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    ice sheet losses in Greenland and Antarctica reach new highs

    what do you people think you are doing by coming onto our thread and insulting us? i cannot insult you like you insult me because now the insiders are threatening me for trying to get you people off of our thread. this place is totally corrupt. all the insiders stick together and once...
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    Recommendation for 72V 25ah pack (commuter)

    it would be best if one of those guys who threw their battery away would have saved them for you. i bet your current pouches have more than 20Ah too. but i see you said that you did not get the pack from sun thing guy. i doubt if you could do a precise capacity measurement. maybe the pack you...
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    Recommendation for 72V 25ah pack (commuter)

    why not buy another 8S from the sunthing guy and make it to 24S with a 24S D131 BMS?
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    Data logging balance charger

    yes, the D141 from bestechpower will record data too up to 13S, lots of data including internal resistance.
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    Problem hub motor/battery cuts out under heavy load

    can you remove that ground plane from underneath? we need to find the spots on the relay to jumper. the only way to do it is underneath i suspect. you can look and see if you can find how to put a jumper around the relay from the top. if we can make this charger stay on it should work yet.
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    Replacement controller nightmare

    the hall sensor wires short to the phase wire inside the axle. did you replace the output mosfets on this replacement controller? i suspect there is a short where the new mosfets were soldered into the new controller.
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    Battery Troubles

    they know less than we do. put your battery on the charger and measure the cell voltages with your DVM using the 20V DC scale to .01V. post up all the measurements here.
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    Plugged in battery to power supply and fan broke?

    what is a smart charger?
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    [SOLVED] Current drop ?

    i was under the impression the battery is made up of used laptop cells. is this not the case? there was no BMS and no knowledge of how many times the cells had been over discharged and converted into resistors. i doubt if it is a problem with the kit if the kit is new.
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    ice sheet losses in Greenland and Antarctica reach new highs

    we are already committed to a 4o C temp rise and the loss of the arctic sea ice and that will release about 50gT of methane which increase the arctic ocean temperature so the winds blowing onto the greenland glaciers will be 3-5o C warmer which will accelerate the melting and movement of glacier...
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    Plugged in battery to power supply and fan broke?

    these people never come back. why they even ask for help and never reply is beyond me.
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    Bestechpower BMS

    you can use two in parallel with each other if you want to also. if you use one and wanna solder up the shunt then first be certain you have an idea of what your max current is and if it causes the BMS to cut off then solder the shunt a little bit and see if that allows it to work. don't use so...
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    24s lipo charger (100.8V) recommendations.

    i agree with that. that is a well built charger. more reliable than most. i now recommend bypassing the switch to turn the charger on and off. i think the impedance of the wires from the base resistor to the switch and back to the base of the transistor shifts the transistors a little out of...
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    ice sheet losses in Greenland and Antarctica reach new highs

    i was reading something else on the geologic history of ice and ran across this: what is so interesting about the picture is that the early photo showed a large block positioned at the sea edge of the glacier. 2/3 way up. looks like a singularity? in the later picture after the calving it...
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    ~$1,000 China Electric "Grom" motorcycle review, 68kph

    don't confuse him. he already knows more than anyone else. he is the only one riding these scooters so he knows them better than us.
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    24s lipo charger (100.8V) recommendations.

    you should be able to combine a 48V meanwell and a 36V lifepo4 charger together in series to make 101V.
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    Plugging in Mean Well power supplies and it trips the house!

    was this circuit breaker a GFCI type breaker? you may have a high voltage short to the case that blew the breaker. otherwise removing the ground would have no effect.
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    Replacement controller nightmare

    what was wrong with the old controller? post up a picture of the damage you did to the phase wires when you wrecked. i suspect the phase wires are still shorted to the hall sensor wires from the accident but need to know why you replaced the original controller. is it still around or did you...
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    Chip Blowing in Controller when under load.

    first we need to know why the battery had fuses in the main wire that kept blowing and what you did to fix that. you have to take the controller apart and show detailed pictures of the circuit board where you soldered the mosfets in place. have you already examined it and tested it for...
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    Problem hub motor/battery cuts out under heavy load

    no, don't do that. you can solder a wire across the relay and use this charger to see if you can balance the pack. can you take the circuit board out and take a picture of the underside where the relay is located? see if you can follow the trace from the schottky diodes over to the relay...
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    Do I need a puller for replacing hall sensors?

    you can take the sun-thing pack apart and split it 3/4&1/4 and put the 1/4 lower in the triangle so it may fit then. the trick is to use a large wire to connect the two sections and then place the sense wire for that node in the middle of the wire you use to connect them. it is easy plus then...
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    [Question] How to test 18650 capcity

    first connect them all in parallel and charge them up to full charge at 4.20V with a big single cell charger. then connect them in series with a watt meter to record the amp hours Ah as you discharge the cells down to 2.70V each. when one cell reaches the 2.7V level then stop and record the Ah...
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    Problem hub motor/battery cuts out under heavy load

    that integrated circuit in the lower right corner controls the relay. it is turning the relay off when the voltage or current reaches a set point and i suspect the two trim pots are for setting the voltage and current. maybe only current where the integrated circuit decides it is essentially...
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    A2b battery dead how to reverse charge?

    yep the first cell is between that top line and the B- the measure each of the next 9 by measuring the voltage from one hole there to the next. where do those paired lines go. the blue blbue, red black and yellow and orange brown. i assume the red and black with the spade clips in back go to...
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    8S2P 24v Battery – Help needed.

    we can educate you to the point where you should be able to diagnose it and fix it on the boat if it fails in use. BMS is very simple. the only batteries i have destroyed was because of discharging it without a BMS.