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  1. Xanda2260

    Ryobi 18V lithium battery pinout?

    Thread resurrection! I'm trying to replace my dead ryobi nicd cells with a lipo pack (5s, 2.2ah) and am wondering if there'sany chance of getting my lithium charger to charge it. Anyone know what these two centre contacts actually do? Any way to know if the charger will bulk charge the pack...
  2. Xanda2260

    Anyone has Bafang BPM 500w motor with 29' wheels?

    Could I ask where you bought the CST? And did it come laced I the 29er rim? I'm trying to find somewhere that sells them laced. Cheers
  3. Xanda2260

    Just another awesome commuter e-bike: rear hub BPM, LiPo

    Thanks anyway, I'll have to hunt around. Fabulous work. One more question, is that heatshrunk section near your derailleur your controller? It's tiny!
  4. Xanda2260

    Just another awesome commuter e-bike: rear hub BPM, LiPo

    This is awesome! Exactly what I want to build. May I ask where I can get one of these motors?
  5. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    Oh yeah, my bad. Must stop scan reading. Thank you!
  6. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    I think you just found my problem! I didn't realise the bearings were meant to be such a tight fit to the covers. I popped the cover using the old 'bang the axle on a block of wood' pages trick, the cover popped, the bearing stayed put. I guess that the bearing was jamming as it warmed up, and...
  7. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    Bearing spin fine, no grating or crunching, in fact the motor works great until it warms up, and even then it works fine in low torque situations. I'm totally stumped, and I don't mind admitting, but it certainly seems like the stator is rubbing on the magnets. The fact that it's the edges of...
  8. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    Right guys, I I fiddled with phase connections to no avail. Went for a lovely ride round the block, 6mins in and brraaaaaaaap. It really does sound like metal slipping against metal. So I opened the motor and found this: Looks like the stator and rotor are rubbing! There are similar marks on...
  9. Xanda2260

    the One Box

  10. Xanda2260

    The White Warrior - 40mph+ tadpole trike FINISHED!

    Erm, and probably about £300. Front wheels alone cam to £160 once I paid shipping and import duty...
  11. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    I hear you there! Cheers Alex
  12. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    Thanks guys! Greatly appreciate the help. I've checked for wheel rub etc. but found nothing, wheel runs fine off the ground (and indeed for the first 5-10mins of a ride), and I only get the grinding vibration under large loads. Will inspect phase connections and report back. Cheers! Alex
  13. Xanda2260

    Help please! Horrible rasping sound from 9c

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me out. I have dome several searches to no avail, and would appreciate any assistance, even if it's just a link to decent thread in the subject. Ive been cruising around on my trike (see sig) for a while now, and having a great time. Recently however, it has...
  14. Xanda2260

    Spec'ing UK Batteries

    That looks exactly like I did it. Works great!
  15. Xanda2260

    Google says it spends 0.0003 kWh of energy on a search query

    That's a lot of energy! Given how many searches are carried out these days, google must be burning through a huge amount of juice!
  16. Xanda2260

    Whereswally606's 12v server supply (UK)

    He'll be happy with it! Im only loading mine at 200w but its running 2-3hrs a day. So far not even a hiccup. Fabulous supply. Just need a bigger charger now :D
  17. Xanda2260

    ES Site Maintenance and Upgrades, Oct 22nd - 30th

    Feel free to use any of the pics in the White Warrior thread. Link is in sig :)
  18. Xanda2260

    Toms chunky KMX

    Very nice! Im running my 12fet at 18s and 50A. I see 4kw at launch, so maybe program the juice up a bit?
  19. Xanda2260

    Whereswally606's 12v server supply (UK)

    Running great! Been charging my trike, and my heli daily. Bit of fan noise, but its in the garage so I dont really care! Would defo recommend it.
  20. Xanda2260

    Why such low power? 60v Lipo

    10amps is pitiful. If its not a bad hall/phase combo, I'd defo suspect that.
  21. Xanda2260

    The Best of All Ways to Lengthen our Days...

    I LOVE night riding! My trike has these lights in the spokes of the front wheels, so at speed I look like something out of Tron! Nice and quiet, no one in my way...awesome. Just last night I was out doing doughnuts on the local park. Great fun. Got home and promptly vaporised a balanc connector...
  22. Xanda2260

    Deluxe Lipo Junction Box

    WANT! :D
  23. Xanda2260

    Tablet advice - iPad or Android?

    I'm using an ipad (mk1) to post this, I've had since the beginning (more or less). While the ipad is a nice piece of kit, I would never buy another. Mainly due to itunes, which is the biggest PITA piece of software I have ever used. Gonna get me a nexus 7 shortly, and ditch this piece of crap.
  24. Xanda2260

    New Trike build

    It may be some use on inclines, useless as a parking brake though.
  25. Xanda2260

    Let's talk electrically heated clothing for EV users…

    Was reading this with interest until I did the maths and realised that 20F is -6C! Thats a mild winter for you guys? Jeeesus, the last two winters have been colder than for the last decade and they just touched -8C! The whole country ground to a halt! Thinking electric clothing might not be...