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    New build - Recycling a great frame

    That build looks great and really powerful. I'm finishing mine soon, it's a dual suspension 3K carbon frame with a MAC-8T, CA V3 and Thun torque sensor all in black as well. I'll upload some photos soon and more specs. I'm waiting for the new batteries, which was thinking 2 Nano tech 8s1p to get...
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    Jamis Dakar XLT 10T MAC 64v

    Hi, I'm from Sydney and I ordered a few days ago my MAC 8T. Will fit it on a 26er carbon MTB with 2 torque arms and 12S. I was a bit concerned as well by the brake clearance and having to place some washers to fit brakes. Anybody could please recommend if fitting 203mm requires less clearance...
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    New Bafang Crank-Drives

    Thanks greenspark. Your post was useful and quite detailed. I used to own a Tonaro mid-drive with a 48V config and I agree with the advantages of the mid-drive. My bike got stolen recently so I'm on the way of building a new one. I really like Bafang's mid-drive, the few things that still hold...
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    New Bafang Crank-Drives

    Hi Kepler, Since you have ridden both Bafang’s mid and geared-hub drives. I’d be interested to know which one would be your favorite and any reasons. I know they are different, and that the mid-drive would provide more torque for steep hills and perhaps is a bit quieter but slightly heavier...
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    New Bafang Crank-Drives

    Has anyone tried the BBS02 with a set of 22.5V Zippy batteries? I've heard the built-in controller only gives you the option of 36V and 48V, but I was wondering what were the low/high voltage cut limits and if they were configurable.