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    Induction motor sevcon gen4 issue

    Do you have a copy of the dld? Im looking for 711-0002
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    75-7 motor

    I know this is a old post, but you seem to have abundance of knowledge. I have a 75-10 and SME controller from a zero srs. The sme doesn’t have a k3 plug for programming. I want to run this setup in a conversion. I do have an extra g4s6 sevcon. Do you know any one who could program the sevcon or...
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    Induction motor sevcon gen4 issue

    Did you ever figure out how to use the 80v version? I have a zero g6 that im gonna try in a 2013 ranger ev. Waiting on dvt software.
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    Zero 75-10 and SME

    I am looking for assistance on programming a SME controller to a zf75-10, i dont have a characterization file. Or replacing the encoder for a hall and programing a fardriver to the 75-10.
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    Reprogramming sevcon paid services.

    As the description says i need a sevcon reprogramed. It was taken out a zero sr. I am putting the motor and controller in a Polaris rzr. I just need F-R and H/m\L I plan on using thunderstruck OBD transmitter for gauges) . Anyone have any recommendation on someone who could do the...
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    Zero motorcycle battery

    I haven’t tried to open the case. From what I have read, the battery is completely potted so that it’s completely waterproof.
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    Zero motorcycle battery

    Has anyone made an interface to controller the BMS on a zero motorcycle battery? I want to use one of the batteries in another build.