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    [Sold] Cyclone Mid Drive kit 36V Truckee CA 96160 $100

    Cleaning out storage. 24-28V motor 36V Controller Chain ring, BB, throttle, pretty much everything except a battery. The Controller and motor were used for mounting only on a project years ago. I hooked it up to a power supply, works fine. Controller is a box 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 2 1/4". In...
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    Cyclone Catrike Commuter

    Pete, Work away. I'm still playing around with the location a little. I notice no flex at all. I cut the channel to profile the tubes on the bike, then filled the gap with foam and epoxy to help spread the load. If I open the throttle and hold the motor it seems rock solid, so I'm pretty happy...
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    Cyclone Catrike Commuter

    Thanks for the feedback, I do run a flag, but its hard to see in the photos - I've been thinking about putting a light on the top so I look like a real dork. I've had no problems to date however, (fingers crossed). Concerning the batteries - the pack setup is 4 cells in parallel, with 8 of these...
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    Cyclone Catrike Commuter

    [Update 6/6/2018] Hello fellow tinkerers, the trike is now for sale - $900 to members of this fine community. details as follows: CL link: Flickr link with pics: Located in...