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    How to weatherproof bullet connectors?

    Well, at least you'll know where to start looking when things mysteriously stop working on you in future. That should also save you some time :)
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    90% Battery Charger

    For a 52V (14S) battery, using a 54.6V (48V) charger will give you about 3.9V per cell, which is probably somewhere in the 80-85% range.
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    bafang bbs02

    It appears the "bare motor" does come with a controller. Just no other bits like brake levers, display, crank arms, speed sensor, etc. You can jump two pins on the display cable input to turn the controller on as noted above, but you will need some of the other parts to have a working unit.
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    4 wheel drive ATV as utility vehicle

    I'd consider a slightly larger chassis if you're planning to plow snow. I use my 400cc Honda FourTrax to plow, and it's borderline too light for the job. It also makes substantially more than 4HP, and has a torque converter in addition to a CVT. Our snow does tend to be heavy and slushy...
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    Why doesn't a li-ion battery take load?

    Yeah I agree, can't think of a single application where it would be safe to deploy those cells. They could be literally anything, would be interesting to chop one open and see what they're actually composed of.
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    Tesla S3X power consumption versus high power electric bike (estimates)... WTF

    Yeah we need to quit hoping/waiting for the technical marvel that's going to allow us to continue travelling and consuming energy the same way we have been for the last number of decades. I know it's not popular, especially in North America, but the painful reality is that if we're actually...
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    Tesla S3X power consumption versus high power electric bike (estimates)... WTF

    At low speeds it would be pretty significant but once you get above 20-25 mph or so rolling resistance becomes a less significant part of overall drag, as it increases in a linear fashion as opposed to wind resistance which increases as a square of speed. So at 30 mph you have 1.5 times the...
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    Tesla S3X power consumption versus high power electric bike (estimates)... WTF

    Yep nothing new here. My 500lb motorcycle gets worse mileage on the highway than my Camry. Making a bike aerodynamic is generally not practical, but if you look at velomobiles, despite far greater weight they always outperform unfaired bikes at speed. Nothing with a person sticking out on...
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    Windows Gaming PC hardware, building, troubleshooting, & benchmarking

    Instability like that is quite often power related, either the power supply itself or the voltage regulators on the motherboard. A good way to rule out software is to use a Linux LiveUSB stick, boot from that and run some stress tests with a totally independent software stack. If it works...
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    48v 25ah Lifepo4 battery state of charge when shipped

    That's literally where my LiFePo4 spends almost it's entire discharge cycle. If I stopped when I was hitting 3.2V per cell under load I'd be using like 1/4 of the capacity. Even at 3V per cell it's still got well over 25% left. And that's on a seriously understressed pack. Recommended cutoff...
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    48v 25ah Lifepo4 battery state of charge when shipped

    49V on a 16S LiFePo4 pack is about 50% charged. You measured about 728Wh going in, but you have to subtract about 15% to compensate for inefficiency of the charger itself, so probably just over 600Wh went in. If you calculate 48V x 25Ah you get 1200Wh total capacity for the battery, so you're...
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    Helmet bike mounted cameras

    It depends what kind of close call you're talking about. If it's something criminal (eg intentionally trying to harm you) and you file a complaint the police are obligated to investigate it. Once an investigation is underway, they would be quite negligent to not view your video evidence...
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    How to remove a stuck pivot bolt

    Titanium tip bits should be able to cut into it, just don't let it overheat. If you do want to try pressing it out, gently heating the frame while avoiding heating the pin could go a long way. But I think MadRhino is right, drill it out and use a bolt assembly.
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    Windows Gaming PC hardware, building, troubleshooting, & benchmarking

    I wouldn't hold my breath on 5Ghz CPUs. We've had 4+Ghz CPUs for like 15 years now, my new Ryzen has a lower clock speed than the (much slower) one it replaced. So, effective IPC continues to climb, but don't look for 5Ghz processors to be a cost effective performace solution. As for Windows...
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    More than3 phases

    And on the analogy of going with "wider" CPU architectures, mass adoption of 64 bit software didn't happen until there was a good reason for it, namely the desire to access more than 4GB or memory. The performance increase either didn't exist or was so minimal that it wasn't worth the bother...
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    EV outdoor Condo charger installation

    You can do the work yourself but it'll need to be inspected by someone certified before you bury it
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    Alternator to Electric Motor - Pulley Removal

    Oh yeah, gotta have one. I bought a big mean Makita one from a garage sale pretty cheap about 20 years ago, having no idea what I'd ever use it for. A few years later I was in a fight with an exhaust manifold bolt, bleeding a little and not winning at all. Then I remembered the big blue beast...
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    Getting amazing range with BBSHD or faulty display?

    It's really nice to have at least a proper voltage readout. Once you use it for a while you can get a really good feel for how much you have left in the tank just by that, much better than relying on a few bars. I like the looks of the eggrider, if it was available at the time I probably...
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    Toyota will use Tokyo Olympics to debut solid-state battery electric vehicle

    Haha yeah you're right what does Toyota know about making practical, affordable cars by the millions? RIP Tesla.
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    Tesla Cybertruck

    Yeah if I had those skills I'd probably use them on a bank or something. But banks don't seem to get hacked much, I guess digital security is a real thing.
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    Getting amazing range with BBSHD or faulty display?

    48V (13S) pack fully charged is 54.6V 52V (14S) pack fully charged is 58.8V
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    Getting amazing range with BBSHD or faulty display?

    It's really hard to say without at least an actual voltage reading, and ideally a Wh reading. Doesn't the CA supply this? I guess you'd need to have a shunt installed. That said, you have a nearly 1500Wh pack, and with reasonable pedalling I get between 15-20Wh per mile on my BBS02. So...
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    Alternator to Electric Motor - Pulley Removal

    Impact driver of some sort is really your friend for a job like that. Hold the pulley with a strap wrench, give it a hit with the impact gun and it'll spin out of there. You can even use a manual impact driver like this: https://www.amazon.ca/TEKTON-2905-8-Inch-Manual-7-Piece/dp/B000NPPATS A...
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    Would ballast disconnects be workable reusable connector?

    They're rated to 6A, aside from that I suppose they'd be ok. How well they stand up to repeated connections and potential sparking from being connected under load is for you to find out :) EDIT: I reread your post and noticed that you seem to want to use them for the main power connections...
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    Bicycle Speakers

    It's orders of magnitude less information. If you refine it down to just useful information it's more orders of magnitude less. If you have that little information to go on, you should stop immediately. Proceeding into a blind situation because you think you're going to hear whatever danger...