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    Price check: Selling a converted bike

    Yeah $900 seems like a realistic option. Since I listed this ~2 months ago (at $1300) I've gotten some interest but only a single person has checked it out. Perhaps time for a price drop.
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    Price check: Selling a converted bike

    Yeah shipping isn't going to happen. That seems about right price wise. I put it on marketplace last night for $1300 - got a couple hits so far, but no serious interest yet. If anyone on this forum is local (Denver area) and interested, let me know.
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    Price check: Selling a converted bike

    This doesn't get much use anymore so I'm thinking of selling it. BBS02 + 8ah 52v battery with samsung cells. Bike is a 2014 Surly Instigator. Most parts are original but it has a newish tires and a new microshift drivetrain. What's a fair asking price for this? Between the motor, battery and...
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    eMTB - Specialized Enduro with CYC Stealth (aka The e-Duro!)

    Haven't read this forum in a minute but this is one of the best (i.e. most discreet) FS conversions I've seen. Appreciate the price breakdown as well. I guess these weren't available when you started this build, but there are some pretty compelling "light" factory FS e-bikes out now, like the...
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    Used "BBS02" buying advice

    Ending up buying it for $375. Said 3k miles on the display. That might be on the high side but I still consider this a reasonable deal -I paid almost 3x that price for my BBS02 kit. It's a Mongoose, seems to be walmart in origin based on the s/n. The frame itself doesn't seem terrible but the...
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    Used "BBS02" buying advice

    Found a listing for a bike with what's presumably a BB02 ("750 watt bafang mid drive") and a "17.5 ah hail long" battery. Bike itself seems OK, no brand listed but it's at least better than a walmart bike. The guy is asking $950 but it's been listed for 2 months so hopefully I can talk him down...
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    Need to make cardboard template battery fit

    bafangusa direct has a printable template
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    Full suspension bikes compatible with a frame battery

    20xXX Turner Burner. 150/140 travel. $1800 on CL. XL frame pictured but I bet even a M would hold a 8ah battery. v
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    Just more than a bike (low power / low consumption)

    Perhaps it's more obvious from the left side, but that is probably the stealthiest conversion I've seen. As for the original topic, I have a BBS02 that is about 850-900w peak but I ride almost exclusively in the lower PAS levels (<5 out of 9) which means my real world peak output is well under...
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    Rider63's Ebike/emotocross from scratch. QS205-Sabvoton powered

    I wonder if a tubular frame would lighten the weight considerably. the 'illegalbike' posted on here seems to have similar specs as to what you're going for but apparently is nearly 40% lighter than your estimated weight. you could also make a 'modular' battery, i.e. a 20S8P pack that allows you...
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    Considering getting an ebike instead of a car

    I vote car. Or at least get a license so you have the option to rent one. It opens up your immediate geographical circle far more than an ebike or ride sharing can. Wanna go explore something more than, say 10 miles away? Good luck on an ebike as 20 miles is the comfortable range for many of...
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    All Mountain trail Bike build and advice.

    to play devil's advocate, how much of that is due to an overall increase of bike capability (more travel, slacker geo, fatter tires) vs the moderate increase in wheel diameter? I have 2 hardtail mt bikes: 1 with a BBS02 and "26+" wheels (2.75 x 26, effectively 27.5" in diameter), and the other a...
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    bafang mid drive: pedals sometimes spins forward with throttle use, causing peddle assist to kick in. unsafe!?

    you could disable PAS if you want. but you really should be keeping your feet on the pedals at all times.
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    definative answer on battery care?!

    3rd school of thought (and what I do): just charge it fully (or to 90%) when convenient and don't worry about it until the capacity drops low enough to justify a replacement after several years.
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    BBS02 conversion Marin Mount Vision Full Suspension

    Depending how much empty space is in the shark case, you could take a heat gun and mold it to fit around your shock. I saw someone else do that in another build thread. Also, if the battery doesn't fit the 'normal' way, you may need an extension cable as there's <12" of power cable hardwired to...
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    Options for fixing over filed axle dropout?

    I think it's fine as is. Your filing didn't touch the thickest part of the dropout. You could get a round (rat tail) file to smooth out the corners a bit so the stress is perhaps a bit better distributed. But personally I'd be fine the way this looks on a road bike (less so on something that...
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    Let's discuss brakes

    TruckerCo pads are pretty good as well (and cheap).
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    Let's discuss brakes

    what brakes are you running? ceramic or organic pads might quiet it down a bit. also make sure they're clean - use isopropyl to clean the pads and rotors, and you could resurface the pads with some sand paper.
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    1st issue, bbshd turns off randomly

    auto shut off on the display perhaps? I have the 500c display and it will shut off after 9 minutes if I don't touch it. also I think that's the longest stem I've seen on a DH bike :)
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    Recommend heavy duty/semi heavy duty bike stand

    It's far from ideal but if you need a 'hack' you can either hook the front of the seat over a tree branch/board of the appropriate height, or use a strap attached to the seat/top tube area to suspend the rear wheel. If you don't have a garage or a convenient tree, you can add an eye bolt to a...
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    10kW, custom cut aluminum frame, QS205, full suspension

    That seems fair. You'd probably have to pay at least half that just to buy the raw stock.
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    What speed in relation to the no-load will you go

    On my 52v BBS02, max no load speed is ~32 mph whereas loaded max speed is ~26 mph (+- 1).
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    10kW, custom cut aluminum frame, QS205, full suspension

    do you mind if I ask how much those parts cost to get cut out? I guess I skimmed your earlier post too quickly and didn't realize you ordered them from an online service.
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    Want to add rivnut, no space for drill.

    this thing here? Everything else seems to require pre-exisiting watter bottle mounts.
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    Want to add rivnut, no space for drill.

    those work well but that's a ridiculous price. you can get a dewalt one for ~$20 if you find a sale. keep an eye on slickdeals, they pop up fairly often