission to have efficient drive. This has been known by EV designers for almost half a century at this point. Probably...
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    Are footpegs superior if you don't pedal?

    lol. As far as high vs low center of gravity. Imagine you have a stick with a weight on one end. Imagine balancing that upright on one finger, like most kids do. Is it going to be easier to balance when the stick is 3 inches tall or 3 feet tall?
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    Setting up a GMAC for "250W nominal power" ?

    I think so as well. It's a safe choice and a robust small motor. If the electronic freewheel feature of the Gmac is attractive then I suppose you could get the same thing done for the SX2 if you are ordering a bunch of motors. This way you can get your start and see what it's like selling...
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    Myths about tires (part 1)

    I am talking about only slightly above bicycle speeds ~30mph when talking about ebikes made from bicycle parts. Especially in the context of rolling resistance and traction. It doesn't make sense that you'd bring up a 100 pound bike going 60 mph while using safety in the same paragraph. Even...
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    Myths about tires (part 1)

    Generally speaking things like stopping distance and hard corning capabilities is a function of the amount of friction the tires have on the surface. There are complications to simple concepts because of how tires different tires can bend and twist to conform to surfaces... but generally...
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    Myths about tires (part 1)

    One of the big problems is that due to natural human perceptions we interpret high vibrations with 'fast' and low vibrations with 'slow'. So stiff road bikes with rock hard tires are going to tend to "feel" faster. Also there is real advantage in having low-mass wheels when it comes to...
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    Titanium Frame?

    On a technical level Fiberglass can easily be stronger then Carbon fiber composite. Most Fiberglass that gets used is E-glass, which is a inexpensive form originally developed for use in the electronics industry. Higher 'engineering' grades of Fiberglass, like S-glass, is stronger and more...
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    Myths about tires (part 1)

    Well I realize now he was talking specifically about pedicabs, but regardless... I trust the industry and people that actually make a living doing this stuff to pick out the right equipment. Not some Federal bureaucrat dreaming up DOT standards in the 1970's that probably never seen a pedicab...
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    Myths about tires (part 1)

    What passengers? I thought the discussion was about mopeds. Maybe you have _a_ passenger.... And what makes 'dot' so superior? All department of transportation does is set standards for tires. They don't do any approval process or testing or anything like that themselves. I don't think...
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    What ebike or moped laws do you think need to be changed or passed?

    Ebikes and mopeds, by their nature, are exponentially less of a threat to society then a moron in some 400hp SUV or Mustang driver. And the laws and restrictions should reflect that. Minimal threat = minimal laws. It does not make sense to apply 'car thinking' to something like a moped...
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    Enforcing aluminium frame with carbon fibre?

    Sounds like you might be suffering from the sunk cost fallacy. If somebody came to you and said "Hey I have a used full suspension bike with a custom locking mechanism for the battery, but to be perfectly honest the entire thing is probably going to break in half one of these days"... Would...
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    Buck converter to run power tools off ebike "36v" LiFePO4 battery?

    You could break down the old Lifepo4 battery if you are not using it for anything else. I think that a 36v lifepo4 is 11s? If you break it down into a 6s and 4s battery. So you would then have a 19v battery for your tool and a 12v battery you can use for something else. Lots of stuff...
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    Left side drive: what's current?

    It expect really depends on the motor and the controller you are using with these things. Like how many pole pairs, what the erpm limit, the ability of the controller to keep a nice sinewave shape and such things. We are talking about motors with Kv less then 100, which means that they are...
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    Left side drive: what's current?

    That never actually stopped anybody, though. I have zero faith that the hobby RC/eskate/drone numbers they site, continuous/max/otherwise, is anywhere close to reality. I'd like to see somebody try to sue Turnigy because their 170 dollar motor burned out on a ebike after 20 minutes...
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    Alligt & Grin cargobike wheel collaboration

    So whether or not it's designed for moped wheels is the rim bead profile?
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    Left side drive: what's current?

    After looking at RC motors with especially low KV ratings I always wondered what the penalty for this is. Everything has a trade off. Doing the math on the Kv and deriving the rpm/A says that this setup should work. But I don't know if the motor can handle the power required for minutes at a...
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    Fat tires are squirrelly on pavement.

    The tires they sell on these ebikes are going to be the cheapest ones they could possibly find anywhere in mainland china.. I think that most anything vaguely premium would be a improvement.
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    Alligt & Grin cargobike wheel collaboration

    The rims they are showing on their website is sized ETRTO 27-406, which I believe is normal BMX-sized 20 inch bicycle tires. Makes sense for a cargo bicycle. Since they are injected molded fiber reinforced plastic (probably nylon?) I am sure you could go tubeless if you wanted to. No spoke...
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    Suspension Forks, Talk to me

    Personally I have replaced the forks on my mountain bikes with rigid forks. I am not interested in going fast off-road and spend most of my time on paved and dirt roads and paths were they are not necessary at bicycle speeds. The tires are the most important part of the suspension so if you...