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    Bullitt Cargo - internal 11 sp Alfine rear - front hub motor - 32 mph (for sale) - 92111 zip code

    Yeah, 37 is top I have had it on a straight with a tailwind. 32 when the battery is topped up is the top for about a mile. Otherwise it is good for 25-30 on the regular. Its worked well as a work bike. I was delivering beer in Brooklyn and brought it with me to Socal and just dont need 2...
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    Bullitt Cargo - internal 11 sp Alfine rear - front hub motor - 32 mph (for sale) - 92111 zip code

    Bullitt cargo bike with front hub conversion kit installed. Kit is from HPC and kicks out 3K watts of power off of 60V battery - 37 MPH top speed on full charge, flat road and tailwind. Just serviced, so it is ready to go. Can run off of 48V battery if you dont want the 60V - will drop price...
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    Surly Ice Cream Truck 5kW Crystalyte Hub New No Battery

    I have 2 HPC conversion setups. 1800 is what you would pay for the kit itself.
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    Post the ebike law in your area. Here is Florida

    I honestly dont know the rules for NYC. I just dont ride like a jerk to make the cops want to stop me.
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    Does anyone know how HiPower programs their controllers

    I have one of their conversion kits. The controller is pre-programmed before they send it out to your stated battery voltage. They told me if I was considering a different voltage, I would need to send it back for to have it re-programmed. Great product, their mods move one of my bullitts at...
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    72v battery - looking for the smallest 20ah-30ah out there

    That 30AH is actually a really good weight. Thank you for the link.
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    72v battery - looking for the smallest 20ah-30ah out there

    Can anyone recommend a sub 15 pound 72v20ah-72v30ah battery? Money is not really an object. I need it to fit somewhere specific.
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    Watt output diminished when it rains

    I use the same batteries for both bikes. When I swapped bikes I just moved the battery over. The throttle thing is interesting to consider. 1 is thumb and the other is twist. I might have another thumb or twist sitting around.
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    Watt output diminished when it rains

    It definitely is less power. I know what my rate of acceleration is off the line and I know the numbers that should be there with a fully charged battery. When it starts raining, torque off the line is cut in half - and it is not the front wheel spinning, which is a real danger on a bullitt...
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    Ebike fire

    Saved the seat.
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    Watt output diminished when it rains

    I have 2 ebullits with conversion kits. They are both running Crystalyte hub motors one is a front hub and the other is a rear hub motor. They are both running off the same 2 60v batteries that I swap out in rotation. I use them to deliver beer, so I am carrying a lot of weight through my...
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    For sale: $200, eZee motor, controller, Cycle Analyst, throttle

    I bought his Crystalyte setup. Couldnt be clearer on the product provided exceeding expectations. Had it fired up and running within days of receipt - no issues. CA gives total miles on the motor as 1650. This thing is still a baby in motor terms. Similar stellar pack job. Pillows were...
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    Outdoor Charging Setup

    So, I have been sufficiently moved to be concerned on the possibility of catastrophic failure of a battery when charging. I am moving the setup outside. I am using 60v/28ah and 60v/20ah batteries along with a stack on 48v batteries as backups. So baiscally a whole stack of duraflame nuclear...
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    did you sell this? hit you up in message.
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    Fork ends have started to open.

    The bullitt that I have the 2 torque arms on now has held fine for the last 4 months. No discernible movement or continued spreading of the fork ends - I have been checking the marks on the regular. The axle is not rotating forward, the t-arms are doing their intended job. I would know...
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    Fork ends have started to open.

    I have 2 bullitts. One came with ezee conversion setup with a Grin torque arm - 1500w was the top output and it had no problem using just the 1 torque arm. The other I installed a crystalyte setup running a 60v battery - it spits out 2200watss off the line. For the 2nd I mimicked the setup...
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    Whats your top moment or event while ebiking?

    When I finished the first year I had it and realized it had paid for itself 10 times over. Not to mention the amount of time it kept me out of the car. I have since bought a 2nd one after the first went down for 2 weeks and I realized I had lost nearly 50% of the cost of another one.
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    Sort of scientific - 1 ah = 2 miles [on my rig]

    I never had a screen to capture stats before a few weeks ago when I installed my craigslist Crystalyte 2535 with the included Phaserunner that needs the CA to work - at least I couldnt get it to work without the CA. I decided to jump voltage to 60v from 48v. The torque and speed off the line...
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    Favourite high power hub motor?

    That is what happened to Simon Cowell. He paid for a top of the line bike that he did not realize had crazy acceleration. Broke his back.
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    Phaserunner Android App - Anyone know how to get past this

    Selecting OK does not do anything. Status is still not connected. Using an S22. Might try my old S10 to see if that works.
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    2 Crystalyte wheel builds. One heavily modified.

    Holes drilled in it are for air cooling. I figure it will be good to have this summer here in NYC when working on the bike.
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    Anyone in Brooklyn knowledgeable on GRIN conversion setup - paid gig

    Its worth another 20 bucks to see if this will solve the problem. Ordered and will try to install again.
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    Anyone in Brooklyn knowledgeable on GRIN conversion setup - paid gig

    Might have been a waste of money. Tried to install today, but the motor housing interferes with the brake system. Need to find thinner/low profile brakes . Most likely just 86 the system.
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    Anyone in Brooklyn knowledgeable on GRIN conversion setup - paid gig

    Front wheel is a 20. The clyte is laced as a 20 frint as well. Main reason I grabbed it. Yes, that's the same Amazon setup I am running, but the 20 inch version.
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    Anyone in Brooklyn knowledgeable on GRIN conversion setup - paid gig

    The brand is AW - a basic Amazon conversion setup - the controller is whatever they included. They dont carry another more powerful front hub option in their lineup - nobody does really. It is listed as a 36v, but I upvolted immediately - no issues. Hoping things hit off correctly. If not...