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  1. thundercamel

    StefEbike for my wonderful disabled wife

    Sorry for the absence; raising kids takes up a lot of time :) Right before the winter my brother in law dropped off the PHAT-E bike (CE Moto) I made for him two years prior. It was an experiment at the time to see if he'd like an ebike over the 2-stroke bike he was using to commute to work...
  2. thundercamel

    My econo-e-bike

    I love railroad history. I wonder if there are any abandoned lines around you that you could go railbiking down. All the ones here are either torn up or converted to trails. The trails are at least nice, but most of them are just bits and pieces instead of connecting the entire line that used...
  3. thundercamel

    bluetooth BMS?

    You're testing them with all 21 of the small gauge wires connected to a pack? Some BMS units also need the large battery negative terminal connected as well before they start acting normally.
  4. thundercamel

    Hearing protection while riding

    Good to hear! I need to do this next, along with an experiment I keep forgetting to try. I bought a bag of winds screens for lavalier microphones. Figured I could use the open cell foam as earplugs to some degree.
  5. thundercamel

    Your Creation's Before & After Pics

    Converting your own bike like this is absolutely the most fun, like you said. Enjoy it!
  6. thundercamel

    My econo-e-bike

    I've had the same problem. This is one of the arguments grin has for the gmac motor. Skip to 50 seconds. cnaucA7qVGs
  7. thundercamel

    How to calculate what battery can take from controller?

    Do you know the exact model of cells in there? Different cells are rated to deliver different amounts of current. For 18650 size cells, 3.4 Amp hours per cell falls under the high capacity end of the spectrum, which usually can deliver fewer amps than the high power category. I'd say 30 amp...
  8. thundercamel

    How to pull low spots out of a tire without tire pliers

    For tires I've used: 1. Various cheap tires that came with bikes or motor kits 2. 2x Sunlite K831 Alpha Bite 26x1.95" and 26x2.15" 3. 2x Schwalbe Marathon Cross 700x38c 4. 1x Schwalbe Super Moto-X 20x2.4" 5. 1x Schwalbe Smart Sam 20x2.35" 6. 1x Schwalbe Big Ben 26x2.15" 7. 3x Schwalbe Marathon...
  9. thundercamel

    KTLCD3 Problem

    Does this video get you what you need to know? Also depending on your motor wind (Kv or RPM/volt), your top speed will be back EMF aka voltage limited at some point, regardless of controller settings. B0F6x8V0NZQ
  10. thundercamel

    Regen on a hub motor

    On my ebikeling controller that looks similar to that, I was instructed to connect my EBS pad to ground, and it works! You'll probably have to test on an actual ride down a hill with the battery half full. There's a delay after pulling the brake lever before regen kicks in, and regen isn't...
  11. thundercamel

    Searching for a spare/upgrade controller

    Is that smooth because you're back to sine wave or because it has more power? (or something else)
  12. thundercamel

    Searching for a spare/upgrade controller

    That looks like the same controller that APL uses, but his thread linked here which is a little cheaper.
  13. thundercamel

    E-bike + carbon frame + 52V. 18650 + BMC motor

    I have no experience with these kind of bikes, but what do you think about this? I know you displayed two hub motors, and this is a mid-drive. RvFD0Q909ZY ot8rxRnd2DQ
  14. thundercamel

    My ebike caught on fire.

    I was just going to say, the high voltage is a rare variable to think about, but each pack should have had it's own BMS and neither should have seen the full series voltage. Hopefully both chargers had floating/isolated DC output voltage...
  15. thundercamel

    Louis R fire with UPP

    Yes. A BMS that is user programable, which usually means bluetooth but I also have a USB cable and Windows program for my JBD smart BMS's. Still won't save someone from poor construction techniques, and I will not rely on just the cell heat shrink wrapping to prevent shorts between each series...
  16. thundercamel

    My ebike caught on fire.

    Just to make sure you've heard of Louis Rossmann's UPP fire: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=108518 I think pictured here it looks like there is no electrical insulation between cell groups other than the heat shrink wrappers on each cell. If those adjacent cells rub or...
  17. thundercamel

    Louis R fire with UPP

    I think you can see here it looks like there is no electrical insulation between cell groups other than the heat shrink wrappers on each cell. If those adjacent cells rub or melt through the wrappers, there will be a short circuit.
  18. thundercamel

    Louis R fire with UPP

    Another UPP fire here: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=117662 I will say that I only trust ebike batteries with a smart BMS, so that I can manually verify cell group voltages periodically.
  19. thundercamel

    My econo-e-bike

    Looking good! Tidying up cables on ebikes is a labor of love, isn't it?
  20. thundercamel

    Leaf / leafmotor / leafbike high efficiency 1500w motor

    1. If your motor controller is set to draw 100 amps from the battery, you're going to have much more voltage sag/droop than the 0.02 ohms you entered in the simulator. 2. The range improved by 6 miles because the simulator is assuming that you have a 72 volt nominal (20s) times 22 Amp hour...
  21. thundercamel

    Solar-powered recumbent build

    Welcome! I haven't been brave enough to buy any solar panels yet (for any type of project), but I did get a recumbent a while back!
  22. thundercamel

    Ant BMS not picking up every cell?

    I'd say it looks like normal behavior, and the reading of 6.8 amp hours used is possibly incorrect. The cells do recover a bit of voltage after sitting, which is why the estimated 2% remaining climbed to 12%. You could get some more info by adding one of these power meters to your setup.
  23. thundercamel

    What is 2022's best controller?

    I've never seen a controller combined with a BMS. I will say I only use smart BMS's to be able to monitor the cell group voltages myself.
  24. thundercamel

    Please help diagnose a near meltdown

    My 35 amp ATC fuse did the same thing with a 32 amp controller. I switched to a low profile J-Case fuseholder when space matters, or a Maxi fuse when space does not matter.
  25. thundercamel

    20" vs 26" bike wheel, what's best?

    I am choosing to revive this thread instead of starting a new one. My interests are purely from an electrical efficiency standpoint, since my bike pictured below has both a 26" and 20" wheel anyway. My Lynx recumbent and my friend's bikeE recumbent currently have an identical ebikeling 11.6Kv...