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    APL's V4 Cruiser Build.

    Looks stout
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    Tesla/Dahn Lithium-NMC532/AG chemistry

    Novonix has the patents to produce 532 along with the needed graphite. China has the same but Novonix will be American producer. Dahn is retiring and joining novonix this summer full time
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    Joby going public

    Mitsu Mining is the Toyota SSB play. Making nice soft rollable formable solid electrolyte. Big unknown there is how Toyota is dealing with the toxic gas.
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    Joby going public

    Hahhaha! still sour that you missed the boat on Tesla Glad we tuned you out
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    Joby going public

    I don't normally give investing advice but our friend Joby is going public via RTP and RTP.WS (aka RTP+) You can lose all your money on RTP+ if the merger doesn't happen but (higher risk higher reward) Your downside is ~$10 max on RTP if the merger doesn't happen This is a long term...
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    Farfles Electric Ultralight.

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    Jack Rickard Jr. next level

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    Jack Rickard Jr. next level

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    2018 Torque Arm Tests, Splined Interface Design and Tabbed Washers

    I had excellent results with a sprocket on a bike with high Regen with plain button head bolts and a flat interface, but I always using bearing retainer compound (anaerobic adhesive Must make sure to wipe down surface with acetone and scotch pad. Proper torque is also critical Probably not a...
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    2018 Torque Arm Tests, Splined Interface Design and Tabbed Washers

    I wonder if the flat head taper causes the fastener to stretch and loosen given the back and forth torque creates a wedge lever. You might get away without the second spline with socket heads. Lug nuts on car wheels are tapered but they have much more meat than a flat head screw Look at ur disc...
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    Optimal Hub Motor design? Break down of BionX D-Series

    Ultrasonic xacto knife will open it right up. Honda makes good ones
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    Reflections echo reflexions

    75-10 motor That's in millimeters
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    Reflections echo reflexions

    Or belt drive sprocket pulley with internal drum brake like they had in 1788
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    Reflections echo reflexions

    Or belt drive sprocket pulley with internal drum brake like they had in 1788
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    Tesla acquires maxwell - why Luke?

    Big waste ah money Dry electrode tech is already on its way to China via ex Maxwell co inventor Linda Zhong An inventor with 38 released US patents, made Maxwell world #1 Ultracapacitor technology company by the famous dry electrode method. Entrepreneur @EnerTrode Inc • Employee Apr '11 -...
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    EU imposing up to a 79% import duty on Chinese ebikes..

    Guy told me how it all works... He moved his plywood factory to China. You sell at or below cost when you export and then all your profit comes from export subsidies. He was getting an 18% export subsidy payment which means his profit margin was 18% if he sold at cost. 9 times higher than his...
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    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    Thumb throttles r weaksauce. You can't ride trials with em which is the ultimate test. That was figured out in the 70s in france and austria. prove me wrong and post a video hopping up on a boulder
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    The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

    most board software is all the same as far as raw functionality what would be nice is more modern look (skins) to attract the next generation of users also better image/video/mobile-browser support
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    The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

    Invision Power Board or something similar Kill Facebook now Don't try to migrate data or users just archive current site fresh start
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    The forum got a haircut!

    If you r trying to save half a gig by deleting PMs the forum needs a new sponsor. Sorry to be blunt
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    Luna Cycle's "world's safest battery" lacking MSD

    Just sent the shipper the MSDS for the raw cells. This is what boosted boards does when shipping to japan. This is more informative than any battery pack MSDS anyways. Read a power tool battery msds. Most don't mention even the battery voltage let alone how the cells are arranged/packaged
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    Tesla Model 3 battery teardown!

    The precision/accuracy of 30 year old cnc wirebonding machine tech is more than enough for large cells. Today's machines are way overkill Simply use thermal camera with machine vision to flag bad "welds". Load test before encapsulation You can think of the bus bar layer as a flex pcb but...
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    Tesla Model 3 battery teardown!

    Note the insulating dividers between banks of parallel cells . The cells in parallel are ok if they do touch. Banks in serries cannot touch Contractors at the gigafactory went to the media yelling hysterical about defective model 3 battery packs. The media pays cash on the down low if you have...
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    End turns bad?

    Why don't u ask Grigori Perelman U weren't particularly rude to me but you were to my friends so I'm done talking to you Peace out