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    (still) Looking for hardtail frame for Bafang M620/Ultra

    Still haven't found a frame. I caught a great deal on an new M620. Thought I would just keep it as a backup for my QK Ibex, but decided I want a hardtail bike for touring. (Plus it's 52V and the Ibex runs on 48V.) But literally the only m620/Ultra hardtail frames I can find are: Either from...
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    Are M620 and M600 mounts the same?

    Yes, I get that. I lock out my Ibex, and it's not horrible. Still paying for, and transporting, something I don't want or need, but it's not really a HUGE deal-breaker. But even accepting a FS frame, I'm still struggling to find a 'Not Carbon' frame for that motor. That's actually why I asked...
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    Are M620 and M600 mounts the same?

    Thank you, that's what I expected actually. Just seems almost impossible to find a hardtail m620-compatible frame. Even FS options are nearly all Carbon. I guess it's Titanium.
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    Are M620 and M600 mounts the same?

    Meaning Can an M620 be mounted on a frame intended for an M600? Probably a dumb question, but I see some frames on offer which seems to accommodate either motor. Perhaps just ignorant sellers.
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    M620 Aluminum hardtail frame?

    All I can find are lots of carbon full-suspension frames, a couple aluminum FS frames, and a few titanium hardtail frames for more than I’d like to spend — over $1k delivered. I’ll go with the titanium if I must.
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    New (real) cadence sensing controller(s) for cheap dual motor hub drive bike

    I bought a SMLRO SMC-600 plus (2 x 1k hub drive). The PA is 'on/off' as described down in the middle of this article: https://talesontwowheels.com/2019/12/06/i-hate-ebike-torque-sensing-and-maybe-you-should-too/ I would like to change out my controllers for some which actually respond to my...