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  1. binlagin

    Scott's Giant DH Team Build 66 mph!

    I fit my Cromotor in my 135mm swingarm... it's a PITA to change or do any maintenance. I usually am sweaty and have cursed up a storm by the time i'm done getting it re installed.
  2. binlagin

    GCinDC's Giant DH Comp

    I've been commuting by leg power too for the past month because my ebike has been out of commission. I leave a couple outfits at work I can change into and mix so people aren't seeing me wear the same clothes day in and day out.
  3. binlagin

    A2B Metro restoration / modification - Fechter's first Ebike

    Defiantly needs a controller upgrade! I passed an A2B on my mountain bike yesterday w/ 2.3" tires under 100% leg power. Drafted him for 1 minute before I was bored of being held up! The guy was pedalling like a maniac too!
  4. binlagin

    Swedish Kona DH Cromotor 10kW Kelly *Water cooling?*

    I've blown up 2, 18fet controllers multiple times. I'm giving up on the infinion? based controllers. Time to drop some money on a nice Kelly controller.
  5. binlagin

    Paul Brodie ebee

    Awesome bike! I love witnessing a revolution happen right in front of my own eyes. Keep it up Justin, your going to be the next Richard Branson!
  6. binlagin

    Giant DH Team, Cromotor, 18fet Lyen, 111v Lipo

    I've been dealing with a financial and personal $@#! storm over the last two months. I've gotten things back under control. I have the stater and axle just sitting on my shelf staring at me. I should be able to get it sent out to you by the weekend if you still want it. I'm sorry for the delay...
  7. binlagin


    I was skeptical at first... but you clearly know what your doing. That looks awesome! Be sure to get some video footage!
  8. binlagin

    Ctesibios' First E-Bike - Gatineau / Ottawa, Canada

    Usually the Gatineau trails, but I'm trying to find a spot where I can ride a little more... agressivly :) 2 weekends ago we drove to the top in my truck... rode down the trails... then I rode the ebike back up to Champlain lookout!
  9. binlagin

    Ctesibios' First E-Bike - Gatineau / Ottawa, Canada

    Very nice bike! I'm from Ottawa too, would you be interested in riding some trails in Quebec?
  10. binlagin

    Norco A-line 144v 200amp Lipo 150km/h build

    Damn... sorry to hear about your losses Andje. I was beginning to wondering where you went! Good to hear your ok thought. Look forward to seeing those pictures!
  11. binlagin

    Cromotor + MethTek Monster 24FET + 20S lipo build

    Yes I got my ride going again, but I had to buy a whole new motor. I also unfortunately I damaged my Kiwi dropouts when the axle snapped. It caused the other side of the dropout to bow open so I'm only running a 1500w controller right now :( It just doesn't do the Cromotor justice, but I'm...
  12. binlagin

    Cromotor + MethTek Monster 24FET + 20S lipo build

    The cromotor... such a sexy beast. Thanks for logging and sharing all this data. Much appreciated!
  13. binlagin

    Asto's second ebike Now with Videos Page 3

    There really isn't alot of options for a rear shock on the Giant DH comps. My rear shock leaked all of it's oil out... and when it did it started to chatter like this: XKSiY-hGeW0 There was only two viable options, even after all the suggestions on this board. Because of the way the rear...
  14. binlagin

    moonshine's Giant DH Comp

    Oh god.. I had todo some SERIOUS modifications to my caliper mount to get that to work properly. Can you provide some pics? I'll try and get pics of my solution... but I don't know if it's the best answer!
  15. binlagin

    Cromotor + MethTek Monster 24FET + 20S lipo build

    I have the Cromotor and the balls to test this controller, and I just happend to get paid today LET ME KNOW!!
  16. binlagin

    Cornering fun

    Such a nice frame! I WANNNNNNNT
  17. binlagin

    Cornering fun

    I don't think the geometry of a bicycle is setup for knee dragging. It's not often you see super moto riders dragging knees. They seem to stick their foot out while still sitting on the seat around the corner. When your dragging a knee on a sport bike, your hangin your butt off the seat with...
  18. binlagin

    Asto's second ebike Now with Videos Page 3

    I was having quite a few problems with pinch flats until I used 2 extra innertubes and ran at a higher PSI. I also started carrying some small tire irons and patch kits to help with any issues I encountered on the road or bush! Glad to here everything is working though :D The Giant DH is sweeeeeet
  19. binlagin

    Group buy on 20 inch, 47mm wide rims.........

    Does anyone have this rim that they decided they wern't going to use? I'm looking to upgrade my rims/tires and want to keep as much ground clearance as possible.
  20. binlagin

    Greentime controllers

    I've got a Cromotor and would invest into what ever logging hardware/software you'd like. More info isn't ever bad!
  21. binlagin

    Asto's second ebike Now with Videos Page 3

    Very nice and logical first build! Good start! Are you planning on putting the batteries inside the frame? Good luck :D
  22. binlagin

    Greentime controllers

    Can a noob like me possibly get in on a beta? I'll abuse it.... I promise!
  23. binlagin

    GCinDC's Giant DH Comp

    This is all I could think about when I saw the lights underwater!
  24. binlagin

    Is it time to give up my ebike?

    I saw a guy doing 50km/h on his road bike the otherday... my mind was blown. He wasn't even drafting and he was on level ground. Those bikes are NUTS! But I defintly wouldn't electrify such a sexy bike
  25. binlagin

    Optibike's "twist" on 2012 Pikes Peak ride

    I don't know why people are so Anti-Opti and HPC. Yes, they are expensive... and yes they might over state their specs a bit, but what automotive brand doesn't do that? If your knowledgeable enough about fabrication, bicycles and electronics... building an ebike is for you. But 99% of the...