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    Roman Kostrygin - Sur-Ron 16kw outrunner

    Silly :confused: question but could is possible to rewire the suron with square wire and upgrade the :warn: magnets to n52 :warn: or higher potentially drill and tapping to use hallbach array :bolt: :?:
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    APL's DIY axial-flux motor

    I honestly loving this thread and I have one question which has been egging me what if you added v-shaped or even a hallbach array for radial flux on your existing rotors...if you put the radial magnets between the axial ones you'll should have plenty of torque while also having smoother...
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    QS motor shaft wear

    Ampsprockets has some sprockets specifically designed for various electric motors including qs 138 70h and 90h
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    I was wondering if qs or anyone makes custom shaft for their mid drive motors as to make them stackable... I was thinking of stacking two 138 90h or even the 70h. With the 70h it would be one geared and the one behind non geared. Either one would be pretty cool cause you wouldn't need to gear it...
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    So any info on the actual build instead of saying its too fast 🙄 lol I'm looking to build a range machine but if I want to go off road it would actually be fun I want high top speed and acceleration so which motor be best for the motoped/vortex frame.....
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    I wanna build a motoped(or vector vortex) frame and 19"moto wheels with a qs138 and top out at 90ish will the 138 have enough torque to be fun geared to 90mph/144kph? I really wanna have a bike thats fast for off road and have pedals to ride back home lol...
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    BAC 8000 Troubleshooting

    Just got an asi from a seller on just finished spot welding the pack. Gonna be bench testing myself soon was wondering how you wired this 🤔 😅 I have a wiring harness and what not but I want to use a contactor and preferably key switch. I'm a bit of a noob did a voilamart and...
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    Noob installing kelly controller, whats a precharge circuit?

    Wait so if you have a 2 position switch and 12v contactor you could the first position for precharge and second for activating the contactor?
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    Sur-Ron Battery upgrade

    Anyone have any recommendations as to a contactor and precharge circuit I would like to use the remote start and separate switch for a 12v power supply. I'm a noob here but I did do enough research to know what I'm missing lol. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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    Setting up Asi Bac 8000

    Hello fellow noob here hoping this will pick up traction. Just ordered one for my qs273 build still not to sure what's necessary to get started lol
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    Sur-Ron Battery upgrade

    I cant wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys love the works so far! I swung a PM your way looking forward to your response.... :D
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    Programming APT AE96600 controller (update: NOT recommended, unstable program)

    Well thanks for that huge help man I've been looking for a distributor for asi for a while now I really appreciate the tip! :bigthumb:
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    Programming APT AE96600 controller (update: NOT recommended, unstable program)

    Hey I placed an order on a an apt 96600 for my eeb should I cancel the order I cant find a decent controller anywhere....i have a qs273 40h 3.5t I'm trying to hit 80mph but realistically I'm going to be riding 30-40mph range any suggestions on AVAILABLE and PROGRAMMED controllers for this...
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    PV NextGen FOC 100-180v 36kw max - $799

    Just started my first eeb build and really looking forward to using one of these bad boys! Gonna go with a qs 273 this would totally be rediculous with a 30s pack :bigthumb:
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    Chinese eMoto Upgrade feasible?

    That would be kickass get the ferrofluid and sink from hubsink and the motor from qs or em3ev!
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    System -> Charging -> Outside Interface

    Any update on this I'm currently thinking of using this for an Eeb frame with qs205 20kw powervelocity and some sony cells in a 20s10p config... my dilemma is whether is to A)make 10 20s1p individually bms packs with just 30 amp bluetooth/uart bms' it should handle everything but costly and idk...
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    20kw controller for vortex vector

    The powervelocity 20 kw can handle just over 130v at 200 amps. Small foc control and torque acceleration plus variable regen.
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    Vector bike and frame owners.

    I was looking at the cyclone 18kw for a while until I discovered the vortex frame! I was wondering with this frame kit what's the largest motor that can fit on here? I want to run a 32s pack at 80% for around a voltage of 108v however I do want the capability of using at 100% as well :twisted...
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    Vector Vortex battery box dimensions?

    Omg I'm just finding this beautiful behemoth myself. I had my originally on the cyclone bike but this takes the cake. I want to slap on a 32s lipo pack and run at 80% Anyone get the box dimension?
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    Cyclone 18kw kit that's the 7.5 kw swing arm kit but I'm really looking at the 18 kw model I just really want pedals. Would the 7.5 kw be able to reach 100mph. I'm just confused as to the hub of the 7.5 kit can that be bought because I would just add the 18kw left hand drive just...
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    Cyclone 18kw kit

    The only problem with their swing arm is it doesn't offer pedals :roll: I wanna have an excuse to ride this on the road :twisted: should I just add pedals to their swing arm or use the 18kw kit using the bottom bracket :?:
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    Cyclone 18kw kit

    I was wondering if anyone here dabbled with this little 18kw monster from cyclone. I was wondering if this would pair nicely with a enduro electric bike frame. I'm still new to the using motorcycle rims on a bicycle so if someone can link...
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    Need advise for the Cyclone 4.8 KW coaxial Motor...

    You are the man! I'm pretty comfortable with the electric side but mechanical issues is my main concern. I guess I have to start looking at forums on gearing.
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    Need advise for the Cyclone 4.8 KW coaxial Motor...

    Well if 96v won't work I was thinking of using a 36s lifepo4 or 28s lion pack and restricting it to 80% for cell life that on some 27.5 plus is should be around 60mph what's the high voltage cutoff on the cyclone?