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  1. Josh K.

    Josh K. Precision E Bikes Service station, Electric Bike Review

    Safety first my friends! Here are a few pointers, recommendations, and Ideas. Josh K.
  2. Josh K.

    E Revolutions, June 8,9,10, and 11. Denver Colorado

    E Revolutions in Denver 2024 will be happening. Another event is planned for Cali too...
  3. Josh K.

    Josh K. Precision E Bikes Service station, Electric Bike Review

    Hi Folks, What's Josh K. Been up to these days? Hand building an E Bike shop, Servicing the Electric bicycle Industry, and serving his Electric Cyclist community! Here is a little video from Electric Bike Review, showing our new shop, and I am speaking about some of our past projects like...
  4. Josh K.

    E Revolutions, June 8,9,10, and 11. Denver Colorado

    Hey buddy, Yeah, this was a cool event, for sure. It was great to see some new products, to ride some, and get a few items to bring home. Amazingly, Thundercycle gave me a pair of Full suspension E bikes! 29ers, Bafang equipped. Nice equipment. I will take them to Moab next month, do some...
  5. Josh K.

    True Bafang access?

    So, as an E bike repair shop owner, I am interested in getting true access to be empowered to buy actual BaFang components. Here in the States. Seems that we do not really have good access. We would like to be able to get a Besst system in, to be able to detune some of these systems to allow...
  6. Josh K.

    E Revolutions, June 8,9,10, and 11. Denver Colorado

    Hi Folks, The first E bike specific trade show starts tomorrow in Denver, E Revolutions. See the first PAS system developed from Yamaha back in 93! Over 100 booths, 40 e bike companies, test track and more. Industry insiders on Thursday, and Friday. Saturday and Sunday open to the public...
  7. Josh K.

    BBS-FW: Open Source Firmware for BBSHD/BBS02 Controller

    Replaced a controller on a BBSHD, Says error 10 overheat. No pedal assist. Thinking about trying to reflash this unit. I have a patch cord coming in. Gotta get the bike to the computer, download files, and possibly give this a try...
  8. Josh K.

    Light electric motorcycle Clutch development

    Thanks Amberwolf, I have joined that other thread with the development of the trials bikes.
  9. Josh K.

    Observed trials bike designing

    Hi Folks, Very interesting thread. I am a fan of the idea of using a clutch on the light electric motorcycles. I recently went to Moab Utah, and rode the slick rock trail again, but with a 350cc motorcycle instead of a traditional pedal mountain bike. One interesting thing of course is to see...
  10. Josh K.

    Light electric motorcycle Clutch development

    Hi Folks, I just got back from riding dirt bikes around in Moab Utah for a few days. While I do enjoy running a modern dirt bike, I am more interested in the development of light electric dirt bikes these days. While riding on the slick rock trail, and climbing some amazing stone walls, It...
  11. Josh K.

    EV truck development.

    Check out Lightning E motors in Colorado. We are doing lot's of Ford Transit van conversions right now. I am in the high voltage wire fabrication department, where I am creating the main wires for the batteries and the connections. Nice equipment. Most of the trucks are getting two, or three...
  12. Josh K.

    500 Watt Mid-Drive

    Looking into building up an older system again, and would like to try to use this torque limiter for extra range... https://www.endless-sphere.com/forums/download/file.php?mode=view&id=314315
  13. Josh K.

    500 Watt Mid-Drive

    Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone had picked this up, and done some more work with it? Thanks. Josh K.
  14. Josh K.

    World of E mobility Event in the Netherlands

    October 27,28, and 29th. Step into the World of eMobility. World of eMobility is the international meeting place for startups, scale-ups, commercial brands and companies from different industries. We are the ultimate stage for all innovative progressieve eBrands. Meet the decision makers and...
  15. Josh K.

    Rebuilding the Rans Stratus, need a larger chainring...

    Thanks, Well, at this point it was about 13 watt hours per mile at about 25mph, on Portland International race track. I ran against Bill Bushnell on that day. Great ride, fast and smooth track. 24 volts, Astroflight motor, Castle controller, coupled to a Boston Gear helical cut gear reduction...
  16. Josh K.

    Rebuilding the Rans Stratus, need a larger chainring...

    Yeah, great guys, thanx! 62 would be perfect. I have a 72, but it drops my cadence too low. Might have to run it for a little bit anyways, and see how it matches up. I may be running a bit faster now with the 36 volts, maybe running a lower gear. It's been a while since I had this machine up and...
  17. Josh K.

    Rebuilding the Rans Stratus, need a larger chainring...

    Hi Folks, Well, I have pulled my Rans Stratus out of storage, and started a rebuild. She looks pretty good, but I am refreshing a lot of the parts now. Fresh Town n country 26 inch on the Back, but the Maxis 20 inch up front looks fine. New 9 speed chain and Cassette, and a fresh Battery Pack...
  18. Josh K.

    Lost Sierra Races 2019, July 12-14

    Looks like real fun. Bet we could see some cutting edge machines there. Most likely, I will be going to Texas? For my little brother's wedding. Sigh. Josh K.
  19. Josh K.

    The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

    Hi Folks, I like the Endless Sphere Forum myself, and agree that fakebook really creates no value. I migrated over here back in the day, after the power-assist yahoo group fizzled out. The Josh Goldberg, and Dave Hammond guys with early bolt on power adventures. The real values are created...
  20. Josh K.

    Does Elon Lurk these forums ?

    I bet he has, and I bet he has seen a few advanced designs here... Rich Rebuilds, on youtube, had a bright idea for him about building the Tesla E bike... Says, Hey Elon, Here is a business idea for you. Now that you made a few million off of the flame thrower... Build a Tesla E bike. Rich...
  21. Josh K.

    The Ebiker Joke thread...

    Ride to Work, Work to Ride... :pancake:
  22. Josh K.

    Ride the Rockies E-Vent...

    Hi Folks, Ride the Rockies out of Denver Colorado is coming up again. They are about to announce the rout for this year. This event has about 2,000 cyclists riding up, and over several Rocky Mountains. I did it on a handmade E bike back in 2012. Epic Ride, for sure. I am going to rebuild one...
  23. Josh K.

    Drone video of Teslas 18MWh solar farm +

    Interesting. Looks like some of it is real, and some of it was animation. Anyways, I am looking into large solar farms now. I am interested in understanding the variables, the costs involved, and the return on investment. I would love to create a solar park, producing clean energy, long...
  24. Josh K.

    E bike Expo, Denver CO. June 17, 18, 19

    Hey Folks, Check out the Denver E bike expo this weekend. Over a hundred E bikes to ride... http://www.electricbike-expo.com/locations/denver-colorado/ We will be going on Saturday AM, we are registered to ride the latest new bikes... Josh K.
  25. Josh K.

    2016 North American "Unofficial" Endless-Sphere Convention

    Sounds like real fun! I vote pikes peak as well, and I know of a camp ground near there, where we could all meet up and get ready to scale the mountain. This camp ground is the meeting place for most of the groups that go up the mountain, and they have some cool photos of groups that meet up...