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  1. J

    Inside an LEV50 prismatic cell

    Anyone know the maximum discharge current for the LEV40? I can only find specs of lev50 which states 300A continuous.
  2. J

    Electric Quad ATV

    What max current do you get from the LEV40 cells?
  3. J

    ME1616 pinout (sin/cos/+5/B-ve/temp sens)

    Anyone have the wiring pinout for ME1616? It's a Metri-Pack 150 series 8 pin connector for the encoder and temp sense wires. Thanks
  4. J

    Sevcon Gen4 Unable to Connect to DVT

    What is the status of the CAN adapter on the DVT screen? Does it say online?
  5. J

    Motenergy ME0201014201 output shaft sprocket size

    7/8 inch shaft 3/16 keyway 7/16 set screw There is a technical drawing on motenergy website. http://www.motenergy.com/me0201014201.html E.g. for #40 size chain you could use something like this: https://www.rollerchain4less.com/40B14-78-finished-bore-sprocket
  6. J

    how to program a sevcon gen4

    Okay I've got rid of the hesitating. The sound remains, especially when returning to 0rpm after spinning up. You can see in this video. https://vimeo.com/437576888
  7. J

    how to program a sevcon gen4

    a few things to try - thanks guys. I dont have much info on the throttle apart from it taking 5v supply. I have it working now using the CycleAnalyst 5v supply so all good for the moment. Another question I have is that at 0rpm with the throttle engaged slightly the motor kind of hesitates -...
  8. J

    how to program a sevcon gen4

    Yes the potentiometer supplies are fixed to 10v as I found out. Some later models have 5v output on pin 10 but my model - it is at batt +ve. The encoder supply is programmable to 5v or 10v but is already being used by the hall sensors. Might have to go down the regular path. Thanks
  9. J

    how to program a sevcon gen4

    Hey all, Has anyone swapped a potentiometer throttle to a hall effect? The hall effect throttle supply required is 5v however I cant seem to find in DVT where to set the voltage. It is currently set to 10v for the potentiometer. Thanks
  10. J

    ixxat USB-to-CAN compact & Sevcon DLD flashing

    Great thread. I have been tinkering with my Sevcon size 4 and Motenergy 907 motor. I have a few DCF and DLD files I can upload supplied from various parties if interested. I somehow convinced Sevcon to send me a license for my newer version DVT. This was good however I was a little short...
  11. J

    AMPSeal crimping tool

    Hey Just wondering if anyone has found a crimping tool to do AMPSeal connectors? I have looked online but seem to be all $300+. Anyone have some experience with one? Thank you
  12. J

    how to program a sevcon gen4

    Hi all Does anyone have a copy of the DVT software they could share with me? I have the original IXXAT interface so I would be after the original version. Thanks
  13. J

    MAC motor spluttering

    Config is an 8T MAC rear motor 12 FET Lyen Controller 40A current limit. It has been fine for the past 18 months. It does the vibrating thing with no load as well. It also occasionally sounds like it has no sync and emits high pitched sound when motor is trying to spin up. I'll check the...
  14. J

    MAC motor spluttering

    Hi Just asking if someone has had the same symptoms, save me time testing. My MAC motor has been playing up lately. It makes a harsh vibrating sound when trying to take off from a standstill, but if you pedal up to speed it works normal-ish... its faster than usual. It will be either like this...
  15. J

    Nice electric/Gas tribrid Felt MP on Ebay.

    I like the frame and the look with fuel tank. I would prefer full electric but keep the look of gas tank and mid mount motor.
  16. J

    Dr.Bass Steveo found 7s3p Module! Awesome Price!!

    Has anyone done any load testing on the 7s3p modules? On average what are the quality of the cells like? internal resistance etc. Capacity testing and such? or can link me? Thanks
  17. J

    Controller question

    What are the dimensions of the battery box? Are you using the stock battery? You said you were using 36V, just as an example you could use 6 x 6s 5Ah Lipo packs for 12s 3p pack which would be 15Ah and be about 150mm x 150mm x 100mm in size... which is a pretty small footprint...
  18. J

    Controller question

    Nice bike!! Did you make this or buy? The battery box looks a decent size, I would think you could fit more than 12ah in there... What battery were you thinking of?
  19. J

    Why was my SLA pack better then my LiFePo4 on the hills?

    Do you mean 3.3V? Should be charged to ~3.6V
  20. J

    New motenergy motors ME1115 ME1114

    The constructions appears to look a little better. I have a me907. I wonder what length these new ones are compared to my smaller one.
  21. J

    New motenergy motors ME1115 ME1114

    Found some new motors on the motenergy site. Same power as the 72V and 96V double stator designs (ME1012, ME0913) From the electric motorsport website, features are: ME1115 http://www.motenergy.com/me1115motor.html http://www.electricmotorsport.com/store/ems_ev_parts_motors_me1115.php...
  22. J

    Kapton Polymide Film insulation

    http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=40631 Looking at 10-15kw peak power. I bought a CA though I didn't get time to install it or do any actual testing with the controller on the weekend. Batt current limit at the moment is 200A. Battery voltage is 55v (14s lipo).
  23. J

    Go Kart conversion - Mars

    Also received a 54 and 62 tooth sprockets to replace the 74 tooth one currently.
  24. J

    Go Kart conversion - Mars

    While I've been waiting for my Sevcon software and CAN interface to arrive I did a few mods to my 24 FET controller. -replace silicon pads with kapton film -contracted some terminals, space for a fuse as well. -contacter and shunt installed -4 fans Still have a few things to tidy up...
  25. J

    Kapton Polymide Film insulation

    I did get around to replacing the silicon insulation with kapton film. I also did a few other mods... Still have a few things to tidy up wiring wise. But all works well, fans move plenty of air!! There is space for a terminal to be added for a fuse. Controller is being used on a...