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  1. Overclocker

    xKillah - Enduro eBike

    my frame has super limited steering angle but it's not an issue at all during actual off-road riding. and when i need to do a u-turn i just skid turn instead, super easy to do on these lightweight bikes even on asphalt
  2. Overclocker

    what multimetre should i choose for present cell mesurement and future home task

    best combination is an ultracompact "card" type dmm w/ fixed leads so you don't accidentally leave it in the 10A socket :lol: plus a DC clamp meter. make sure it's DC, cheaper ones can only measure AC
  3. Overclocker

    Transporting heavy ebikes - show me your solution

    just built a flat trailer. very lightweight. thin-wall 2x2 frame (1.2mm wall). spoked wheels with square profile motorcycle tires just need wheel chocks, rivnut them onto the frame. could probably carry 2 or 3 surron-type ebikes
  4. Overclocker

    Advice Please -What solder station?

    cordless is the way to go. i'm powering this one with a ryobi battery. you could solder a 12ga wire to an XT90 with this
  5. Overclocker

    play in front forks

    good forks use bushings made from teflon-coated copper alloys that are splash-lubricated (or open bath) so there's an oil seal as well as dust wiper. some even have foam rings cheap forks like in the youtube vid have bushings made of plastic and are grease lubricated. upper and lower bushings...
  6. Overclocker

    QS motor shaft wear

    seems like they changed the shaft a bit...
  7. Overclocker

    Help with material selection

    i built this w/ mild steel :lol: you could definitely build a lighter frame w/ chromoly using thinner wall tubing which is more difficult to weld, may need TIG w/ less readily available filler rods mild steel is easy to weld w/ MIG using off-the-shelf wires (er70s6). mild steel w/ 1.2mm wall...
  8. Overclocker

    Seeking advice on a no weld motorcycle/scooter.

    yeah get gas. i started off w/ fluxcore and it was just a waste of time. just had this small 15lb co2 tank refilled last week for Php300 or US$5 :shock: lasted more than a year w/ the kind of hobby-type welding that i do the welder is the cheapest one i could get php8000 or US$145 then get...
  9. Overclocker

    Light dirt bike, QS 120 70h motor, custom steel frame

    there's a little bit of regen when you release the throttle. then i use a momentary push button switch to activate stronger regen (low-brake wire (gray/black) and ground (black wire))
  10. Overclocker

    xKillah - Enduro eBike

    super nice build! funny we have the exact same 0 to 60 time
  11. Overclocker

    Thermal compound W/mk rating BS

    thermal paste is supposed to fill the micro voids between 2 flat smooth surfaces with as thin a layer as possible. so viscosity and particle sizes have to be low to allow it to spread and for excess material to squeeze out if necessary don't be deceived by w/mk ratings. a block of silver has...
  12. Overclocker

    A welder thread

    everything i've read says that pure co2 is hotter and has better penetration. and that argon mixes produce narrow penetration so maybe that narrowness is actually not a good thing :lol: anyway pure co2 works OK for the stuff i do like this swingarm. super cheap, i refilled my 15lb tank last...
  13. Overclocker

    A welder thread

    haha no, actually you get better penetration w/ pure co2 than w/ c25 mixed gas ever wondered why 6010/6011 dig so much? it's the cellulose flux that generates, you guessed it, co2
  14. Overclocker

    A welder thread

    this MIG is Php8000 (us$160). also known as Sherman MIG Speedy 200. i'm using a small co2 tank (100% co2). thin 0.6mm (0.023") wire is great for building ebike frames and such. yeah welding w/ gas is so much better especially for thinner materials. fluxcore tends to blow through the thin stuff...
  15. Overclocker

    Thai drag bike tires.

    these are very common here in southeast asia. i got one on my DD hub. 2.75 x 17. on a narrow 1.4 rim, they don't even make rim locks for rims this narrow :lol: had to shave down a 1.6 rim lock btw this tire costs like us$ 10
  16. Overclocker

    Air-cooled for 18650 Li-ion battery pack

    that idea only applies to low-power ebikes. once the application requires high-performance and battery longevity then you need consider battery cooling which could range from extremely elaborate (tesla style ribbon cooling tubes) to something simple like using thermally-conductive potting to the...
  17. Overclocker

    Air-cooled for 18650 Li-ion battery pack

    here's another tip for you. if you'll notice i got 2 separate battery packs w/ a bit of air gap in between. so the inner walls of the battery cases can be made from the perforated "speaker grill" material i showed earlier. so you can have a bit of passive cooling going on in there while being...
  18. Overclocker

    Air-cooled for 18650 Li-ion battery pack

    it's a small 1.1kwh you can't wash this bike w/ a pressure washer, but i've ridden it in the rain
  19. Overclocker

    Air-cooled for 18650 Li-ion battery pack

    this battery really doesn't get hot so this is just the bare minimum of battery cooling. basically i just don't want to trap heat i.e. have a way for heat to get out
  20. Overclocker

    Transporting heavy ebikes - show me your solution

    wheels are dangling in the air. the pedals are just U-bolted (w/ nylock nuts) to the plate that the bike is sitting on. the ratchet strap prevents seesawing
  21. Overclocker

    Help with disc thickness? BR-MT200

    bosses get higher load but mostly compressive forces (see direction of disc rotation), so unlikely to be limiting factor so rotor size limits probably have to do w/ strength of: stanchions, crown, bottom of steerer btw i've got mt200 brakes on my acoustic bike. very light duty brakes. mounting...
  22. Overclocker

    Light dirt bike, QS 120 70h motor, custom steel frame

    built a carrier for this bike. it's just clamped down at the pedals using U-bolts
  23. Overclocker

    Aluminum frame for QS120 (illegalbike) ??W / ??kg

    QS120-70h is perfect for a lightweight build. the best thing about it is the low kv=38 so single-stage reduction is sufficient. qs138 requires a 2-stage (super big rear sprocket not recommended for off-road) i'm using 17s pack. 11t motor sprocket, 56t rear on a 17x3.00 tire. votol em100 at...