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    handlebar rise or longer goose neck?

    Depending on the frame you use some older bmx necks and bars are smaller and not easily compatible, I have sleeved bars before and ran bolts thru to overcome this delimma. Beware raising a neck so high it can snap with the fork tube. A larger front wheel and smaller rear wheel can aid the...
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    The Barncat Battery- No weld/no solder

    Super cool info! This is what I need to stick all my loose 18650s into for a Rocket Pocket!
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    72V 40AH, 150 amp capable battery build

    What was the cost to build roughly? from Pagosa
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    DIY Newb FAQ?

    As a newbie I had an assumption a larger motor and/or contoller would achieve better performance with a 36v battery, but a larger motor must have more voltage to improve and a larger controller has a different LVC(low voltage cut out) which limits the voltage aquired from a smaller battery.
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    Auto Throttle On Immediatly Upon Connection to Controller

    The learning wires(white) arent plugged together are they? That will override the throttle and must be unplugged to disengage.
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    E-bike mid-drive motors hardly outperforms hub motors

    DD motor seems it could handle brief spurts of a higher voltage to achieve an ultimatem top speed greater than what a mid drive could handle voltage wise,a pure guess, but sounds like middrive for the steeps:)
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    Front Drive for wheelchair

    Hoverboards are cheap, can be found used on Walmart.com, Craigslist, even on the curb. Both 6.5" wheels are mini DDmotors, plugged to an ebike controller they go crazy fast. They plug in just like ebikes and for between $50-100 you will have two motors. A 3 phase bridge rectifier will turn the...
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    Dirt Cheap DIY eBike

    I have been salvaging motors from junk and know I few tricks. The washing machine motor is a complicated fabrication, I have a couple. My McGyver advice is to use either a treadmill motor or 110 lawn edger motor with pulleys and belt drive if you are set on a DIY motor. Tractor Supply Co. has...
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    A bike mechanics cost-effective DIY utility build

    Hello from Texas, I am a novice ebike builder with 4 DIY builds currently. Two of my builds have 20" rear DD hubs with a 26" front wheel. The smaller rim feels a touch faster and accelerates quicker with my 36v batteries. In addition I used BMX bars to raise the front further! I recommend this...
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    Convert your old MTB to an e-snowmobile

    I have seen a gas powered track bike at Wolf Creek Ski Area, with a ski for the front wheel. This thing looks fun if it doesnt sink too deep. Maybe 2 ski front wheel would help or a side ski katamaran style could keep it afloat.
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    Quick-disconnect connector for controller?

    If you use the learning wires after plugging in your controller, then you unplug your controller, you may have to relearn the controller again when you connect your wiring. If you apply full throttle to a controller which hasnt 'learned' you can fry it.
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    E-bike mid-drive motors hardly outperforms hub motors

    I take my DD hub ebike to CO. in the summer and the hills eat up the battery super quick and the torque is real bad. I have never owned a middrive but know a friend who beats dirtbikes using one on steep hills. A 20" wheel will help the torque but I still get sad when feeling the limits of a DD...
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    Trike conversion vs.new electric trike

    Howdy, I am having difficulty adding pics to the forum, if youd like I can send a pic to your phone. I want the forum to know a belt drive treadmill motor is a functional DIY alternative. Mick
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    My first retro-fit - any advice welcome!

    Like E-HP said, pedalling a motor around with NO power will have double the resistance due to magnetic cogging and may not be ideal for longer rides. But ebikes are an addiction and the bicyclists who hate on them dont realise what they are missing! As said before, get the biggest battery you...
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    Stop-a-flat tubes

    I have seen vids where heavy equipment users have repaired tires by filling with 'Great Stuff' Gaps and Cracks spray foam. I want to experiment on a cheap wheel.
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    King of the e-Mountain bike throwdown!

    The experiment will show you what combo gives best performance, I suppose superior brakes would play an equal part with motor speed. A secondary capacitor box could be recharged every few minutes for a burst of power. A bike with multiple seperate batteries could almost be perpetual, that would...
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    20" vs 26" bike wheel, what's best?

    Dudes, I scored a full suspension Motobecane DS 700 off the curb today, I love 'Heavy Trash' week! I removed the rear wheel 26" and slapped on a rear DDhub20". I am thrilled it pedals well with enough clearance, super mushy frame, I needed a bike for the wheel(1000w 20"). Cant wait to get a...
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    Stop-a-flat tubes

    I popped two in a row, probly over aired them(Slime tires). I was using a tire from Walmart that was folded up and had no sidewall support, which I returned immediately but lost out on the tubes. The tubes burst unpatchable holes and slimed everything.
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    Stop-a-flat tubes

    I have had Slime tubes burst not long after installation, so disheartening. I sure dont want the front tire doing that at full speed. I wonder how tubeless front wheel, and backwheel with tube and armour liner might ride? I even thought about spraying can foam inside a wheel. Seems like a...
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    Purchase new or DIY

    Its best not to try to ride with traffic but along the curb, many aggressive drivers will speed up, honk wildly, and yell obsenities while up your ass. I had an altercation yesterday, very aggressive driver racing up at stop sign, after he honked, yelled, and turned up into the local bar, I...
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    Car starter motor

    One more thing, controllers are usually the weak link in the chain, and you wont need one, or a throttle, when doing a treadmill motor DIY. Reverse thread the heavy wheel and cut it so you can reinstall the small threaded pulley. This will give you clearance to make fabrication simple.
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    Car starter motor

    I also attempted to make a DIY eskate with a 36v cordless Greenworks weedeater. It spins stupid fast on 36v, but didnt have alot of torque. I have a few hoverboard motors and they will fly on an ebike controller, but again, fabrication is the tricky part when adapting to your bike. Hoverboard...
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    Car starter motor

    I cant rave enough about the treadmill motor, it was free, though some fabrication was required, it is silent and goes about 18mph I guess on a 36v battery. It works best with a trike setup, and can sit in the rain all year long. The belt slips a little upon takeoff, so pedal and pulse until...
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    Purchase new or DIY

    Ive read that beefing phase wires from the controller to outside of axel is ok, and the throttle should be fine, but I am no expert like Amberwolf. 72v batteries are pricey and thats alot of speed for a hardtail. I feel safer with a bigger front tire 26" and smaller rear 20", I put on BMX bars...
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    Car starter motor

    If you pulse it and let off so it can cool, as you ride, it may give you lots of pleasure before it craters. I have built 2 treadmill motor ebikes with belts that work almost as well as my hubmotor ebikes. You will need to run at least 24v to get moving.