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  1. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Is One Really Better Than The Other On An Electric Skatebaord?

    it's not really the point, but I would like to see the stats u base ur statement on
  2. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Electric Skateboard Motor Setup Idea/Question

    yeah do it! ...with care it can work, keep us posted
  3. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Electric Skateboard Build Help

    hummm… those motors are good (I have them) thanks for sharing the link which top speed are u after ? ur ESC is rated to 6s, those motors are sold to run on 10s, and u plan to buy 3s lipo w. parallel connectors... what about charger? u need a 2wd ESC anyway... u know what ? u reached already the...
  4. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Is One Really Better Than The Other On An Electric Skatebaord?

    I would say it depends on how you work out your transmission ratio so that the speed, acceleration, etc could be the same between belt/hub ( ...interresting brain teaser actually: 1:1 ratio w. same wheels, same kV, same outrunner motor outer diameter) without going through the whole history of...
  5. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    FVT 120A skateboard brake problem

    sorry... I just keyed in "FVT 120A ESC" in a "search engine" and got that : I had difficulty to find the right setting in order to have a smooth and linear brake on my electric skateboard equipped with the FVT 120A ESC. I started using the firmware offered by Banggood but the brake was too...
  6. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    The black art of motorcycle dynamics

    Oh man... I won't even try to explain that to you... maybe go grab a medicine ball, run and jump in a pool, and trow the ball while you are in the air : get back to us if you landed at the same place than the ball... or you take your electric bicycle hook it in the air and check where the...
  7. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    My Sun Trip Bike, Back to Back Tandem Trike with Rowing Generator, Pedals, +Solar

    hummm... It was "Chambéry" actually. I met them both this morning at Chamonix and this was great! such inspiring persons... tomorrow morning starts the real trip : may the sun shine along your journey as much as your smiles on your faces !
  8. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    2001 Kona Stinky Conversion - Advice?

    the torque arms are less required on steel frames. to correct the topic title, the first post needs to be edited.
  9. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    [update] kona stinky

    As it is now, stable and going well (damaged the original controller, got a Grinfineon 40A instead, had an unsuccessfull attempt to run on a mid drive kit-twisted free wheel, bought an MXUS 1000W motor and installed an 18s Bluetooth BMS, run mostly around 1000W to 1500W and sometimes up to 2500W...
  10. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    2001 Kona Stinky Conversion - Advice?

    Welcome on Endless sphere... those bikes are great, you can use them as they are and keep room for long term upgrades, I believe if the " commute 13k to school along trails and road." is without significant climbs, any of the grin technology kit you look at will work fine, do you know which...
  11. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    "We don't service DIY Ebikes" said the cycle shop

    right: it was mostly an "opportunity cost" issue, I was not against dropping my bike there for 30min, say 1h at most and get the brakes flushed for 20bucks maybe ? ...so I got my fresh DOT liquid bottle for like 10bucks instead, ...probably 10x the volume required ...and made it myself, ...got...
  12. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    "We don't service DIY Ebikes" said the cycle shop

    So... I went to a cycle shop to get my hydraulic brakes flushed and maintained : Has soon has they saw the e-bike, they told me, "we do not service DIY e-bikes for legal reasons" ...was just wondering if it's often like that and if you had a similar experience in your area ?
  13. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    bluetooth BMS?

    sorry, maybe I was of topic : my battery is made of 3x16Ah 6s LiPo pack. Tonight I plugged other 3x5Ah 6s LiPo pack and could load to 2kW w.o issues, I think the BMS is OK. EDIT : just saw your post, ElectricGod, I will keep an eye on possible setting conflict and let u know if I can't sort the...
  14. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    bluetooth BMS?

    it showed up after a long offroad downhill so I won't be surprised to see mechanical damages... the informations given by the app are all correct in static conditions, only when I apply load (bike suspended and wheel spinning free), I get many protections activated after some attempts...
  15. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    bluetooth BMS?

    It is the 18s version of the BMS sold by BMS battery : https://bmsbattery.com/bmspcm/834-smart-bms-10s13s-60a-with-blue-tooth-android-or-ios-app.html
  16. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    bluetooth BMS?

    after 3 battery cycles of satisfaction, the BMS does not accept load anymore: it powers off as soon as load is applied and an "IC front-end error" appears in the event log... does anyone knows what that is ?
  17. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Controller to throttle and digital voltmeter panel

    do has Fechter showed, (that's what I meant initially, I usually just solder the ignition thin wire on the power line, yes with a careful cut, and some heat shrink around, but if you really want an ignition switch, put it there ) I am not aware of any additional wires for an ignition switch
  18. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Would you put solar panel on your electric vehicle

    *subscribed* As french living in Switzerland, I can confirm there is an ebike market range for 500W limited to 45km/h registered as moped here. For some reason, they remain quite rare even if some supermarkets have tried to sell some... I am very interested with the sun trip, at the times I...
  19. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    Controller to throttle and digital voltmeter panel

    soldering is ok as long as you do it properly. sometimes it's good to start with those thing below before soldering the red cable of your controller should be energized (battery "+") for ur controller to be "on", I don't know if it can be connected to your voltmeter panel.
  20. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    bluetooth BMS?

    I wired up the 18s version of "BMS battery" smart BMS. when I try to connect with the android application from their website, it does not remain connected and a message "connection refused by xiaoxiang BMS" shortly sowes up. I tried the "smart BMS" application and the behavior is the same : it...
  21. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    "Monster Board" High power 4X4 board with ATV tires

    limited slip differentials I guess ? (...we all know how awesome your builds are :mrgreen: )
  22. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    BHT Swing Arm & Power Middrive

    what's the point ? It seems to me exactly the opposite way : once an isolated DIY EV maker comes to a good idea, then it's being copied for mass production without any consideration to its original work. (endless examples around here)
  23. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    "Monster Board" High power 4X4 board with ATV tires

    I am kind of curious to know what's happening with this project
  24. made_in_the_alps_legacy

    10s3p ESkate Battery Build Overview Video

    Thxs for sharing, I like it. Which are the outer dimensions of the pack then ?