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    GMAC/MAC hub motor servicing + freewheel modification

    Hi, I have a special GMAC 10T hub motor with freewheel. Mounted on a rigid steel frame bike, 700x35C wheels, 110/120 kg (250 lb) total, for everyday use, mostly asphalt roads + backcountry tracks, hilly/low mountain area. Usually 30-40 km trips, 300-400 m of elevation difference, slopes up to...
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    shimano steps e6000 battery wont take charge

    Hello, I have the opposite problem on the same system: I've got a Shimano STePS EC-E6000 charger (rated output 40 V 4.4 A / 42 V 4A) that I would like to use as a fast transportable charger on a custom made ebike. The output connector has 2 power pins (+/-) plus another 3. There is also an...